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Ooooh! My own diary!

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I am loved!!! :)

July 24th 2007 5:53 pm
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There is a new craze on Dogster called "You Are Loved".
You need to pick 3 Dogsters who you think are fantastic and tell why you feel they are pawesome. Be sure and tell them how much they are loved with a p-mail or a rosette.

I was picked by my cutie patootie palerooni, Gadgit! *hugggies*
It's hard to pick only 3, but here goes....

#1 Gizmo because he is such an adorable pup who is fun to talk to. He knows what it's like to have to share things with your sister. He and I have a lot in common, too!

#2 Brutus is a good dear friend of mine. We've been everything from best friends to girlfriend-boyfriend back to friends again! BOL! We've managed to stay super good friends through it all!

#3 Birdie has been my biggest backup when it comes to my annoying lil sis, Mugsy. Birdie always has my back and expresses her sympathy for how mean my bossy lil sis is! It's good to have someone on *my* side! BOL!

There are more pawesome pups out there that I wish I could have picked. It's so hard to pick just 3! Big hugs to all my friends! :) You are all loved!


I've been tagged!

May 24th 2007 5:17 am
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I've been tagged by my pals, Baxter, Jazz, and Emma!

Here's how it works!

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary and send them a fun Rosette or lots of bones announcing they've been Tagged!

1. I beg in the sweetest way for food. I get up on my tippy toes, rest my head on my mommy's lap, and look up at her with my big brown eyes.
2. I don't like to get my feet wet so I will only wear shoes if it is muddy or really wet outside.
3. I respond crazily to the words, HUNGRY, TREAT, and DO YOU WANT TO GO FOR A RIDE?
4. My little sister, Mugsy, annoys me more than you will ever know.
5. I love to steal things from the laundry especially socks. I will steal socks off your feet, too. BOL!
6. I like to sleep with my head on the pillow and I will kick and push you out of my way if you don't accomodate me.
7. I like to drag my favorite things into my crate where no one else is allowed. Currently in my crate, I have a toy cigar, small squeaky cat toy, one sock, daddy's old tee shirt, my blankie, and 2 bullysticks. Keep out of my crate!

My seven tags:
1. Mojo:
2. Bear:
3. Junior Petunior Poop:
4. Chelsea:
5. Amber:
6. Alfie:
7. Mags:


Crunch Crunch

May 10th 2007 8:41 pm
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I've had a lot of new things to eat this month. First, I was introduced to raw in the form of rabbit medallions. I didn't like it at first because it doesn't have a scent at all. Soon, I discovered how yummy the medallions were and they didn't last long in my bowl after that. Well, today I had another new discovery...a raw chicken drumstick. At first, I sorta just licked it. Then, I picked it up and dropped it again. Then, daddy pulled the skin off for me and pulled back a bit of the meat. OMD! I went crazy after that! I ripped, pulled, and gnawed at it. It was sooo good! I had to keep an eye on Mugsy, though, because she was having probs with her dinky wing and she kept eyeing my drumstick. Daddy looked like he was getting hungry, too, so I kept moving it away from him so he wouldn't get any ideas. A fly buzzed dangerously close, but I growled at it and it went away. Mommy laughed at me then. I didn't think it was funny, though. The funnest part to eat was the bone. It crunched up like a biscuit! Mmmm...the marrow was so yummy, too! That was the best meal ever! I can't wait to get another one!


That's MY bed!!!!

March 31st 2007 12:13 am
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Now that the kitties have been groomed, they've been more social and have been running around the house. They feel *free* or something weird like that and so they have decided that everything that was once mine is now theirs including my sofa and my BED!!!! They have been running in and out of my dog hosue(yes, I know I do not use it, but that doesn't mean I want anyone actually *in* it!), hanging out on MY side of the sofa and not letting me share, and lounging in my favorite bed(well, my favorite bed outside of mommy and daddy's bed). Roxy has been hanging out in my bed!!! *sniffle* *whine* Daddy let her, too! :( How can they be soooo rude?!? *hmmph* Maybe I oughta find a way to scale the gate to their kitty room and play with their toys and their cat tree. Hmmm..wait, I've already done both those things. Errr...scratch that. Still, they needn't be so rude. *putters off to crate pouting* They'd better just stay oughta my crate...grrrr...


Something smells good...

