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Running Away From Home

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Save the Wolves!

February 1st 2008 7:42 am
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Yesterday we went for a walk to the beach. The tide was FINALLY out. We've had storm tides for almost a week and even when the tide was out, it was in.

Diggy chased birds back and forth, back and forth, back and forth... Mommy and I walked to the rocks and back. I'm still not allowed off my leash on the beach. I asked, but Mommy said, "No Tommy. You run away." "Blah, blah, blah..." I pouted a bit, and then got over it. There is so much to sniff on the beach, I have fun there anyway.

Last night we were awakened by a terrible screeching howl! I was scared, so I slithered down under the covers. Mommy peeked out the window and saw 3 coyotes! I slithered down even further. Coyotes!? Diggy didn't even wake up. He was dog-bone tired after chasing those birds up and down the beach.

The coyotes, howled and barked and screeched for about 10 minutes, and then they went away. I was glad. Mommy said that coyotes are our cousins. Wolves are our cousins too. Mommy loves wolves.

In fact, today Mommy spent much time this morning writing a letter to Congressman Tom Allen (D-Maine) to ask him to sign on to legislation to keep the gray wolf on the Endangered Species List. She is very upset at the insidious attempt by that President George W. to de-list our cousins the gray wolves. Mommy has been an advocate for the wolves since 1995, when they were just beginning to be reintroduced at Yellowstone National Park. She lived near Yellowstone at the time and remembers watching on t.v. the first wolves go into Yellowstone. She said they were very brave wolves.

I'm a brave wolf too. After I write this, I am going to pretend I am a brave wolf, sneak up on Diggy who I'll pretend is a Yellowstone Buffalo, and steal his bone! Yesterday I stole Diggy's bone and he was so forlorn! Today I am going to steal it again! But, first I think I will take a little snooze. It is such a damp, cold, dreary day with clouds and no sun. We might get some snow. I wonder what the wild wolves do living in all that snow. They are very brave.



January 22nd 2008 3:09 pm
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Over the weekend Mommy and Daddy took their skis and went to the mountains. They left Diggy and me here at home. It was setting up to be a terrible and boring weekend until Jackie came to see us! We were so happy to see her. We LOVE Jackie because she gives us carrots and takes us for walks and plays "get the sock" with us.

Now Mommy and Daddy are back with their skis. There is more snow falling from the sky tonight and it is very cold. Whenever we go outside, we have to wear our coats. I try not to go outside, except when necessary or when the turkeys come through the yard. The turkeys come through twice every day; once in the morning and again in the evening. They are looking for food and a warm place to sleep. Diggy and I like to chase them, but Mommy tells us not to. She likes the turkeys. I told her that turkeys are not nearly as cuddly as a schnauzer. She agreed. But Mommy likes all manner of uncuddly critters including bees and turtles.

I've been reading some good books lately with Mommy. We read one really long book about whale boats. At first I imagined that it would be fun to be a whale boat captian dog! However, I learned how cold it is on the ocean where the whales live. It's a place near Alaska, which is very cold and has more snow than Maine --where we live now. I also found out that chasing whales is not quite like chasing turkeys or squirrels. Whales don't run. They swim. I do not swim. The only time I've gone swimming was the time when Mommy tipped the canoe over and I fell in the lake. I was not pleased with Mommy's tipping and that she laughed while I scrambled to the muddy shore.

Shiver. I don't even want to think about swimming right now! Not in Maine in January! Burr. I think I will go curl up on my pillow now and snooze.


Holiday Cookies

December 27th 2007 2:46 pm
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Today I did something so sneaky and so out of character for the intellectual, austere dog I am.

I stole the holiday cookies!

The cookies were in a big white bakery box on the yellow table. They'd been there since Tuesday and weren't getting eaten by my people. I thought they'd probably go to waste if I didn't eat them. So, I crafted a plan this afternoon to get the cookies from the table and into my belly.

