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Why Do Pitbulls Get A Bad Rap?

September 4th 2008 9:21 pm
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Well, I know I'm going to take some heat, but pitbulls get a bad rap and now, they are even being compared to Hockey moms by the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate...don't joke about animals that have been given a bad reputation already and don't lump all hockey moms in the same category. Keep us animals out of politics because we don't vote!

Last night this joke was used by Sarah Palin, Vice Presidential Candidate on the Republican ticket.

"What's the difference between a pitbull and a hockey mom? LIPSTICK!"

I know the democrats said that Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has been referred to as an "attack dog!"

Please keep us out of politics. Just my opinion and I don't get to vote!


What A Coincidence!

August 30th 2008 9:06 pm
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Human brother was heading home and he saw 2 police
motorcycles with flashing lights. About a mile later, he
then saw 3 police cars with flashing lights, along with 2
buses, and then another 3 police cars with flashing
lights. He had never seen that many police cars before, and
he was following Barack Obama and Joe Biden's campaign buses
traveling from the rally in Dublin (near Columbus, OH)! He said it was a sight to
see! And, just to think that Barack Obama and Joe Biden slept last night in Austintown, OH not even 10 miles from my house and that we both had the Democratic presidential and vice presidential candidates in our areas on the same day!


Eeeek....I Must Reek!

August 2nd 2008 10:33 pm
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OMD! Poochini...thank goodness you left this note because I just checked my page and I have so many Fabreeze collars that I almost fainted! I thought everybody was telling me "You stink!" (BOL)! Well, I might smell a little after not having any air conditioning for almost 5 days at my human brother's house and since mom has to give me a bath tomorrow! You saved me from paranoia! I thought my BO smelled from Columbus, OH all the way to Dogster...he...he!
We did get the new furnace and air conditioner installed and finally got relief late Friday night. Thanks to all that sent me the will take me a little time to thank you all individually. Hugs, Rex


Who Is The Master?

May 6th 2008 8:20 pm
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Today dad said he was going to a couple of stores while mom was finishing slicing up the ham. I was there making sure I got my belly full of ham while my radar ears were listening intently to what was being said. Dad starts putting on his better clothes and I became his shadow sticking closely to his feet. Dad starts complaining that I won't leave him alone and that he wasn't taking me. Well, they don't call me D-O-G for nothing...I'm Determined, Obinstinate, and Going to get my way (BOL)! Mom just sits there cutting the ham, smiling, and listening to dad say that he can't get away from me and she tells dad, "Who is the master and who is the dog?" Dad tells mom he just can't win and picks of my leash! Yippee and off to the car we go! You see, you can teach your human who is in charge. I'd say that I MASTERED THAT SITUATION quite well!


OMD...My Diary Entry Was Chosen By Dogster As One Of The- Diary Enteries Of The Day! Yippee!

May 4th 2008 5:48 pm
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Wow! Never did I think I would ever be chosen by Dogster for my Diary Entry, so, I'm jumping for joy and spinning around. Thanks Dogster! I didn't think that being locked in dad's car was such a big ordeal since I was all comfy and dad was the one locked out of the car! Good thing the weather was good and dad just had to try to get the door open. My dad is my superhero and even more so since he not only got the door open, but my diary got picked!


OMD...I'm Locked In And Dad's Locked Out Of The Car!

May 2nd 2008 9:53 pm
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Today dad had to run some errands and decided to take me along. When he went to get a store circular and was coming back to the car to read it, his pant pockets were empty and his keys were missing. I knew where the keys were - sitting right in the ignition where he left them. Now, he had a real problem because he couldn't open the door without the keys and he couldn't call any one because the cell phone was also in the car. And, of course, I can't help being a little chi because no one ever taught me how to open the car door or retrieve the keys. Poor dad...he found a police man, who told dad that they are no longer allowed to help open car doors. Dad asked people if they had a hanger that he could have and someone finally gave him one. I'm just sitting there observing this new game of dad trying to get the lock up with the hanger. Finally, an older man came along, who I wasn't so sure about. I barked at him for being by my dad and my car, but dad told me it was okay, so, now, I'm watching two old men try to get the lock pulled up and Yippee, they finally did so that my dad could get back into the car with me. So, all ends well and it even gets better because after dad looked at the store circular, he went back into the store and bought ice cream. I guess he thought that I was such a good boy even though I couldn't help him unlock the car.



