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Chronicles of a Ted E. Bear

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Terrible times for Ted

August 22nd 2010 9:00 pm
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Itchy once again. I know I sound like a broken record but late August through September are the worst times for my allergies. I'm back on Benadryl and will have to see the vet for something stronger soon. We always try to hold off for as long as possible. Arg, I can't stand being SO itchy!

One good thing recently is that I celebrated my 5th Gotcha Day with the family a couple days ago. I didn't get on to post but we did celebrate with a special dinner. Lucky pup I am! It's hard to believe 5 years have already passed.

Hope all is well with all my Dogster pals. I do apologize for not being on much, we all do. We think of you all the time though. Enjoy what is left of summer, fall is just about here.


Ted E.


Tomorrow is my birthday!

October 6th 2009 6:36 am
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Finally, with all the recent birthdays around here, mine has arrived. Tomorrow I officially turn 6 years old. I share a birthday with my pal Dizzy, too. He will also be 6 tomorrow. Guess that makes him my brother from another mother. BOL Happy Birthday Dizzy!

My family knows that I don't really like toys so I am hoping I get a special dinner. They know that I LOVE food! My page is all decked out for Halloween, too. Didn't take the family long to realize in 2005 (my adoption year) that I had a sweet tooth. That October was the first time I tried to steal something (one of the jelly-like suckers). TeeHee, I was busted though. That is how I got the nickname Candy Man.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. Hope all is well with everyone in Dogsterland.



Life's an Itch!

August 25th 2009 10:05 pm
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Literally! It is allergy season again and I was back at the vet. Mom gives me medicated baths and Benadryl but at this time of year the allergies are too severe and I need more. I'm now on Prednisone for a few weeks to help me get through the worst of the season. I have also been wearing a t-shirt to help prevent me from scratching and licking but I still managed to get a little sore from excessive licking. I even had to get another hair cut to help keep the skin as open as possible so that if I do lick, it will dry quicker and not hold in the moisture. I know the pawrents love me, but this time of year is just exhausting! I get way too much attention, BOL. Oh well, it can't last furever but just so you all know -

Life's an Itch

Ted E. Bear


:) Gotcha Teddy!

August 20th 2009 7:21 am
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Hooray, today marks your 4th years with us! We are very happy you came to live with us. Originally we were set to just foster you for the weekend for the shelter and then bring you back to be adopted, but it turns out we fell in love with you immediately. You were so shy but always so loving. Thank you for giving us a chance Teddy. We hope you are as happy with us as we are with you. Over the last four years you have become more confident, although still shy. We were so proud of you when you received your CGC. That was a great accomplishment. Your allergies have become so bad though and we feel terrible for you at this time of year when they flare up. We will always do our best for you and hopefully we can keep your allergies under control this season. Sorry about all the extra baths, we are doing our best to make you comfortable.

Today you will get a special surprise for dinner. We love you Ted E. Bear!

Mom and Dad


Teddy and the monster!

April 28th 2009 6:55 am
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This is a true story so you wee little pups might not want to read any further. This is my last warning. Turn back now

Ok, you didn't listen, so here we go.

I suppose we should travel back to Sunday, when I believe the monster started its path of evil and destruction. After an extremely dry start to spring, Sunday proved to break that spell with showers on and off all day. Of course, as much as we needed rain, I however, hate the wet stuff. But that is a story for another time. I believe that this so called innocent rainfall either brought the monster or woke him from his deep slumber. In any event, the following day would prove to be terrifying as the monster made his path of destruction through our once peaceful and sleepy little town.

I woke up Monday morning and it seemed to be like any other day. I ate my breakfast, drank some water, and then got my harness on for a peaceful walk to the park so I could do my morning business. Mom got everybody ready, grabbed a couple bags, and off we went. We got to the park and everything seemed fine. It was, after all, the day after a rainfall. A morning when the grass and air smell fresh and invigorating. We finished up our business and then headed back to the path that leads us home. This is when the horror started.

