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Gee Geeky Gree "G" "poster boy" G-unit Greedith THE IRONDOG FOREVER

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Sun Sign:
December 16th 1994

He loves his mom the most! ha! was with me all the time. He loved Q-tips, only the cardboard kind, not the plastic kind, used to beg for them, love to chew on them and eat them believe it or not!!! Love to run down long hallways in hotels

his brothers and sisters trying to get close to his mom, rowdy dogs, sand or dirt in his paws, speed bumps on the side of the highway, used to scare him if u ran over them

Favorite Toy:
didnt like toys, didnt "know" he was a dog, ha!!! he also loved his water bowl, he was known as the water hog, he would always have to drink first, before his brothers and sister and he would drink a whole bunch, lap, lap, lap. He'd growl until done!!!

Favorite Food:
steak, roast, taco bell beef burrito, hamburger and hotdogs!! he'd growl at his brothers and sister if they came too close to his food or his mom and wed call it the "elvis" growl, one lip cocked up, teeth showing and growling until he got what he wanted!

Favorite Walk:
at the park on his way to chase ducks, and we used to call him zorro because he used to like to walk and pee at the same time and it used to make Z's with his pee bc hed walk and his "willy" would go side to side peeing in a z!!

Best Tricks:
he didnt do tricks, but he ran 1/2 marathons, 13.1 miles, and many other road races. Greedy also listened to my hand signals, if i put my finger to my lips, he knew that meant for him to be quiet, if i pointed to a room, he knew he was supposed 2 go there

Arrival Story:
My husband owned Greedy's grandfather, Checkers, from when my husband was 7 years old until he was 26 years old. Checkers lived until he was 19 years old. He then owned Greedy's father, Backgammon. Backgammon was born when Checkers was about 9 or 10 years old. My husband had both Greedy's grandfather and father for about 9 years until Checkers died, and he had Backgammon alone after then until we bought a female, Potato Chip in 1992. We mated Backgammon and Potato Chip right before we got married in 1994. We were married November 19, 1994, and Backgammon and Potato Chip had puppies on December 16, 1994. They had five puppies. My father-in-law came over to help with the birth. Shubert was the first born, Huey, second, Greedy, third, Midget, fourth, and Knight, fifth. Right before Greedy was born, my mother-in-law called to see how the puppies were doing and to tell my father-in-law that he should come home becasue she didnt feel well. He left to go tend to her and she ended up dying of a heart attack right before Greedy was born. We left to go to my mother in law's house, we didnt get to see Greedy or Midget being born. We came back home to find four puppies, and then an hour later, the last one, Knight, was born. Knight ended up "getting stuck" and putting his paw through Potato Chip's uterus to get out. He gave Potato Chip peritinitus, and she had to stop nursing the puppies and go through emergency surgery right away. They gave her a 30% chance of living, but she made it through with flying colors. We had to bottle feed the 5 puppies after that and they were the only bright spots in our lives, at that time, considering the death of my mother in law. We didnt give any of the puppies away, we kept all five, Greedy, of course, being one of them. We now had 7 dogs, all five puppies and their mom and dad. Then, at 6 weeks old, Greedy ate sudafed pills (cold tablets) he found on the floor one day, and i had to keep a watch over him for 2 weeks, 24/7, had to bring him to work, every where, but after the two week "observance" period was over, he refused to go back to the normal routine-from then on. He didnt consider himself a dog any more. He was my "special" dog who i NEVER left the house without, he went to work, errands, running, all vacations, every where with me. He went to the bathroom with me, even when he felt so sick at the end, he would always get up with me to go to the bathroom with me still. Suffice it to say, i never ever left home without it----he maybe spent 2% of his entire life away from me-----i loved him more than i have ever loved anyone or anything else......