When Mommy took her new scary book into the living room, put on her puffy slippers and settled in to read, I snuck up on the yellow table. Diggy was with Mommy and didn't know what I was up to.

I stood on my hind feet and streatched my nose to the box. I had to jump a bit to reach it, but I got it. I dragged it slowly off the table and onto the floor. I opened my mouth, cobra-like, to eat as many cookies as possible at once. . . Suddenly, I heard: "Tommy! What? Are? You? Doing?"

I fled.

I dashed from the kitchen around the corner to my bedroom, but the door was closed! I skidded to a stop under the dining room table, but Mommy was right behind me. She would have grabbed me if she hadn't noticed that Diggy had inhaled the lemon squares from the box on the floor.

Mommy tried to pry the lemon squares from Diggy's mouth, but he wasn't opening it for anything! In the meantime, I cleaned up the crumbs from the floor. Yum! Sugar cookie pieces! Chocolate cupcake crumbs! Coconut bits!

Diggy was full of yellow lemmony goo so I licked him a bit too. Mommy, however, threw the rest of the cookies into the trash can. At least we got a little taste of holiday delight!

It is snowing. Again. We had nearly a week of snow-free days, but here it comes again. I think I will go watch the flakes fall in the holiday lights from my window and snooze off my rapidly crashing sugar-high.


It continues to snow from the sky!

December 20th 2007 5:55 pm
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OK, so that "snow" that I told you about last time? It is over my head! I can't walk through it without nearly drowning in it. It keeps falling from the sky almost every day! Mommy loves it. She says that it is the best present she could have after a long semester of less than competent students. Oooops! I shouldn't make fun of Mommy's students. They are, after all, students. I, on the other hand am an accomplished scholar. However, I am not quite so fond of the snow as my mentor, Mommy, is.

Today she shoveled a pathway so I have a place to "go." How embarrassing! Diggy doesn't even care. The snow is over his head too and he just bounds through it! Today Mommy put something on her feet called “skis.” If you’ve never heard of them before, they are long flat sticks that people use to help them get around in the snow when it is too deep for cars. Mommy went right around on her skis alright! I barked and barked at her and she just kept on going!
Later, when she came in we snuggled and watched a scary movie called, “Dial M for Murder.” We love all the old Hitchcock films.

So there are a few things that snowy days are good for: movies, reading and sleep. I can get all sorts of snug naps in during the snow storm, especially when Mommy can’t go all the way to work on her skis and has to stay home and tap at the computer all day long. Bor-ring!


Jingle Bells

December 13th 2007 11:46 am
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Now is the time of year during which we get something called "snow." For those of you who don't get "snow" where you live; believe me you are better off. But, please don't tell Mommy that I said that because she LOVES snow more than anything (I suspect including us dogs).

Snow is like rain, but it is colder. It falls from the sky and hangs around on the ground for a while. In the middle of the winter, where we live, there can be snow deeper than most schnauzers are tall on the ground for months. Right now we have only a little smidge of snow on the ground, but there is torrent of the stuff falling from the sky. When I go outside in the snow, it is cold on my feet and the snow falling from the sky hits my ears and makes them shiver. If it is snowing really fast, which it is doing now, it will get into my nose and eyes. Burrr!

Thankfully, Mommy brought us to the dog park this morning before it started snowing. Now, it is ok to curl up on my sofa and snooze.


Thank You

November 15th 2007 5:51 am
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Thank you to all the wonderful pups who wrote to us upon the loss of our Stanley. We are comforted to hear from other dogs at the Bridge and their dog and people family members.

We are still very sad and I can tell that Mommy thinks about Stanley a lot. She said that this weekend we are going to our Grand People's house and we will notice that Uncle Stanley is not there. It will be very sad for us all.

Otherwise, Diggy and I are doing well. We had to stay with the dog-sitter one weekend. We won't have to stay with the dog sitter ever again! Mommy was mad, and we felt bad--for a minute! Ha! How could Mommy leave us there with that CAT??? (Diggy just said that he likes the cat. Hrumph.)