March 26th 2007 5:43 pm
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I'm not a picky eater. In fact, I will eat almost anything with the exception of peas, wet lamb chunks, and venison. So, when mommy freaked out over the canned food recall and decided to only feed us dry kibble, I didn't go nuts and boycott our dog food like my nutty sister, Mugsy, did. I was quite content with my kibble. Don't get me wrong, i appreciate anything else you'll give me, though(with the exception of aforementioned food). So, when mommy started adding cottage cheese and soft boiled cut carrots to my bowl, I was pleasantly surprised. I assumed it would be a once in awhile thing as I have had special dishes cooked for me on special occassion. Little did I know that this would become permanent. Today, I was hanging out in the kitchen because mommy was cooking something that smelled really yummers. I figured it was more human food for her and daddy so I didn't get my hopes up. I was wrong. She cooked us our brekkie!!! Mommy boiled us chicken, carrots, rice, and topped it off with cottage cheese and our dog kibble. It was amazing!!! So so so sooooo good!!! Mommy said we are going to get homecooked from now on! She's slowly transitioning us(that's why we still get kibble), but mommy is going to buy supplements tomorrow so we won't need so much kibble thrown in anymore. Wow! I'm actually going to get freshly prepared HUMAN food!!!! I must be dreaming. Someone pinch me. No, don't pinch me. Pinch Mugsy. BOL!


What is this thing doing up?!?

March 25th 2007 1:53 am
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Many of you know that one of my favorite things to do is get into the laundry. I love to pull things(especially washcloths and socks) out of both the laundry basket *and* the dryer as mommy is taking the hot clothes out. It's my right as a dog to do this. Socks and washcloths are MINE. Although I do not appreciate it when mommy comes over and takes my cherished belongings back out of my crate when she thinks I'm not looking, I'm always comforted by the fact that I can always go into the laundry room when the dryer goes off to get some more. Well, things got ugly today. Mommy came home with this big huge skinny box. When I sniffed it out and saw that there wasn't any food in it, I thought it might be a weird toy or something. I was wrong. It was a gate. She put up an impenetrable blockade to the laundry room!!!! Nooooo!!!! It's way too high for me to jump over and I simply cannot scale it. The dryer went off today and I had to stand there helpless while mommy opened it and took out MY socks!!!! I coudn't reach them! She put them neatly in her pile and carried them safely away from me to the bedroom upstairs. I wasn't able to to my sneak attack snatch and run like I usually do. What is this world coming to?!? I have no choice but to step up my sock pulling from mommy's and daddy's feet. They will have to get used to giving their socks up because I will not go sockless. Do you hear me?!? I will not go sockless!!!!!!! Grrrrrrr!


This odd duck hates the wind

March 21st 2007 8:38 pm
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I'm an odd duck. I told you before that Daddy calls me that. Well, although I am somewhat offended by the term, I understand where he's coming from. I have all sorts of phobias and odd little quirks. Let me share one that I have never been able to get over...wind. Yes, I hate the wind. I'm not talking about soft little tranquil breezes, though. I'm talking about hairblowing, practically knock you over wind. To humans, it's just a nuisance...something that destroys their hairstyles. To me and most little pups, it's like a huge force of nature that threatens to blow me away. I do not like to go potty when it's windy. My mommy gets impatient with me while I sit there like a little boulder when the wind starts to blow, but I don't care! I'd rather sit still and try to bolt myself to the ground than be carried away a la Toto in the twister in the Wizard of Oz. Today, the winds were especially strong so I simply chose *not* to go potty until they died down. Mommy kept telling me to go potty, but I barely gave her a glance as I stood my ground. I believe I was out there a good 15 minutes before the wind finally got soft enough for me to do my business. Mommy just gave me an exasperated look when I finally finished and came into the house. I just gave her my "I don't care" look right back and marched over to the treat area. BOL. Mommy and daddy figured out a long time ago not to take me for walks in the wind or else they'll have to carry me all the way back home(which they on several occassions). Call me an odd duck. I don't care. You can't get me to move when it's windy.


Mugsy is the bane of my existence.