He was the dog of my dreams, simply put, he was and is my heart, he means everything to me......funny thing is too, although it doesnt seem to fit here, but im out of space in the other sections, Greedy was so regal and modest that he would not go No. 2, nicely put, if you were watching him, id have to take him out and hed find a place and then look at me to see if i was looking at him, id have to look away, then hed go----funny, he didnt think of himself as a dog, neither did I, he was, and still is, my first son, my everything....the next thing i remember most about Greedy is he starting running, and I mean running hard and far and long and fast with me in 2000 when we lived near the levee, by the river, and he loved it so much, that if i did anything at all to "get ready" to go running and he noticed, which he always noticed, he would continuously bark, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, until we finally left to go running---he would notice the slightest preparation, id clear out my watch to zero and it would make a slight beep, when he heard that beep, the barking started, if i double knotted my tennis shoes,which i only did when we went running, hed notice, then ruff ruff ruff, if i got the leash, one of those retractable kind, his handle was green, or the fanny pack id wear to attach his leash too, hed notice, then ruff ruff ruff, until we were out of the door, hed pull so hard, lease totally extended and make me go faster and faster until i went the speed of his liking, if my husband would run with us, and got ahead of us, hed get so mad, would pull and pull until he got to be in front, at the lead, greedy had to be at the lead or it drove him crazy---same when we went to races, hed bark and bark and bark before the race started, during the national anthem, while everyone was silent, and i couldnt get him to stop until we started running----after we started running, all was good, he was so happy and so was I.......miss that so much, but he made me a better runner, wish i could run with him again, but i know i will one day!!!!!!!!!!!! Greedy also always sat on my lap any day, all day, every time and had to sit on my lap in the car too, i called him my lap purse, he was always curled up on my lap and he wouldnt jump up in the car, he made me pick him up every time, boy did he have ME trained!!! and he always curled up on my pillow and overlapped my head, every night when we slept....miss that, ill still pat my hair or my head every night to tell him good night, bc i used to reach up and pat him and pull him close to me every night to tell him good night!!! i remembered something else tonight when i ran a road race that we used to run togehter, Greedy was so scared of grates or metal drains in the road, his paw fell through one one day running a race on the huey p long bridge and he never forget that. everytime he came to a grate or a drain after that he would come to a stand still and do everything he could to jump over it or run around it, it was funny. tonight they had huge grates in the race over the crescent city connection bridge and i was running and wondered how he would get over them, i would have had to stop and carried him over them for sure!!! i also remembered that i used to pick him up and put him on my lap or in the bar and say "ba boom" when i picked him up for some reason, i do the same to my son now for some reason!!! a few other things i remembered----one of greedys favorite sleeping and sitting spots was behind this brown leather chair, up against the wall long ways, he always went and slept back there against the wall, in between the wall and the chair---he also loved to find long bare walls and run his nose and face along the baseboards and the carpet, down one way and growling and talking and moaning like "this feels great" then turning around when he got to the end of the wall and doing the same thing on the way back---in fact, he was still doing this the week he died, especially at the La Quinta Inn in Baton Rouge that Thursday night we first took him home from the icu, so sick, so frail, but still rubbing his nose up and down the wall and the baseboards...was a sign he was happy!!! (he was glad to come home from the icu, very, me too!!)he also always drove in my car, sat on my lap, every place i went, and i dont know why, but every time we sat at this red light on the corner of mounes and clearview parkway to turn left, he would turn around, face me and start kissing me and wanting love and kisses from me while we waited there for the light---never failed, every single time we came to that intersection---which was a lot!!! ran a race today, 9/16/07, over a bridge, big grates and gaps in the bridge, thought of Greedy, he would have hated it and would have tried to jump over, go around or have me pick him up over them, would have never ran across them, hated grates, his foot fell through one time on the bridge run, over the huey p long bridge for the gumbo fest race and he never forgot it and ever since then