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The Trials and Tribulations of Darius

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Dog of the Day

November 18th 2012 4:16 am
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Wow, I'm a Dog of the Day. I'm sure that Momma will be smiling when she reads that. I can't wait to share the news with all my new friends here at the Rainbow Bridge.

I can tell that Kea is missing me as much as Momma is. She walks around the house "looking for me" with her nose since she can't see with her eyes any more. She mopes a little bit so its good for both her and Momma that they can spend some time together before Momma has to go back to her Fellowship in Georgia.


On Crossing Over

November 16th 2012 7:24 am
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Yesterday Momma helped me cross the Rainbow Bridge. I wasn't a happy boy any more. I was in lots of pain and didn't want to eat. I know that Momma is sad that I'm not with her and Kea any more but I'm in a much better place. I'm running and playing with all my new friends. I' with my sister Yoda again and I got to meet Rhys. The tree of us will take care of Momma and make sure that she isn't too sad. We'll send lots of hugs and kisses from the Rainbow Bridge.


Time To Say "Good Bye"

November 15th 2012 7:33 am
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Momma came back from her Fellowship last night to be with me one more time. I've been having a very hard time the last couple of years. Walks aren't fun any more and are more like work. I can't remember where I am and I get "stuck" behind things. I don't like my food and I hurt all over. I told Momma that I need to cross over the Rainbow Bridge and not to hold on to me any longer. I think that she listened cuz she told me last night that it would be better for me soon.


What's this on the ground????

December 6th 2009 5:01 am
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Hey can anyone help me?? Yesterday this white stuff started falling from the sky and now it is all over the ground. Mom is calling it "snow" but I've never really seen this before. It squishes under my feet when I walk and its really cold. Kea seems to like playing in it but it just makes me cold. I thought it would go away last night but its still here.

More tomorrow,



Tasty New Food

September 22nd 2009 1:26 pm
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So Mom went and got me some new food. It is for sensitive stomachs and it has different stuff compared to my other food. She's gonna see how I do with this cuz I was starting to get toooo skinny. The other food tastes yucky but this new food is bowl licking good. I'm hoping that she gives me more than usual. Kea's jealous cuz she doesn't get to snarf up any of my left overs anymore.




Play Time!!!

September 12th 2009 10:31 am
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Oooh, Mom, Kea & I just came in from playing outside. It was so much fun to run and chase Kea with Mom's help. Kea isn't nearly as rough when Mom's there. When we finished I just laid down on the grass and scratched my back!!

I'm such a lucky guy to have such a great family. We're getting ready to go for a ride in the car next. I wonder what Mom's got up her sleeve??




OMD, I'm a Featured Diary

September 12th 2009 4:21 am
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BOL, when mom checked messages for me this morning she saw a note from Dogster and told me that my diary was gonna be one of today's features. WOW!!!!!

Life in WV is still wonderful and "almost heaven" as the song goes. Kea and I are finally getting the hang of the new invisible fence. I don't really like the collar that I have to wear cuz it isn't very stylish, but then again I get to go all around the house. I also have so much more room to run. Mom's saying that next year we'll either extend the invisible fence or she'll have Dan, the contractor that built our deck, put up a fence around a part of the lot. She says 3.5 acres is too much to fence, but maybe she'll go for 2 acres. I can only imagine how much fun Kea and I would have running around in all that space!

I'm thinkin today is gonna be a nice lazy day. Mom's getting ready to make her coffee and come out on the deck with Kea and I. That way we get to play and Mom gets to enjoy the fresh air, cool weather, and listen to all the noises in the quiet.




Home On the "Range"

September 5th 2009 4:24 am
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Well it really isn't a range at all, but it is ours to run and play in. I'm really loving this new yard that we have even if Kea isn't smart enough to learn the boundaries!!! Mom lets me run all around the new yard and there are so many neat smells. This morning when we were outside I heard this really high pitched sound and saw this big ole bird. He didn't look very nice and Mom told me that it was a hawk. She laughed and said that I probably wasn't on the menu cuz I was so big!! I wonder what she meant by that???

I think Mom is gonna be home wif us for the next few days. She said something bout Labor Day but I really don't know what she means by that. I"m just hopin that we'll be walking on the canal towpath again some time soon.




Changes, Changes, Changes

September 2nd 2009 2:54 am
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Boy, Kea and I are wondering if all these changes will ever stop happening. Now there's all this noise at the house and these two nice guys come by and spend all day outside hammering and stuff. Yesterday the noise got less and Mom took us outside and there was this big wooden thing attached to the house. Mom called it a deck and said we could walk up the steps. It was so much fun, we could look right into the breakfast area and everything. Then last night some people came over and put these things over the windows to keep the light out. Course Kea and I like the light but it sure was nice last night having it really dark to sleep. Wonder what will happen today??




Stress, Stress, Stress

August 17th 2009 5:26 pm
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Boy I just can't get used to this new place. I hope that we get settled soon. It seems like there have been boxes and moving for the last 6 months. Doesn't Mom know that us old guys don't handle stress well.

Bark at ya later,


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