March 19th 2007 8:14 pm
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I'm sure you all know how annoyed I get with my little sister, Mugsy, most of the time. Don't get me wrong, I'm a very sweet and loving dog, but Mugsy is just plain mean. She purposely does things that she knows will annoy me. Like earlier this afternoon, I was minding my own business playing with my dear orange bear, when in comes evil Mugsy. She barks and me at starts stealing my toy! You know what's worse? My mommy just sat there taking pictures of the crime!!! Grrrrrr! I was sooo mad that I let go of my bear(very difficult for me to do, but it was too much for me to handle the humiliation of getting photographed during this ordeal), grabbed Mugsy's blankie, then ran down the stairs growling my discontent. Mommy must have felt bad because she followed me down the stairs and gave me a big kiss and a hug. This was the signal for me to ask for whatever I wanted in compensation, so of course, I ran to the treat area and mommy gave me some salmon jerky. What made it even better was that Mugsy followed closely behind mommy and when she saw mommy giving me the treat, she got sooooo jealous! She tried dancing and begging for a treat, but mommy wouldn't give her any(she's a picky eater so mommy doesn't give her any treats anymore until she eats her regular food! Haha!). Anyhoo, I trotted off to my crate with my treat. Once Mugsy saw she wasn't getting any, she tried to take my treat from me! Grrrrrr! Rude! Rude! Rude! She was too slow, though, and I finished it before she could even get a lick in! :) As if she wasn't rude to me enough today, I was trying to take my afternooon nap in my bed by the stairs when here comes Mugsy again. The little brat jumps into my bed and proceeds to climb on top of me while biting my muzzle and my ears. Arghhhh! I can't even get any sleep in my own bed! I can't be too rough on Mugsy because she's so tiny so I merely growled at her and bared my teeth. Of course that failed to deter psycho dog and she continued her assault on me. Lucky for her, she has little teeth that do no more than annoy me. She really is all bark and no bite, but try telling her that. She thinks she's a gigantic scary terror on four legs. Nothing scares her. I wonder if I could trade her in for a crate full of bullysticks. Hmm...I'll have to work on that...


I hate baths

March 18th 2007 4:41 pm
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I had a bath the other day. I am sorry to say that I have nothing positive to say about that experience. In my humble opinion, baths are the worst thing to happen to dogs(well, aside from nail clipping--please don't get me started on that one. Grrrrr). So, my mommy decided that I needed to be tortured---bathed---the other day. Normally, I see it coming and make it into the safety of my crate in time. Not this time. She fooled me by not saying the word, Bath, like she normally does. She'd set up my bath without me knowing, too! For once, she managed to get my shampoo and towel into the bathroom without me seeing her. I now suspect that she posesses the power of invisibility. Could she be an X-men?!? Hmm...that's kinda cool. Anyhoo, where was I? Yes, the bath. So, I didn't know anything was going on until she took my collar off and picked me up saying, "Be Good Girl, baby." That's synonymous with, "you are going to hate what comes next." The water temperature was nice and warm, but I hate getting wet! It's the worst feeling ever! I really hate it when my paws get wet. No matter where I go in the tub, it's wet. It's wet---everywhere! Arghhhh!!! Then, she squirts this cold gooey stuff all over my fur and rubs it in real good all over until I'm all bubbly. It's so annoying. Then, she starts putting water all over me again and she doesn't stop until all the bubbly stuff is gone. Then, she rubs me with a giant towel until I'm dry. After this, I am so angry that I run out of the room and bark at her until she follows me to the treat area. I demand compensation for my suffering in the form of a yummy treat. I usually forgive my mommy shortly after this. That is, I forgive her, until she cleans my ears shortly after. Grrrrrrr....


Bullysticks rock!!!!

March 15th 2007 9:34 pm
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Rosie and Pepe, my super pawesome pup pals, send me goodies today!!! I could barely stand it while mummy took forever opening the box! When she finally got it open and I smelled those treats, I almost lost it! I started going nuts trying to get to them! I was whining and jumping up and down! I was soooo happy when Mummy finally gave me a Bully Stick---my first bully stick!!! OMD! These things are sooooo good! It lasted much longer than the rawhide twists mummy normally gives me and it tasted a gazillion times better! You betcha it did! I got distracted halfway through, though, when I saw mommy pull out a pink squeaky toy(MINE!). Mommy said I had to have one thing at a time and that I would get squeaky toy later(she promised me it would be mine---*not* Mugsy's!). Woohoo! Content with the knowledge that the toy would be *mine*, I went back to work on the my bullystick. There is no better feeling than chewing on that baby. Ahhhh....soooooo good!

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