greedy never met a grate that he either now, ha!!! i went to my office this friday night and i wanted to post the fact that greedy use to come with me every day and every night to my office with me, he used to run up the back stairs every time we went in or went out of the office, and he slept with me there when i lived there, worked with me there everyday, hed wait in the conference room for me silent when i just hand signaled him to go in there when a client came that wasnt used to greedy, most were used to him and most enjoyed seeing him there---we used to have to run down the hallway to the bathroom and he used to sit in there and guard me or hed sit in the hallway in the front of my suite door and watch me walk down the hallway and wait for me to go into the bathroom, especially if i went too often or in the middle of the night and he got lazy, when he did it that way, id have to leave the bathroom door open so he could "hear" me while i was in there---funny thing about greedy was when you took him out to do his business, that you would have to look away, if he saw you looking at him, he couldnt go, your have to look away for him to go, he was proud and modest and shy like that, funny!!! i also remember us running on the westbank on the levee for the first time this weekend and how id run way ahead of him until i could barely see that little white dot behind me, then id wait for him to come running up to me, he loved that, and so did i!!! also, i just remembered to write that greedy loved to sleep on these purple, soft throw pillows, its funny becasue i inherited them from my brother who actually bought them with his first wife and got rid of all of that stuff when his second wife moved in---but needless to say, he loved them, slept on them all the time, they are as ugly as can be, but couldnt be any more soft or comfortable---i sleep with one of them every night now, cuz i know greedy did so so so many times!!! anything to be closer to him and to let him know i still care, still think of him, ALL OF THE TIME!!! i also wanted to document that one of the main reasons Greedy and i got close was cuz of his sudafed incident when he was like 6 weeks old. Ate a lot of cold tablets, acted like a druggie all crazy and wild and we couldnt figure out why until we saw the chewed up foil that the meds came in. the vet said id have to watch him 24/7 for two weeks cuz they didnt know what would happen to him, i did, took him with me all of the time, to work, to store, any place and every place for two full weeks, then he refused to go back to "normal," from then on, it was his "right" to come with me ALL of the time and the other dogs had to just act like dogs and stay home!! he also started to get closer with me and get some alone time with me by coming and sneeking into the bathroom with me, so he could get away from the other dogs and i could pet him and spend alone time with him one on one, hed put his front two paws on my knees and i get close to his face and pet his ears and side of his face, downward, over and over and talk to him and hed gently kiss my nose and my face---those are the two ways that mark the begginning and the reasons why greedy and i started to become really close, more so than me and any of the other dogs!!! Greedy was and still is my only one. I also remembered that id put face cream or retin a on my face before going to bed at nights and greedy would always smell it and try tro lick it off of my face, but i couldnt let him cuz i thought it might hurt him!!! i also remember when Greedy was sick that wed try to do everything we could to get him to eat, so we fed him steak each and every day, more than once, and the good kind, some times the 20.00 a piece or more that wed buy from the store, or outback steak house, and i use to cook it for him and would break up his steak into several small bite sized pieces and id go over to the right side of our leather couch and make all other dogs leave and set his plate up on the sofa, with usually something underneath it to make the height just right for him and id hand feed him piece by piece and over and over and id stress on each and every piece hoping and praying that hed eat it---id love to feed him again, id do anything to wait on him hand and foot like i used to---it was an honor and my duty....only time in his life i had to take care of him, the rest of his life, he took care of me.....i thought of something over mothers day that sugar used to always clobber greedy and jump on him and bite his ears and face as he was walking into the house and greedy would let her and just basically ignore her and keep walking in!!! i dont think this is in here, but i remembered over the 4th of july holiday that greedy and i went to dallas in i believe 2000 or so for a trial advocacy program i was taking, i went alone, with only him and we drove there together, could always go anywheres with him and of course never feel alone---it was a hard, stressful demanding program where you were in class all day and had