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My new friend!

May 2nd 2007 12:18 pm
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Well fellow puppy fans, I now have a puppy too! His name is Kipper, he is a black and white little dog/rat/mouse im not really sure what he is sometimes. He likes to chase me around the house and try to steal my soccer ball, little does he know the ball wont fit in his mouth. He chews my face, licks my ears, chews my ankles as I walk past. Are all little brothers this annoying??? Ah all kidding aside I do like having the little fur ball to play with although sometimes I get a little ruff with him and get told to be gentle, just cause I dont scream doesnt mean he doesnt hurt me too when he chews on my ears. Oh well I guess thats the way it goes when your the big one! Its been busy around the house recently Moms been pretty busy with all the kids running around and getting ready for summer break. Im loving the weather recentely, nice and sunny means I can sun tan outside and watch the kids play. Well thats all ive got to say for a while. Enjoy the photo's of my little bro.



Its been a while

April 4th 2007 12:46 pm
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Sorry all my puppy pals for not writting recently, my moms been pretty busy with my human brother, he had to go for surgery and well is now doing good. However because I am still alittle goofy and like to jump up and knock the kiddo's over mommy's been putting me in the room for a while each day. Life sometimes isnt fair but I guess I wouldnt really want to hurt the little guy. We've gone to the dog park quite a bit as well, the other day I seen another dobe, he was pretty neat and well as soon as I seen one that looked like me than heck all those other dogs didnt mean a thing to me. Its pretty neat to see doggies that look like you most the dogs i meet are what mom would call ankle bitters , however I still get scared of some of them. Anyways time for me to check out and go back to sleep for a bit. BBFN Puppy PALS



My Hot Spots

March 2nd 2007 11:45 am
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Well I just cant leave them alone!! My hot spots that is they just drive me crazy I feel as though I must chew them all the time. They only feel better when they are chewed open. Mommy disagrees with me and has now put my head back in the cone and I have bandages on my front feet again with socks all the way up to my elbows. Quite a site I tell you (plz dont laugh) mom said shes going to put a picture of me in my socks on the computer. This cone makes me so nervous and uncomfortable Ive spent most the day hiding in mom's room sleeping on the bed. I know she doesnt like putting me in this thing but I guess if she says chewing the spots is bad for me I guess she has no choice.

Well if any of my puppy pals have any suggestions on how to stop me from going at my sores can you please help me so I can get my head out of the cone :P Thanks for all your help and support.



Thank you Dogster Friends

January 31st 2007 1:21 pm
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Wow this site is just great, Ive recieved so much information regarding diets, health and well being of dogs. I would like to thank Cherokee Rain for helping me to put all the fun stuff on the front of our page. Now Sky has hearts and music too!!! Sky is sleepy today so Im writting on her behalf :) Ive been able to join a few groups and add to the different discussions out their and I feel that its such a great site that offers so much for Dog owners. With Sky's breed in Calgary there are not many around and most people are very nieve about the breed. Being on this site makes me not feel so alone in believing that they are truly the best breed out there.

Thanks Dogster and all my Dobe puppy pals.

Sky and Cyndy


Well the food is working or so they say!!

January 26th 2007 11:43 am
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Okay Im getting really good at eating the new food. Im down to finishing it in about 30 seconds. Im trying to beat my old record ! My coat is very shinny and soft now Im loosing most of my dandruff, I still shed A lot, hopefully that will slow down too. As for my sores, well they are still there they do look a little better but I just cant leave them alone. Mom keeps putting cream on them and puts my head in a cone if I go at it too long (I dont like that at all). Slowly they are starting to go away. Anyways I thought I would keep you posted. BBFN



Doggy Day

January 23rd 2007 11:38 am
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Well today is a ho humm doggy type day, I played with the kids for a while, I chased Kali kitten and Mia Meow, I chewed a raw bone. But most of all I've layed around and napped enjoyed a few head scratches, neck rubs, hugs and kisses. I played with my new green Kong. Yeah its been an uneventful day. My breakfast this morning was good I finished it up really fast. Last night mom shaved my legs where I have the sores so they can dry up. So today they are not bothering me as much, I still like to chew them too though gives me something to do. Well thats about it I think Im going to lay down again for my afternoon nap with the kids. Normally around 1:00 we all take a nap its great.

K Slobber Slobber, Lick Lick to all my friends out there.

Liberty's Star of the Evening Sky (AKA Sky)


A new Day

January 22nd 2007 8:59 am
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Well today my mommy started me on a new type of food its raw she says. Its looks like the cats food but tastes much better. Mommy says it will help me with my sore front legs she says they are called Hot Spots. The food looks good enough thats for sure and well if I get all better with it too than thats good. I seam to never stop running and playing and the more food the better. Mommy also bought me a new Kong bone to wrestle with I keep killing them she says and she says I cost her a fortune in toys. But I think she should just let me chew my old ones until they are all gone. I think she likes spending money on me. If she would just let me chase my cat friends at home than that would keep me busy instead I have to let them be as she says. Well its time to go and chase the kids for a while too. Got to go! I'll keep you posted on how good I feel on my new food.

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