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My Legacy

Always in my heart

December 7th 2008 4:04 am
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it's hard to believe that two years have passed since we lost you. My commitment to increased awareness of shredder dangers stays is your legacy. NOT A DAY GOES BY THA i DON'T MISS YOU.



An Anniversary

December 1st 2007 1:03 pm
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Tomorrow marks a year since Striker died. It has been an incredible roller coaster of emotions for me. The one feeling that overrides the sorrow however, is GRATITUDE.
Through his tragic death, I have become an advocate for pet safety.
Because of my advocacy I have been contacted by the most wonderful, caring people who have expressed true sorrow and empathy.
Because those people carry Striker's story in their hearts his legacy continues.

I truly wish, with all my being that I didn't have to write this but reality is what it is.
And so I say thank you to you ALL for your support and ask that you CONTINUE TO TELL HIS STORY so that no one else needs to write this kind of letter.




A new beginning

June 24th 2007 3:36 am
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I just wanted to let everyone who has become a part of our lives to know that Striker's new "brother" RUMBLINE'S BODIE ISLAND LIGHT...BODIE came home last evening. He is a beautiful boy (Strike picked a good one for us from the "Bridge") full of typical puppy energy and joy. I never imagined a year ago as I watched him frolic in the same way, that we would be in this position. I wish with all my heart that we weren't. Bodie will never replace Striker but will help our broken hearts to heal.

Please remember to keep Striker's story alive so that we continue to spread the word about paper shredder dangers.

Pictures will be coming! Time to drink my coffee while Bodie naps!

Thanks to all of you for kind words and support.

ellen-Striker' s mom


The puppies

May 16th 2007 4:10 am
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Mom and Dad are getting excited about picking my new "brother". They have two yellow boys to choose from. The puppies are 2 weeks old now and they have been so busy that they haven't had a chance to go see them. But they have pictures!!! And of course, I'm on the job..keeping all the puppies safe and cute and cuddly from here at the bridge.

Mom has a picture of my silly Bro "Jack" lounging on his momma's recliner. I bet I would have done just the same thing. I would have been a lazy boy on the LazyBoy!!



A Special Day

May 12th 2007 3:53 am
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Happy 1st Birthday to all my littermates: Grady, Jack, Logan, Gyro and Bosco from your Angel Bro'.



April 1st 2007 3:17 pm
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Mom said a prayer the other night to me, Zeusy , Smudgey and Jenny to put a good word in with the one in charge of puppy happiness. On Wednesday she got the call that Docker has at least 4 puppies on the way. That means ,if they're ready, that one will be for mom , dad and my big sister. I know there will never be another Striker but I'm glad they will have a new puppy in their lives. They need puppy breath and puppy kisses and "frito feet" smell in the house again. And this puppy will have extra special guardian angel protection from "Super Striker the Stinkey Twinkey".


the boy I would have been

March 25th 2007 6:33 am
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Mom and Dad went to see my breeder yesterday. Hooray for Spring, they've been wanting to go for a couple of weekends but the weather was yucky. My brother Jack lives there and it's always good for them to see him. He looks just like me. I would be tall by now. I wonder if I would be just as silly. My brother doesn't like to chase the balls as much as my cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Momma-dog. He likes to sit or lay ,down the hill a bit, and BARK at the ball. Sue says she thinks he's telling it to move!
My humans got lots of doggie time...everyone insists that you throw the "tennies" to them....AND YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO STOP. It's hard to talk to people when you're there but that's okay 'cuz it's all about the doggies anyway.

Mom and Dad rubbed Docker's belly for good luck. They'll know about puppies or not at the end of the week. I hope they get good news...they both need a PUPPY.

got to go now.

Striker the Stinkey Twinkey


I'm still doing "good"

March 4th 2007 7:58 am
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Mom opened her e-mail from Dr. Jon at on monday. there was a beautiful story about me for lots of people to see. It made her cry but also proud because I'm helping people know about the danger that having a puppy and a shredder can pose. Mom says it's her way of mending her broken heart. I hope that they will get a new puppy soon. She'll feel better I think. But no puppy can replace the Stinkey Twinkey!


Mom's feeling sad

February 24th 2007 7:15 pm
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Mom had a hard time today. My aunt Jan is at Nana's house and she brought my cousin Nikki-dog with her. They came for dinner at my house. Nikki and I never met. She came in and sniffed and sniffed and SNIFFED. Especially in the office room where I had my accident. I think she wondered where I was. Even though mom loves her doggie kisses, it makes her miss me more.


Hey it's me.

February 18th 2007 6:30 am
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I'd like to tell you that I'm on the bed with mom and dad enjoying a cuppa right now. I really did love to try to stick my nose in the coffee cups. But I can't tell you that because I'm not here any more. I went to the Rainbow Bridge on December 2, 2006 when I was only 7 months old. My story is pretty awful...I died because I got my tongue caught in the paper shredder.
Mom was home with me and Dad tried to get there to help. My girl came and rushed mom and me to the emergency vet but there was nothing that they could do for me. My family misses me SO MUCH. Mom cries every day and although Dad and my girl are tougher stuff, they are upset too.

Mom says that NO OTHER PUP should have to go through what I did. So she made a flier and started telling people. A lady wrote about me story in the Newspaper and now people know all over the country. That's pretty cool.

And that's my legacy. I'm a helper dog now...a guardian angel dog (tho I was NOT an angel when I was alive!)

I'm Super Strike...the little puppy that could.

Time to go bug my brother Zeusy and my sister Smudge. They were here to greet me and it's really fun now 'cuz Smudgie can run again and she doesn't need insulin twice a day. And Zeusy's tummy is all better and his cancer is gone. COOL right?

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