to prepare for a mock trial, hard, all night----we stayed in a room that had windows that were close to the ground that would open outwards----i would open these windows a lot of times when i was in my room----one day i left to go to class and forgot to close them---greedy was in there for 5 hours straight with the windows wide open! as soon as i got back, there was a message from the front desk asking me if greedy was in the room----he had been seen outside in the lot next door rolling in the grass under a tree----the maintenace men saw him and recognized him and went to get him for me, greedy hauled ass to get away from them, ran across the field and straight to our hotel and behind these bushes that led directly to our room----they guys cornered him behind the bushes, he got away from them ran around them and straight to our window and jumped straight back into our room---when i got there greedy was back in the room and acted like nothing had ever happened!!! i would have never known he was gone except the guys told me!! thta was a close call!!! but my boo always knew his way around and was smart and sharp as a tack!!! the other story was a bad story so ill only briefly tell it---i used to bring greedy with me everywheres, even court, at each place id have a standard shady, great spot to park----i went to court, parked in my normal spot, when i came back the car and greedy were gone----i was dumb founded, i was beside myslef, i actually threw myself on the highway balling crying, called everyone i knew, family, friends, enemies, everyone to come look for him and the car---i called the police of course, i thought my car was stolen with greedy inside---we made and put up posters, we ran, walked drove, searched for like 12 hours straight until my dad forced me to leave, it was a dangerous part of town and now it was late at night---i wasnt leaving until i found greedy---my dad and brother had to pick me up and throw me into a car to force me to leave----then we came up with one ditch effort, to ride by the office and parking lot of my soon to be ex husband as my dad was convinced that he had something to do with it----i was with irwin, ronalds father, who was helping us search, we drove up to the parking lot, and bam, first floor, there was my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we got out of the car we were in jumped up and down in the parking lot hugged screamed and irwin was saying i told you so, i told you so!!! screaming it in joy!!----we ran to the car and while greedy wasnt there, we now knew that my ex had greedy and not some mad man car thief etc!! my dad made me promise that i wouldnt go over to my exs house that night--i promised but it was the hardest thing i ever did---i waited to first thing next am, i literally broke the window of the kitchen door and ran inside with my ex there trying to stop me and looked for greedy, didnt see him, so grabbed my ex's favorite dog, huey, greedys brother and took off with him----then we talked and made a deal for me to get greedy back----i got him back later that day and my divorce was signed that very same day---it was may 17, 2004----never forget that day for both reasons----that actually cinched the deal for me with my ex----there was nothing worse you could have done to me than make me think that greedy was lost, hurt or dead for 15 hours straight---i was luck enough to have my baby for 3 1/2 more years!! hated to write that story, but never wanted it to go unsaid either----getting greedy back in my arms was like nothing i could ever describe-----ever----i think i told the story of greedy going with me to new york city, had to go there, really new jersey for a deposition program, and we stayed at the sofitel, and they loved and pampered dogs there, they fed him in silver plates and bowls, we were there alone, we took a limo to the airport and we went out and ran in central park and went to stores and out to dinner alone---i remember thinking that with greedy with me felt like more company and felt like a better time than you could have with a person or a real date!! he was always so comforting and fun to me!! we went to some outdoor place to eat, sat outside on the block and had a great time eating and people watching!!! i probabky have this in here some place but it came to mind yesterday and wanted to make sure everyone knew that greedy talked with his tail, slowly, not a hyper wag, but if you would say hi greedy, he would wag his tail left to right left to right slowly as if to say, hey, how r you doing---same thing when i came home to my place on central (the few times he didnt come with me in his life) id open up the door, usually when i came home early am from running and he didnt go and he would be standing by the front door, wagging that tail, slowly as if to say hi mom!!! did the same to jeff, when hed walk in to see jeff, and jeff would talk to him, hed do that slow cool wag, like hey, whats up-----he was always like joe cool, laid back, never hyper or fast with anything, ha!!

