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The Musings of a Corgi

Worried about my Mommy

April 4th 2007 8:22 am
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Well a lot has happened since I last wrote. Our neighbors upstairs got a new dog! He's a rescue dog named King. He's part Beagel part Dobie and he's my size. I'm so excited because this is the first dog in almost two years my size that I get to play with. The rest of my family is always bigger or smaller then me. But I only get to play with him for a little because he usually gets too rough after a while and tries to mount me. This scares me and I always run to my Mommy for protection.

But my mommy hasn't been feeling well lately. She's been having what daddy refers to as "lady problems". She went to the hospital yesterday to have blood drawn and when she came back she was a mess. She cleaned up a little and walked me, but then went back into the house and fell asleep for the rest of the night. Daddy says they should have everything figured out by the end of today and that mommy should be getting back on the track to getting healthy. I hope so because since she's started acting strange, I have too. And that makes her worry which I guess makes things worse.

I can't wait to see her when she gets home from the doctors tonight. Hopefully everything will be all better and she'll be able to play with me like she used to again!


Great Day!

March 12th 2007 3:48 pm
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I had such a great day yesterday! Mommy had the day off and she had no errands that she had to run so she got to spend the entire day with me! And to top things off it was beautiful outside! Warm and sunny even in a New England March!!!

Mommy started my day by taking me for a nice long walk. I love those! She always tells me what a greater walker I am and how much she enjoys walking with me. And to make things a plus it gives me some alone time with my favorite human. No little brother trying to vouche for her attention and no Daddy doing the same thing! I really enjoy my alone time with Mommy and wish I could have it more often. But I tolerate these other people taking some attention because no mater what Mommy tells Daddy, I know she loves me best!

When we got home, I didn't want to go inside and neither did she. So she grabbed a brush and we went out in the backyard and Mommy spent the HOURS brushing my coat out. With the warm weather on our heels, I've started shedding heavier. I love it when Mommy brushes me. I used to hate it, but now I lay at her feet and just let her go at it. She had to chase my little brother inside though as he kept trying to grab the furballs I left behind and run around with them. It's weird what he will try and put in his mouth! Old dirty fur off the ground? Gross!!

By the time we were done there, I had nearly an entire dog brushed out of me! I was amazed by the furry little tumble weeds that now rolled across our yard. It was like a doggie western movie!

Even with that done, we STILL didn't want to go inside! So I settled for a game of catch with mommy. I'm really good at bringing the ball back to mommy. She wanted to train me to do agility, but I'm terrified of the tunnel and no matter of cajoled has ever convinced me to go into that deep dark hole. No way!

We spent a total of five hours outside just playing! We wanted to spend more, but neighbors bully boxer got loose again. Mommy and I don't like that dog. He always get loose and comes barraling into our yard like he owns the place. He's such a brat. While he's never gotten the chance to get near me (Mommy would stand down any dog that tried to hurt me) neither one of us takes the chance. I had a boxer for a big brother for a while, and would love to play with another, but this guy is always showing me his teeth and it makes Mommy really upset. I know she's talked to his Mommy but she seems oblivous to the fact that when he gets out, he's mean to me. I know she warned her that if he ever got near me she would not hold herself responsible for what happened to that mean old Boxer. Go Mommy!!

Once inside I got a nice bowl of water and food and it was bed time! I crashed and spent the rest of the wonderful day sleeping on Mommy's lap.

I love my days off with my favorite human!


Mommy's day off!

March 9th 2007 8:47 am
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Today is Friday which means that its mommy's day off of work! She gets two days off a week, and one of them is always spent dragging me around with her while she does laundry and runs errands. I do love spending time with my mother but her in laws are allergic to dogs so when we go to there for laundry I get stuck being tied to mommy's chair and don't get the freedom to run around. It stinks! The in-laws' dog likes to run around and tease me. He's a little toy poodle named Dublin. He's nice I guess, but when ever I'm loose and try to play with him he gets all upset and runs away!

But that's okay. I've made my day of sleeping on the couch right next to Mommy and every once and a while chasing my brother around the apartment. It's a good thing that we live on the bottom floor or else we would really bug other people!!

Mommy is threatening to cut my nails later today, but we'll see if that happens! I hate when people touch my paws. If I just keep running eventually I'll tire her out!

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