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On my way home

Finally made it home!!

March 12th 2007 12:09 am
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Yesterday was a wild day for me and Wolfie, because we finally made it to my furever home! Finally! We drove from Houston all the way to Tucson. It took a whole night and a day and into the night again. When we got there, there was a lot of new scents and sights! There was Mommy, Daddy, and my two-leg sister Avi, and three new four-leg sisters, Smoky, Bandit, and Cheyenne. And Wolfie was there with his three two-leg siblings and his mommy and daddy. The house was crowded!

Cheyenne was shy of everyone...she's real skittish, but she calms down after awhile. I think she just likes to make sure someone's friendly before she tries to get close to them. She hid in her crate for awhile, but Smoky and Bandit were right there making friends with everyone!

I really like Avi a lot. She gave me a hug right off, and I cleaned her face really well. Mommy said I had to stop so Avi could breathe. Oops!

I'm still a little shy with mommy and daddy though. More with daddy than mommy--I know whose dog I am! I guess I have to get used to being in a new place AGAIN, but this time I won't be leaving my people ever again, so it should be okay. Mommy says she loves me a lot and that I'm beautiful. She also says she doesn't think I'm a Husky, now that she's seen me in person. She thinks I'm a Malamute. Something about heavier bone structure. Whatever that means. Daddy says he gets a vibe from me that says I'm not really a dog, more like a four-legged furperson. Well, DUH!


Homecoming date!

March 1st 2007 9:09 pm
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Well, I finally know when I'm going home. Wolfie's mom says they're taking me home on the 9th of March. My mom tried to get an earlier transport for me, but it fell through. Oh, well. So now we just have to count down the days. I hope mommy has a big enough bathtub that I can nap in sometimes--I like sleeping in the tub!


My Valentine's Day

February 14th 2007 3:48 pm
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To be honest, I don't even know what it is, but everybody's saying it today, so I guess it's important.

I had a good day today, although Wolfie's mommy didn't agree and neither did mine! Wolfie's mommy took us to the park today as a treat. We were on leashes, but I managed to pull mine out of her hand and went on an all-day romp! I had a great time, especially when Wolfie's mom was trying to catch me! The only reason she finally caught me after 6 hours was because I got tired. She had actually had to leave me there to go pick up her kids from something called school so they could help her. But when she came back, I was already waiting for her.

Mommy was really unhappy that I did this. She was scared that I would get hurt or find another family. Wolfie's mommy was really upset too, for the same reason. She didn't want to have to explain to my mommy if I got hurt while I was staying at her house. Mommy explained to her that you have to be really careful with Huskies, because we'll run just because we can, and we don't always listen to commands. Now Wolfie's mommy understands, and I don't think I'll get another chance to run away like that again!


Halfway home

February 12th 2007 10:35 am
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Well, I made it to somewhere called "Houston". It's about halfway to my new home. I'm staying with Wolfie's new parents and their kids for now, and his mommy and mine are trying to figure out when I'll get all the way home. Wolfie's mommy told my mommy I've been a really good dog! I got a bath--didn't like it, but I tolerated it until Wolfie's mom turned on the blow dryer. I wasn't going for that! So now I'm drying myself off. Mommy and Wolfie's mommy talked for a long time. I can't figure out everything, but from what I heard I might be here for awhile. Since Wolfie's new kids are in school, I will probably be here at least until the weekend. If the humans can't figure things out, I might even be here a month until the kids get spring break! Oh, well. I can live with Wolfie a little longer, I guess. And mommy said she understood. She told Wolfie's mommy that she is really really in love with me!


I'm finally on my way!

February 11th 2007 12:14 pm
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I finally got a furever home! I've been living at a rescue in North Carolina for months after they got me out of a kill shelter in Ohio. No one wanted me, I guess because I have a bad leg. But a couple of months ago, my new mommy saw me online and got in touch with the shelter. She didn't mind my leg! So I'm on my way home! Sarah, the lady at the rescue who fostered me, drove me to the Georgia/Alabama state line with a few other dogs. Three of the others went to their new homes already, and now there's just me and Wolfie. The people we're waiting for are Wolfie's new humans, and they're taking me to Arizona, where my new mommy lives. They didn't get started early enough to be here yet, though. They're in Louisiana right now. So it's gonna be awhile! But I'm gonna have three dog sisters and a human sister at my new home, so it's worth the wait! I'm going home!

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