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the ending:
Greedy's end happened over two months, a lot of highs and lows and the unexpected and the sleeping with him on the cold floors of the hospital-----Greedy went thru cancer treatment at L.S.U. vet school, over 1hr 1/2 away from new orleans, for almost two months, and was hospitalized for 10 days in the icu a week before he died. I traveled to lsu three times a week with Greedy, in the beginning, to get his radiation, and many nights id sleep in a hotel there in baton rouge (when he was in the icu) just to be near him or because he was late getting his treatment and/or id have to be there early the next day---same when he was in the icu, i visited him 2 times every day, some times driving there twice a day back and forth from new orleans, never missing one visit---laying on the cold vet school floor with him for visits that were supposed to be minutes but id drag out for hours until they would need to take him back to get fluids or plasma or meds or feed him through his stomach tube he got after a while (he had tongue cancer, couldnt eat after 4 weeks of treatments or so) but i brought greedy home a week before he died, they were keeping him alive at the icu, but he was never going to make a recovery, went into bad kidney failure, found another tumor on his adrenal glands, etc etc, so i decided to take him home, they wanted me to euthanize him, but i refused, you see Greedy wasnt in pain, slept a lot, felt like hell, very tired, but was comfortable, i wanted him to remember his last days at home, not in the icu----so i took him home on a thursday, he didnt seem sick that night, he had a wonderful time that night, he was so happy to be home, to be with me, he acted like he wasnt even sick, he slept wrapped around my neck, breathing in my ear and had his fur against my skin, i was never so happy in my life that night, we slept like a rock that night!!! he lived until wednesday, almost a week at home----every day getting a lil slower, a little worse, but no pain, just sleeping a lot, very tired, drained-----until we decided we would put him to sleep on a thursday, in the afternoon, a week from when we took him home, i didnt want to do that, at all, not at all, so he did me one last favor, wednesday night, we got into bed, he was on my pillow, like he slept every night and i felt him abruptly get up, i turned to him, grabbed him right away, held him close on my lap and talked to him the whole time, i knew he was having a heart attack, the thing was though, it was fast, really fast, like less than 10 seconds, but i got to be with him, he got to be with me and he died in my arms, hearing me talk to him telling him he was ok, words that he knew and understood, and he made it for me that i didnt have to make that decision that i know a lot of us have to make and dread making, but i kept him on my lap from 10:30 pm to 1:30 or 2:00 am that night, brushing him,never getting up once, just letting him be, i wrapped him in a blanket, and i slept with him in my bed on my pillow like we always did that night, the next day i didnt bring him to the vet until 11:30 a.m, i put him on the couch, walked with him in my arms in the yard, then finally brought him---when i did, he rode with me on my lap in the car in his blanket, like he always did---- but i am glad i did it all that exact way, he actually looked beautiful still, just like a sleeping angel, it was hard for me to leave him at the vets because he looked as if he was only sleeping----still hard for me each and every day---a big part of me went with him when he left----i love him more than i can tell you......