Just as we are all feeling confident that this is a day like any other day, the road ahead showed the true face of evil. It was at that time that my keen sense of vision focused in on a large brownish looking monster. At first glance, I just thought one of my fellow canine furiends in the neighborhood took a walk unattended and left a present for all to see. As I approached closer though, this proved to definitely not be the case! This monster must have eyes on the back of head because as we got closer, without even turning around this vicious creature got up on his hind legs, mouth wide open, beady eyes focused on us, and deadly razor sharp claws ready for the kill. My face turned white as a ghost and I felt faint. My head was spinning and the whole time the monster stood his ground. Didn't he know that innocent children walk that path every day? Didn't he realize the fear he would inflict upon others in this reign of terror? Most importantly, I couldn't figure out why the rest of my family was so calm during this whole ordeal. Seconds seemed like days and my body was numb. Mom tugged on the leashes and brought us off the path until we had passed the evil creature. She looked at me and explained that it wasn't a monster, but in fact an animal know as a crayfish. She said the rain must have brought him out of the pond to sun himself and that the reason he looked so scary was because, in fact, that he was scared. Ok, mom. Whatever you say. I will continue to keep a keen eye out and my senses sharp. Only I know the real truth.

Ted E.


The Creation

January 1st 2009 1:16 pm
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The Creation

When God had made the earth and sky
the flowers and the trees,
He then made all the animals
the fish, the birds and bees.

And when at last He'd finished
not one was quite the same.
He said, "I'll walk this world of mine
and give each one a name."

And so He traveled far and wide
and everywhere He went,
a little creature followed Him
until it's strength was spent.

When all were named upon the earth
and in the sky and sea,
the little creature said, "Dear Lord,
there's not one left for me."

Kindly the Father said to him,
"I've left you to the end.
I've turned my own name back to front
and called you dog, My friend."

Author Unknown

Have a blessed and wonderful 2009!
Ted E. Bear


Psycho Teddy?

December 30th 2008 9:01 am
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Hmmmmmm, mom added a new song and a youtube video on my page. It's called Psycho Teddy. I don't think I'm psycho? What is mom talking about? I guess she just thought it was cute. Anyway, feel free to check it out.

PS - I'm still banned from the hubro's room. Need to get to that candy!

Ted E.

Happy New Year!


I was SO busted!

December 28th 2008 2:25 pm
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I may need to seek counseling for my addiction to candy because hard as I try, I can't help but trying to covet it as my own. I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar today, so to speak, ......maybe it should be the candy jar. Mom saw the wet chewed up foil wrapper of a Reese peanut butter cup on the floor and started to look for the guilty culprit. There was NO way I was going down so I nonchalantly walked on by all innocent until mom stopped me and asked if I did that. I didn't respond. I certainly didn't want to add lying to my list of offenses, so I simply asked what she was talking about. That is when the truth came out. Mom looked at my beard and saw some chocolate on it. Darned it!! That stinking beard got me busted. So mom found out the candy was in the hubro's room and she shut the door. I left all the candy and just took the one piece. I wasn't trying to be greedy but I got busted anyway.

Moral of the story - Shave your beard before you attempt to steal candy and beware.......peanut butter lingers on the breath too. BOL!

Ted (loves his candy) E.

Have a happy, healthy, and blessed New Year!


Wellness Core

November 3rd 2008 9:41 am
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Mom has been mixing in the new food the past few days and I must say I really love it. I am eating the Ocean Variety of Wellness Core, a grain free dog food. So far we are all adjusting very well and there has been no tummy upset for any of us. Me, Mia, and Dragon are all transitioning to the new food. MmmmmmMmmmmmGood!

Ted E.


Getting ready for a new diet change

October 20th 2008 7:36 am
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I'm still on the itchy side and even though my mom thinks it is probably environmental, trees and pollen, she decided to switch my diet. After a weekend of checking out several brands of food, we have decided to go with Wellness Core whitefish variety. There are no grains and the fish will be a new protein source just in case there is a food allergy. At least the fish and Omega oils should be nice for my coat :)

Ted E. Bear

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