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Running Away From Home

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December 29th 2008 5:59 am
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Santa Dog came and left me some excellent items! I received a squeaky starfish that I like to bite while rolling around on my back. I also got a Hide A Squirrel, which is a puzzle. I have to pull the squirrels out of the tree. They squeak. My grandpeople gave me a new sweater. I have already written about how I feel about clothes, but my new sweater is cozy and I like to wear it.

The good news is that most of the snow is gone. It rained and that was terrible, but yesterday was warm and sunny if soggy. The snow is rapidly fading. Unfortunately, I got a little muddy yesterday and had to have a bath. It wasn't so bad. Now I'm dry and cozy on my soft blanket and ready to listen to The Writer's Almanac and to have my mid-morning snooze.

Woof! A squirrel just peaked in the window! Aruff!


Three Feet High and Rising

December 22nd 2008 6:10 am
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I am not at all philosophical about snow. It is cold and dusty. It gets in my fur and my nose. Then, it gets wet and cold. It is worse than rain. My toes are cold. My nose is cold, my ears are cold.

We experienced what Mommy called a "blizzard" this weekend. That means that snow started falling from the sky on Friday and didn't stop until Sunday night. Now the snow is all over the ground stacked up much taller than a largish schnauzer like myself. Mommy has brought out her skis again. She puts them on her feet and slides through the snow. This is how she must visit the bees, whose little hive is practically submerged in the cold, powdery, wet substance.

To make matters oh so much worse, I committed an act of dietary indiscretion. I am suffering from gastric discomfort. This means I am now on the "bland food plan" and can not enjoy ham in the morning when Daddy makes his sandwich. I do get rice and chicken, though, which is tasty.

Today is the birthday of Giacomo Puccini, my favorite composer of operas. It is also the first day of Hanukkah. Diggy always enjoyed Hanukkah because it means kosher dachshund sausages and latkes. Talk about dietary indiscretion, Diggy was the king.

Mommy is trying to coax me to go outside into that snow for a walk! What is she thinking? I am not leaving my puffy bed until that snow goes away.



December 15th 2008 6:03 pm
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Everything is in shambles! There is a tree in the living room festooned with lights, and parcels and boxes everywhere. The mailman came three times today. I am so confused by this human thing called Christmas. What a mess!


Chilly Dog

December 5th 2008 6:28 am
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Today I told Mommy I did not want to wear my coat or my fido fleece outside to chase cats. She tried to put my blue coat on me and I dodged and ducked until she said,

"It's cold out Tommy." I don't care. I look ridiculous in clothes! The cats laugh at me, especially Cupcake who would never wear a coat or a feline fleece. It is terribly humiliating to be laughed at by a cat.

This morning there were at least 15 turkeys in the orchard. I know I should have chased them, but they are big and pointy and I'm not sure what they do. I kicked and barked a few times and they moved away. Mommy feeds them, so I guess they must be important. I take that back, Mommy would feed any critter, important or not. I think that is why we have so many critters in our yard. It's no my fault for not chasing them, it's Mommy's fault for attracting them here.

Don't let Mommy know, but I was chilly dog outside and so I came in. Now I will snuggle into a ball under the covers in the bed to get warm and snooze.


Friend to Visit

November 14th 2008 5:37 am
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My friend Grogan, the greyhound, is visiting today. His dad dropped him off yesterday. His dad was going to Boston and Grongan doesn't like to go. Too noisy! He likes to stay with me, where it is quiet, while his dad goes to noisy Boston.

Yesterday it rained, so we mostly snoozed. I let Grogan snooze on my bed, but as soon as he moved to another place, I took my bed back. Mommy likes when Grogan comes to visit because Grogan has a special talent. He fetches the newspaper! Today he brought the newspaper right to Mommy who wasn't even done snoozing for the night. She was so excited that she got up and gave us our doggy breakfast! Yum. I suppose she would give us the doggy breakfast anyway, but today she was cheerier than usual.

Now Mommy is reading her newspaper and Grogan and I are snoozing. It continues to rain. Blah. Blah. Blah.


Home Again

November 11th 2008 3:16 pm
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I am home again after a wrenchingly nervous weekend. I thought I was gone from home forever, but here I am. Phew... I have a sore throat though. Barked too much while I was abandoned. Fortunately, Mommy heard me and came back for me.

The place I was abandoned at is called Puddleby. When we got there, I thought we were just all going to a fun place to play. There were a lot of other dogs there and they barked and ran around. I went into a little room and wham! The door closed and Mommy said, "Be a good dog, Tommy!" Then she went away and left me!