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An angel

Potato Chip's Angelversary, July 13, 2010.......

July 14th 2010 10:40 am
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Potato Chip went to the rainbow bridge yesterday evening----she passed around 6:00 p.m. in the backyard. she was about 18 1/2 and i am sure she passed of old age. she wasnt sick at all and had just eaten grilled chicked for lunch that day. So she had a great, long, fulfilling life! no regrets with Potato Chip----of course, she was the mother of all of the puppies, including my first son, Greedy, and she will be missed more than words can say. She was, and still is, a member of our family!! I will get sentimental about it in my writings as soon as i allow myself-----I just want to thank her for being such a tough, spunky, loyal, faithful and fun doggie for so long to us!!! she was one of a kind!! Just glad Greedy, and Gammon and Checkers, and her pal, Ollie were all waiting for her with open paws the moment she got there!!! I love you, Potato!!! Days come and go, but my feeling for you are forever.....


ok, a few dreams......not all that great, but i promised to- write every sighting

April 27th 2010 7:36 am
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last night i had a dream about greedy and he was around but we were some place weird and there was like flooding and weird people and catering and just a lot of random weird stuff put together, yet Greedy needed a bath---so I was trying to get his bath ready, and the bat tub was all outside, leaking, spraying water every place and there were a lot of people using it or wanting to use it or standing around it, etc---i finally got it ready and Greedy was under a bed---i called to him, didnt think he would come with all of the commotion, but he did, of course!! and i picked him up and he was in pain, like i was hurting his back or something strange, he was growling and mad---i them remembered i needed to pick him up more carefully. i put him in the tub and then all of a sudden it was like a huge vacuum and it was trying to suck him through the bottom of it--i had to grab the nape of his neck by his fur and pull him up----he was growling and snarling like he does when hes not happy----and i pulled him out---again, with the reaccuring theme of, "i cant believe Greedy has made it this long, how many months has it been since his diagnosis, and why dont i see him a lot if hes still alive???" i then got him out, brushed him off, i did get to hold him, pet him, rub him and then he turned into Ronald and I was brushing stuff off of ronalds face and rubbing his back and then thinking to myself, well if Greedy was sick and Ronald is now Greedy, i wonder if Ronald is sick---then i thought to myself, no, Ronald is not sick-----again, like i really felt like from the pregnancy of ronald and the death of Greedy that somehow greedy put his soul into Ronald--that somehow Greedy is a part of Ronald-----there are so many things, even to this day, that Ronald will remind me of Greedy and the bond I have with Greedy reminds me of the one I have with Ronald!!

the night before I had some dream that i feel like i cant remember totally---i feel like Greedy was hanging out with me and that we were doing something fun but i can barely remember that part of the dream---what i do remember is that i was up high in some building and i was looking out of the window---i saw greedy out in the yard, but he had like some sort of weird electronic box or something on his side (maybe it was me thinking of the feeding tube he had towards the end), and he had some sort of sweater on or something---which he rarely if ever wore clothes, but anyway, i was showing everyone how connected we were---that if I looked down at him and wanted him to look up at me, even though there was no way he could hear me, that he would indeed "feel' me and look up at me----sure enough, i would look down at him and he would stop sniffing around and look me right in the eyes and give me that look, that conection, that bond that we had so much-----that was the best thing about us and in the dream it was perfect like it used to be---the look---the love---our essence----again, a dream trying to show me our connection is still there, even though we cant "hear" each other, etc

the next dream was a dream that me and greedy and the rest of the dogs were running and playing in some pool or lake or some sort of water that wasnt very deep in the begginning but then would get deep and i saw greedy all romping and jumping and having a good time and i was trying to keep a good eye on all the dogs and then greedy was gone---i couldnt find him, i was panicked and looked all over for him, i then found him on the bottom of the pool, he had drowned and then saw all of the rest of the dogs on the bottom of the pool too----they had all drowned and i was picking up their limp bodies one by one-----thats the first of these three dreams i had and i didnt want to write it down, but i now have!!! none of these dreams were very very pleasant like some can be, but the worse moment Greedy and I could have together, is way way better then not seeing him at all!! every time i lay eyes on my baby, get to see him, touch him, hold him, get growled at by him, is a moment to cherish forever----i love you my first son---you taught me how to love and i cant wait to hold you again----see you in 5 minutes boo!!!


another dream.....

January 29th 2010 7:56 pm
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well, i cant say that these are the best dreams ever lately, but at least they are dreams---they are close to the ones i had in the very begginning, like i was or am unsure that its really greedy or i see everything but his face or something---but the only thing i remember is walking and seeing a stream of pee on the ground, like in a zig zag pattern, didnt think much of it at first, but then, i was like, hey, thats how greedy use to pee, just peed, walking, didnt stop and would just walk and pee-----goof ball, so i followed the stream and there greedy was sitting there, but i only saw the back of him, never saw his face and didnt get to pet or touch him-------these are the types of dreams that make me feel like greedy is trying to come to me but that i am too busy, or too cluttered or too unopen to it for some reason that particular night-----i love my baby and even these types of dreams make me wake up feeling like a queen again----so hopefully, more sighting with more loving, petting and hugging my baby-----goof ball, would have thought at the bridge he would have started peeing normal by now, ha!!! : ) zorro we called him.....

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