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The Continuing Adventures of Samwise

Wiener Mayhem

July 10th 2006 9:23 am
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Yesterday my moms took Annie and Preston and me to Dog Wood Park for something they called a "Dachshund meet-up." It was the craziest thing! There were about twenty Dachshunds there -- black, red, dappled, smooth-haired, long-haired, all different ages. Some of their parents were worried about us big dogs coming in there, but they needn't have been. In fact, they should have worried about me! At one point a whole herd of wieners had me cornered while they barked their heads off. Those little guys can be LOUD. Their moms had to call them off so I could get away. Yikes! Food Lady said I was very good and patient through it all. I just went off to mark the fence and get away from the ankle-biters. I could tell my moms really enjoyed seeing all those Dachshunds. It's funny -- I'm pretty sure Preston couldn't figure out why we were there with all those wieners. He thinks he's a big dog!


It's official!

November 22nd 2005 9:37 am
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Mom said everybody always knew this was true, but now I'm getting a piece of paper that says so: I am a Canine Good Citizen. I took the test last Wednesday, and it was easier than chasing squirrels. I'm not sure what the big deal is, but Mom says she is very proud of me. Oh, and my nice teacher, Susan, gave me a cool bouncy thing as a graduation gift. Yeah!

I'm still studying agility, which is kind of harder than obedience but is a lot more fun. I still don't think too much of that see-saw business, but everything else is cool, and sometimes there are cookies in the tunnels. I'm doing my exercises off-leash now!


Things Are Going Swimmingly

September 21st 2005 5:07 am
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Mom and I have been going to Dog Wood Park every day or two. It's so great! Last weekend it was hot, so I copied what I'd seen some other dogs do and waded into Lake Bow Wow. That water feels so cool and refreshing. What I like is that you can stand in it, and you can drink it. Neat, huh? Anyway, I waded in up to my armpits, then I saw that Mom had a good stick. She threw it into the lake, and before I knew it, I was swimming! That's weird, let me tell you. I haven't done it again since then, but now I wade almost every time we go. Sometimes I like to run along the shore, too, and splash.

Last night I started agility class at Dog Wood Park. We did a little jump and a tunnel. It was a piece of cake. AND we got treats. There are some cool dogs in my class, and, more importantly, some fine ladies (especially the Dalmatian and the Aussie!). So, I can tell I will feel motivated to be on time and do my best. Agility rules!


Southbound Hound

September 9th 2005 2:49 pm
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After lots of talk, Mom finally moved us and the cats to Florida. Right now we're staying in a hotel right near Dog Wood Park. If it ever quits raining, we're gonna go! I LOVE Dog Wood Park. Mom says humans should visit if they want to see why I love it so much.

A few days ago, before it started raining so much, we went to Dog Wood Park with Food Lady, Annie, and Preston. On the way there we saw an ibis. Preston barked at it, and the ibis gave him a put-out look! Preston cracks me up.

Soon we are going to have a house with Food Lady and Annie and Preston. I don't think the cats will like that, but I think it will be okay. Food Lady is really nice to me, and Preston is my pal. I'm not sure Annie likes me very much, and sometimes she steals my toys, but I can live with that. I hope we have a big yard. I miss that staying in the hotel.

Mom says we might keep my hair short all year in Florida. I sure will miss snow, but Food Lady says we can take some vacations in snowy places. I think Florida is A-okay.


Dog Days and School Days

June 28th 2005 12:43 pm
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It must be summer, because it got very hot all of a sudden. Mom took me to get my "summer haircut." As you can see in the bottom picture above, it's short! It felt strange at first, but it sure is a lot cooler. And everyone mistakes me for a puppy now, so I get lots of extra petting.

Last week I went to Indianapolis for a visit. I showed off my new do at TL Pets doggy daycare, the best doggy daycare in town! That place is wild. One of the dogs, Willy, was having a birthday, so we all got treat bags at the end of the day. I also got a report card. I made an A+! Mom was so proud.

I also checked out Eagle Creek Bark Park. What a place! It has its own agility course. Cool stuff. Oh, and Mom picked up some goodies from Three Dog Bakery. Yum! Indy is a great dog town!

It's good to be back home, though.


Bee prepared.

April 10th 2005 5:37 am
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Agility is turning out to be lots of fun, and not just because of the fine ladies in my class. Mom was real proud of me for going through the tunnel. I'll admit I was kind of scared, but all the other dogs did it, so I gave it a try. One time I went through the tunnel and found a treat in it. Can't complain about that! Yesterday was breezy, so lots of humans were flying kites in the park where we have our class. Pippa kept barking at them. Mom says she's full of beans.

In the afternoon Mom mowed the lawn, so now it's short, which means I can run real fast. I decided to chase some bees on the deck. I try to catch them in my mouth, but they're pretty fast. I like the challenge. Mom says I'll stop liking this game once I catch one. Wonder what that means?


Spring has sprung!

April 5th 2005 7:31 pm
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Wow, I guess this is an important time of year, because it seems like all sorts of cool things are happening. I'm having so much fun, I don't even miss the snow that much!

Where to begin....

Well, a couple of weeks ago my friends Annie and Preston came to visit, along with their mom, Food Lady. Annie is kind of old and grouchy, but Preston is a trip. He always wants to play and wrestle, and he makes these crazy sounds. Anyhow, one day Mommy and Food Lady said it was Ostara. They fooled around in the kitchen with eggs for a long time, but I didn't get to eat any.

Okay, but now comes the good part: Mommy and Food Lady said we would have an Ostara treat hunt in the back yard! Annie and Preston and I hung out in the garage for a while while Mommy and Food Lady got ready. Then they let us out into the yard. Man, oh, man! There were treats everywhere! All I had to do was follow my nose. First I found a piece of cheese, just sitting there on the step! That NEVER happened before! Then I sniffed and found a biscuit by the tree stump. And there was a Greenie in the flower pot and a biscuit under the porch and, and, gosh, I'm getting too excited even just thinking about it! Annie and Preston were finding treats, too. After the treat hunt, I could still smell goodies in the yard, so I double-checked for several days. Mom said we will do this every year and maybe also on my birthday, but I can only invite friends who don't fight over food.

So, as if that weren't exciting enough, Mom signed me up for agility class with my friend Spanky and his mom Kathleen. I played with some agility equipment at Dogwood Park when I visited Annie and Preston in Jacksonville, so I wasn't too scared when we had our first class on Sunday. I didn't like the teeter-totter too much, though. Spooky. But the rest isn't bad. The jumps are kind of fun. Wanna know the best part, though? There are two totally hot babes in my class (both redheads, my favorite!). One is named Lady. She's a golden retriever. The other is named Pippa. I think she's a Sheltie/retriever mix. Alls I can say is, hubba hubba. Can't wait to get to class this weekend!

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