Two whole days without my home and my Mommy! I didn't care about eating or playing with the other dogs or listening to NPR. I just wanted to go home.

I was so happy when I heard Mommy walk on Sunday. She asked the Puddleby man if I was good. He said I was, phew! I'm so glad he didn't tell her about the incident...

Now I'm home and unable to bark much, but that's ok, I just want to curl up on this bed and snooze for a while.


Election Day!

November 4th 2008 5:06 am
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Well, today is the day to vote! To look at Mommy, you'd think the world might come to an end. She has a terrible stomach ache and she didn't even eat any mushrooms or string or papers. She said that her stomach ache was "nervous." I know what it's like to feel nervous. I sure feel nervous when I have to go to grooming!

I wish I could go with Mommy to the voting place, but she said it is at the school and dogs are not allowed at school. So instead, I have to stay home and listen to the man on the roof. The man on the roof comes every day. Sometimes he brings snacks for me, but he stopped doing that after I bit him. I was only trying to get him off the dangerous ladder! It was for his own good. People shouldn't go on ladders. I try to tell him that, but Mommy says "Don't bark at people, Tommy." How else am I supposed to tell people things? I can only bark!

Well, today I am barking loudly for Tom Allen. Mommy and I are voting for Tom Allen because he is a friend of the wolves. He also has good ideas to develop clean energy which we think will be good for Maine. Maine has a lot of wind! Not so much sun, but a lot of cold, blustery wind.

Mommy is off to the polls. I wish I could go with her! Woof! I guess I'll just sit on this pillow by the window and watch in case the man on the roof tumbles off the ladder. Then I will bark a bit, for Tom and Barack.


Halloween--How embarrassing!

October 30th 2008 5:51 am
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It's almost Halloween. That means that I get to wear a costume. How embarrassing! This year, I am cleverly disguised as the Large Hadron Collider's Little Black Hole. Mommy made my costume from things around the house. When we went to the dog parade last weekend, the other dogs had store-bought costumes. My costume was by far the strangest. Leave it to Mommy.

The best thing about Halloween is that I got a new toy. It's a bat. Sometimes it makes a strange noise, but it is an excellent toy to shake and chase! Sometimes Mommy wants to take my bat, but I run away with it and hide under the table. Right now I am hiding under the table because I don't want to wear my Halloween costume. If I hide long enough, Mommy will forget about it and go to work and I will be alone and able to take a snooze in the sunny spot.



October 3rd 2008 6:00 am
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After a few days of reprieve due to rain, Mommy is back on her dog-fitness craze. Yesterday we walked and walked and walked. At first, I was happy to get outside to sniff the neighborhood and let the cats know I'm still in charge around here. However, after the 10th mile or so, I got tired and just wanted to stand under a shrubbery. Mommy won't let me, she says "come on Tommy, let's go!" She also said we only went a mile and a half. I don't know how she's counting these miles, but it sure felt like longer to me. Ugh! What happened to the concept of a leisurely stroll?

Had a bath last night so I was in a grumpy mood when we all sat down to watch the VP candidates debate. By the end of the debate, Mommy was in a grumpy mood too and Daddy had to play video games to unwind a little. We are all afraid that a certain VP candidate who does not like wolves and doesn't care whether polar bears fall into the water due to melting ice will flirt her way into power. This fear causes dyspepsia, or maybe that was the rotten tomato I ate during the afternoon.

It's sunny today, I think I will stretch out in this sunny spot on the floor and snooze.



September 26th 2008 9:57 am
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Today it rains. Ho-Hum. So Mommy and I are spending a lot of time on the computer. We made a campaign sign because we are supporting Barack Obama in this election. One of the reasons we are supporting Obama is that the Republican candidate for Vice President doesn't think wolves should be protected and she doesn't think polar bears should be protected either.

Mommy and I are single-issue voters this year. We are voting only for candidates who support environmental stewardship and renewable energy sources. OK, that might be two issues, but they are very much related. Neither of the candidates have any policies about cats, but I think that cats and dogs can work together to help protect our friends the polar bears, wolves and other endangered animals.

One animal that is certainly NOT endangered is the chipmunk. This is certainly one issue that Cupcake and I see eye to eye on. Cupcake has tried to ambush the chipmunks in the back yard and as come up empty handed. The chipmunks laughed at her. I laughed too, but I understand how Cupcake feels when the chipmunks get feisty.

Well, at least I have a nice dry bed today for snoozing. All those chipmunks are wedged in between the damp, cold stones of the wall.

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