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December 6th 2012 11:18 am
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I'm drooling over the smell coming out of the oven right now! Holy smokes Batman, mom is making homemade biscuits! PB and oat biscuits! :)

I can't wait to get some. I hope they are done soon.

As for my skin is looking much better. It is dryer and healing now. I have had two medicated baths so far besides the antibiotics. I swear I heard mom say something about a comfy cone though just in case I try to lick again. That doesn't sound good, I will try and be a good boy.

My sissy Mia is still doing well too. I don't understand why she doesn't eat. The pawrents are offering her really great stuff. I WANT IT!! BOL! I am getting extra treats these days so I shouldn't complain.

Have a great Thursday!



Pupdate - Skin infection

December 4th 2012 1:12 pm
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So the lesions popping up all over the place appear to be a nasty skin infection. The vet shaved off some fur around one of them and took a sample to check under the microscope. There wasn't a large number of lymphocytes detected so they are treating it as a skin infection. I am now on antibiotics and medicated baths(every other day). Hopefully there will be a quick improvement. All I want to know is why last time all I had to do was hop on the scale and I got an Arby's roast beef sammy and this time nada! Nothing! OK, mom did stop at the grocery store and buy me a package of turkey franks but it isn't as exciting as going through the drive thru!

I also just had my bath so I am not too happy right now. Not to mention, mom made sure to keep massaging in the shampoo for the FULL 10 minutes. It says 5-10 minutes mom! 5 would be plenty. Because it is cold I even had to endure the dreaded blow dryer. She won't even let me go out right now. This is gonna be a long skin recovery. The vet says if it improves but then comes back after the antibiotics are gone, I may have to go back on them long term. We just aren't sure what is causing the skin issues right now. The vet also said my form of epitheliotropic lymphoma will spread internally. Mom needs to watch for swollen lymph nodes and changes in behavior. Thank goodness I still feel fine for now.



Going to the vet

December 4th 2012 7:43 am
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We are heading to the vet in a couple hours. Chester has multiple spots cropping up, but since yesterday they are getting worse. Nearly the entire base of his tail is now affected. Whether it is the cancer or some secondary infection due to the cancer, it is spreading and spreading very quickly. Keep him in your prayers. I am almost hoping he has an infection because if the cancer is spreading this quickly that has to be a very bad sign.


OMD Diary of the Day!!

December 2nd 2012 1:15 pm
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Oh pawsome!! Diary of the Day! Thank you Dogster and thanks fur the pressies, congrats, and POTP.

I am an excitable springer and I'm woo woo-ing with joy. Things like this almost never happen to me. Being Diary of the Day is pawsome

Another exciting thing also happened to me yesterday. My boy went online and ordered a NEW FLYING SCREAMING MONKEY for me and it just arrived!!!! He is in college but the pawrents told him about the cancer and he felt so bad for me and wanted to do something special. I am glad he did because I love it so much. I broke the voice box on my last one a really long time ago.

I'm still feeling well but my family noticed several new cancer spots on my back. I guess it has been spreading. We really do hope the prednisone will work to slow that down. It seems now that we know though, the faster we seem to find them.

Thanks again everyfur! Sending much love



Yesterday's road trip

November 29th 2012 7:00 am
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Yesterday I got to go for a ride with mom in the car. I didn't understand why I was the only one, I mean it isn't my birthday or anything.

We took off late morning and rolled into the vet's office. Darn it! And it was going so well. But wait, mom is going in without me. It seems I don't have to see the vet after all. I just got to go for a ride. After mom picked up my medications she came back out to the car and took me for a potty break. Then she DID take me into the vet's office but just for a weight check. I lost a pound. I'm 35 pounds now which mom can't understand because she says I eat like a pig. BOL

After we left the vet's office we rolled into Arby's drive thru and mom got me a roast beef sandwich. OH YUM!! The first bite was crunchy, I think she might have slipped my new pill in there but I didn't really taste it.

What a great trip, just me, mom, and a roast beef sammy.



The results are in :(

November 27th 2012 9:24 am
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I feel like I have just been hit by a train head on. I don't think things could get much worse around here. Yuki is having great difficulty moving around these days and every day is a struggle for him at 15 years of age, Mia is in heart failure, and now Chester's biopsy report came back with the worst possible diagnosis.

Chester has cancer. A form of Epitheliotropic Lymphoma. Prognosis is very poor, usually only months after diagnosis.

Next step will be to start and keep him on prednisone and hope we can further slow down the progression. I'm living in a nightmare and I can't wake up.



Weekend and test results soon

November 25th 2012 5:26 pm
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My biopsy report should be in tomorrow or Tuesday!

I'm hoping for good news. I'll post a pupdate when I know more.

I had a terrible weekend. I had my ears cleaned and got a bath. I smell terrible now and don't know why the pawrents think I smell better.

Also, my boy left to go back to college today. I love when he visits me, he is my favorite person in the whole wide world! Every dog should have his or her own human.



Chester's medical mystery PT. 2

November 19th 2012 1:55 pm
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After see the vet and trying out several medications like predisone and antibiotics, the redness at the gum line never went away. The family made the decision to try the dental and see if perhaps the redness was due to an allergic reaction to a tartar build-up (though the teeth were pretty clean already). This was last month and he was again on antibiotics for several weeks afterwards. Needless to say the redness is still there and there has been no improvement. He is acting fine and the teeth are not bothering him but there must be some explanation as to why this won't go away. At the time of the dental they took biopsies in two areas along the gum line. We didn't send them in at the time hoping the dental would solve the problem but we are now going to have to have the samples sent in to see what is going on. Really hoping it isn't serious, we have enough heartache with the recent diagnosis Mia received.

The vet is supposed to call tomorrow morning to work out a plan of action.

Chester and family


Chester's medical mystery

August 6th 2012 12:53 pm
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Over the weekend we noticed an issue with Chester's gum line. On both the top and bottom of the jaw his gums are bright red where it meets the teeth. My initial thought was periodontal disease but I questioned how it could come so suddenly and why it would effect every inch of the gum line. We had to wait until today to take him to the vet and they confirmed that it is highly unlikely that it is periodontal disease and this his teeth appear fine, especially for his age.

The problem is, they haven't seen anything like it and aren't sure what it is. Two scary possibilities are cancer or an auto immune disorder. They took blood work and we'll get the results back on those tomorrow. In the meantime they have him on an antibiotic in case it is an infection (no temp though) and also prednisone for the inflammation. Hopefully this will work. If it fails to show any improvement then they want to take a biopsy.

Right now, though all this is very scary, he is at least not showing any signs of discomfort at all. I added a pic of what this looks like so if anyone has ever seen anything like it or experienced it, please let me know.

Chester's mom


12 today!

June 9th 2012 9:41 pm
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Thanks for the birthday pressies and well wishes for my 12th birthday celebration.

I had a wonderful day today if you couldn't tell by the new pictures I posted. This year I got McDonald's for my special birthday treat. What a surprise and I always love getting a car ride. Woo Woo!! What a wonderful day.

It was a hot one today but the air is on so that is nice. Thanks again everybody! I'm a happy 12 year old springer


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