April 9th 2008 9:19 pm
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Gettin' my growl on

Name four jobs you have:
1) Comedian and Entertainer...I've got to keep everybody laughing with my antics.
2) Stud...I had to romance another Chi and get her to accept my amorous ways and we produced two beautiful females named Lola and Izzie, our daughters, who are the light of my eyes.
3) Detective...I don't miss anything that comes into this house and I investigate it thoroughly. If I don't approve, I bark until it goes away!
4)Medical Assistant to Mom...I'm like a hound dog on mom ever since she developed her medical problem. I keep her from getting depressed by cuddling with her and giving her nose licks (not that she pawticularly enjoys my tongue going up her nose). Hey, mom, that's true love. You haven't been kissed until you get nose licked (BOL)!

Name four places where you have lived(or stayed at)
1) Some where in Texas where my pawrents birthed me.
2) PETSMART...they shipped me off to the Home of the Buckeyes and for any of you not familiar with OSU that's in OHIO.
3) Columbus/Westerville, OH...I was rescued from a divorcing family that didn't want me and kept until I got my furever home.
4) Niles, Ohio, which is where my furever home is now...and I hate the snow in Ohio!

Name 4 places that you have been:
1) Some place in Texas
2) Columbus/Westerville OH
3) Niles, OH
4) All along Route 46, Interstate 76, and Interstate 71...back and forth, back and forth.

Name 4 places you would rather be:
1) In the living room on the couch when mom and dad go out instead of shut in the bathroom with my blanket, toys, and food.
2) Being treated like a member of the family and going with mom and dad wherever they go somewhere together. After all, I know I'm hooman, but they haven't figured it out, yet.
3) In the car with dad when he goes shopping by himself since mom is in a right full leg brace and has to use a walker to get around.
4) Right where I am instead of with the family that didn't want me!

I am tagging these four pups:
1. Lola Chanel
2. Bambi
4. Cocoa


I Have Been Valentine Tagged!

January 29th 2008 8:56 pm
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What a day this has been for me...I learned that my friend, Hershey, is expecting and being the gentleman that I am, I asked her to escort me to the Dog Park PlayGround and Pawty Place first ever Valentine's Day Ball since she has been looking for a date; and now, I get Valentine Tagged by Maggie and have to list 5 things that I want and tag 5 more to play the game.

1. The first thing I want is for all the pups and kitties that want Valentine's Day dates to be able to get a date.
2. Next, I want Hershey to have a safe pregnancy and delivery and for all her puppies to be born healthy.
3. I want Odie's (Odysseus, our administrator) for his mother to get well and not have any more relapses with her illness.
4. I'm hoping that the Dog Park PlayGround and Pawty Place's Valentine Day Ball is a huge success and all the pups have a wonderful time.
5. I want to thank God for bringing me to my furever home and giving me my furever family.


Best Christmas Present Ever!

December 24th 2007 9:32 pm
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It wasn't too long ago that my pawrents were contacted by the people that own the mother of my two daughters and they were told they were going to sell my one daughter. They wanted to know if my pawrents could take her, but unfortunately, due to their ages and health problems, they couldn't take on another pup and the expense to care for that pup in the manner they have taken care of me. So, there was much sadness that we would not see my one daughter ever again. Mom and dad said that if they were only younger and in better health, they would have taken her in a heart beat. Well, when we came to visit my pawrents' son for Christmas, the woman that rescued me told us that my daughter isn't being sold and that if the owners don't want her, that she would take my daughter since she has my other daughter. We all were so happy to learn that our beloved Izzie is still going to be with the family and that I will get to continue to see my girls, Lola and Izzie. That is the most wonderful Christmas present I could have ever had and I am so over joyed! This truly is the best Christmas present ever!


Doggie Love Tag Game

July 18th 2007 9:30 pm
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Doggie Love Tag Game
July 18th 2007
Here's where ya pick three good pups ya like and tell why. I got tagged by Willey Tucker and my girlfriend, Shorty. You can also give them a rosette, if you have any.

I chose to retap Willey Tucker since he is the greatest boss overseeing Dog Park PlayGround and Pawty Place and he is my friend.

I chose my girlfriend, Shorty, because we communicate every day and share our lives and she makes me smile by calling me Sexy Rexy.

I also chose Charito, a beautiful gal, from Argentina, who has become my friend.

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