All the leaves that were in the trees are on the ground and they smell so wonderful. I love going on walks and sniffing deep in the piles of leaves. Mommy and Daddy raked up the leaves and Diggy and I helped them; well, not really.

Today it is cloudy and too warm. I was outside barking at cats, but now I think I will take a snooze on the couch.


Uncle Stanley 1994-2007

October 28th 2007 2:44 pm
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Today is a sad, sad day. Mommy keeps crying. She didn't even come with us on a walk to the beach. She is very sad because someone she loved very much has crossed the proverbial Rainbow Bridge. Uncle Stanley passed late last night.

Mommy didn't tell Diggy and me right away. She tried to hold it in and not talk about it at all because we had cousin Casey and his humans here visiting us. Once they left, however, she told us and we sat by her when she cried. We have to make her feel better. People get much sadder than dogs so it is the dog's job to make the people feel better. Mommy said that Uncle Stanley was very good at that. Diggy and I are good at it too. We will miss Uncle Stanley a lot.

Mommy said that our grand-people are very sad because they miss Uncle Stanley. We live far away from them otherwise Diggy and I would go sit by them and help them feel better too. Mommy also said that Uncle Stanley was born in 1994, when she was still in college. He lived a long life and chased a lot of critters! I know that Uncle Stan was an expert at chipmunk chasing.

Well, Mommy is crying again. I think I will get Diggy and we will sit by her.


Portsmouth, the Paris of New England

October 14th 2007 6:18 pm
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Today Mommy and I went to a literary event. We met the author of a new book called "Angel Come Home." I had a delightful time. We met the author, Stuart R. Wisong and his dog, Angel. Angel is a really cute white Maltese. She sniffed me!

I also met a lot of nice ladies who thought I was cute. Mommy told them that I am a literary dog and that she and I write books together. They were all very impressed.

Mr. Winsong signed a copy of Angel's book for me! I was so excited, I have never had a book autographed for ME before. I am heading to my bed next to Mommy to read tonight.


Back to the Beach!

September 26th 2007 6:42 am
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Dogs can go to the beach again! Yay. We went the other day. There were so many good stinks to sniff! I had to make Mommy walk slow so I could sniff them all!

Diggy has been acting all crazy lately. On Sunday, he bumped into the invisible fence. He cried and ran straight to Mommy. Then yesterday, he dug a HUGE hole next to the garden shed and distrubed many earthworms. He has also been eating dirty tissues that he finds around the house. I told him he'd get a blockage like I had and have to go to Dr. M. He doesn' t listen to me. Right now he is sitting sentinel by the big tree in front of the house just waiting for critters.

The mystery night critter seems to have decided to skulk somewhere else. We never found it. However, we have killed two mice! Daddy was so proud of us for getting the mice, but he took them away anyway. I just don't get it. Perhaps Daddy wants to eat the mice himself? Nah, Daddy doesn't seem like the mouse-eating type. I know he enjoys foods like ice cream.

Mommy is very busy and leaves the house without us a lot. She's not even reading any good books, I just don't get it. She brought home the biography of Bertrand Russell from the library; but hasn't cracked it.

Diggy and I decided what we are going to be for Hallowdogween. It's a secret! Well, I think I'm going to lay down in that sunny spot on the rug now and have a snooze.


Back from the beach

September 8th 2007 9:43 am
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Mommy went to the beach yesterday without us. She said that dogs STILL can't go to the beach in the day. But, when she came home she smelled suspiciously of Irish Setter. Diggy smelled it too. Male, Irish Setter, puppy.

Mommy said the puppy was at the beach but was breaking the rules. Whatever. I don't want to go to the beach anyway. I just want to snooze, it's hot.

At night a new critter has been hanging out in the pine trees. Every morning, Diggy and I go to look for it, but it's gone. We sniff for it, but it's gone. We have to get out at night when it is there. We are making a plan...

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