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A few words from Kami...

Changes, Changes

February 18th 2007 1:38 am
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Hello everyone! I hope all you pups are warm and cozy out there. Its pretty cold here on the east coast. We had a winter storm last week. I really like the snow. My mom thought it was soooo funny when I would try to eat the snow and rub my face in it. I think she is going to put a picture of me in my winter coat. Its pink, my favorite!!
Well friends I want to let you know about me and my brother, Toonces, new group. Its called D.A.K.U. Its stand for Doggies and Kitties Unite (my idea for the name). My brother and I had a long talk. He a kitty by the way if you didn't know. My mom has been real frustrated with our fighting so she said we should talk it out. And we did. I sleep in my crate at night and what Mom dosen't know is that Toonce comes and lays in front of it. I used to think he was just taunting me but he says he wants to keep me company. Anywho, he told me we really should be an example to other canines and felines. And prove the stereotype wrong. So that's why we started D.A.K.U. We want to hear from our friends about all the great things cats and dogs can do together. There is even gonna be a picture contest of the cutest canine/kitty duo or trio. I hope you'll join. I feel better that me and Toonces could clear the air. He is even letting me play with some of his toys.
Changes are great. Change in weather, change of heart.
Talk to you soon,


Doesn't anyone understand?

February 15th 2007 8:00 am
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Hi everyone out there on dogster,
Good morning to you. Well friends it happened again. My grandmother was letting my brother, Toonces, try a delicious new food today. So naturally I was going to taste test it for him (you know the poison thing), when I when in for a bite she yelled at me, and she dosen't ever do that. And Toonces he had a smug look on his face. I don't know how to tell my humans what the deal is. Any advice?
On to better news. We got a huge snow storm here. I love to eat the snow and get it all over me. Its so cold and refreshing. Plus my aunt bought me an awesome pink winter coat, a picture of me in it should be up soon on my page. Winter fun! This is my first official winter, and so far its a blast. I give it two paws up! I like to hear from some pups out there. Maybe its your first winter too, or maybe its your 10th. Let me know what fun things you do in the snow.


Thanks everyone!

February 13th 2007 2:44 am
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Hi everyone! It's so great to finally be able to properly introduce myself and say hello to all of my wonderful pup pals out there. I'd first like to thank dogster for having this awesome place for us pups to socialize and get to know each other. Dogster, you ROCK!!
To all of my new friends, thanks for recieving me kindly and extending your "paws in friendship" as several of you wrote. My mom really enjoys reading funny stories and things that your moms and dads have written about you. Sometimes my mom hasn't felt well and your delightful pictures have really helped her to feel better.
Oh yeah, I also wanted to vent my frustration about my brother, Toonces. Well after he saw my fabulous page he got all jealous (as usual) of me and had to have his own. So he got one. He has trouble accepting that I'm top dog in our house, well I'm only dog in our house but still you get my point. Even though he is almost a year older than me I gotta show him who is boss. If any of you pups out there have cat siblings you know what I mean. If anyone has any tips on how to keep big brothers in line let me know, I can always use fresh ideas. Like for instance how do I keep him out of my food, sure I sample his food sometimes but thats totally different. I'm just testing it out to make sure its not poisonous. My food on the other hand should be off limits.
I have so much to teach him!
Love to all my pup pals!
Remember dogs may drool but cats are uncool!

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