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March 3rd 2008 10:00 am
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Super Star Tag

March 1st 2008 11:48 am [link to this entry]
Iv been tagged by the dashing Daisy Mae (00000) , She thinks I am a SUPERSTAR and has invited me to PLANET HOLLYWOOD home of Neon lights and Shining Stars.(

Each player starts with saying:"_(Name of the Doggie who Tagged you here).....Thinks I am a SUPERSTAR" Dogs who are tagged can check out PLANET HOLLYWOOD, see if they would like to join and if they do,they need to post in their Dairy the rules and choose 10dogs or cats to Tag and list their names,Next invite them to Dogster/Catster group...PLANET HOLLYWOOD.Dont forget to bark them a pawmail that they have been tagged,why you think they are a SUPERSTAR and to read your Dairy or to send them a fun rosette annoucing they've been tagged!

I think these Dogster/Catster Members are SUPERSTARS! so i invited them to PLANET HOLLYWOOD http:/

1. Miss Daisy Mae
2. Jash
3. Gizmo
4. Benne
5. Cosmo
6. Dudley
7. Pearly
8. Julia Ayla Remmington Mc Arthur
9. Belle
10. Douglas Sisters

(PS.....If your unable to find the PLANET HOLLYWOOD Group,then just go to my groups on my page,you can click on it there,Have Fun! :)

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