Tabby (6/1/04 - 3/12/07)

Domestic Shorthair
Picture of Tabby (6/1/04 - 3/12/07), a female Domestic Shorthair

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Home:Medina, OH  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Female   Weight: 5 lbs.

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Tabitha Sydney, Tabs, Sweetie, Tabby Girl

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Rainbow Bridge
Quick Bio:
-mixed breed

Gotcha Date:
February 20th 2005

June 1st 2004

Brown Tabby


When someone wakes me up - how rude!

Favorite Toy:
The stick end of fishing pole toys!

Favorite Nap Spot:
On my mommy's bed

Favorite Food:
Nutro - but it made my kidneys go bad :(

Typing, cooking, and sleeping


Arrival Story:
I didn't ask for much in life. All I ever wanted was a mommy of my very own. I was found outside when I was still a little kitten. The lady brought me inside and gave me food and water and a roof over my head. When I was 2 months old, she took me to a shelter. She told them my name was Sniffles and that I had kitty colds all of the time. I didn't really get to know the lady that found me, so I don't really remember her. I do remember the shelter, though. It was nice - it wasn't a huge building with cage after cage. It was more like a big house. A big house full of cats! The ladies there were so nice. They fed me and played with me. They always brought people around to see the kitties. When they got to me, they'd always say "And this is Sniffles - sweet cat, but she sneezes all the time. Do you see those spots on the walls? That's from her." The people would always go home with another kitty. Don't get me wrong - I was happy for the other kitties, but I wanted a mommy, too! This went on for 6 months. One day, in February 2005, a lady came in with her mom and dad. She never had a cat before and was looking for one. The lady's mom said, "How about this kitty, Lisa?" I looked at her hopefully, and the shelter lady started with the same thing. "This is Sniffles ... she sneezes ... blah, blah, blah." My heart sank. She went to look at the other kitties. She'd probably leave with Petunia ... or maybe Kaleidoscope. Well, a few minutes later, the lady came back in my room and picked ME up! I was so happy that I started to purr!!!! And I rubbed my face on her! I loved her already! So much that I grabbed onto her shirt with my nails and wouldn't let her go! Well, I didn't have to worry about letting her go. She brought me home and told me, "I'm your mommy! And I love you ... SO much!" Did you hear that? I had a MOMMY!!!!!!! She even got rid of that awful name ... she named me Tabitha Sydney. Tabby, for short. I liked that! A month later, she adopted my brother, Tucker - he was so much fun to play with when I was still feeling okay!

I soon found out that mommy was a nurse. She took me to the vet and talked about what medications to give me. She gave me this awful bitter stuff. YUCK! Mommy was so nice to me when I sneezed on the walls. She said, "That's okay! We can always paint over that!" Ha! I knew I liked her for a reason. Eventually, my sneezing got better. Then on Labor Day 2005, mommy woke up at 4:30 am to go to work. I followed her to the bathroom and my head was spinning and spinning. My eyes were spinning in little circles. And I couldn't even sit up. And forget about walking! I just flopped over if I tried. Mommy was so scared - she thought I was having a stroke. She couldn't take me to the vet because they were closed, AND because she had to go in to work because it was a holiday! So she took me in the next day. The vet said I had an inner ear infection - she gave mommy some antibiotic ear drops for me and a medicine called prednisone. Well, in a few days I could walk again, but my head was still tilted to the right side. The vet said there was nothing else to be done. I was never the same after that. I had frequent kitty colds and ear infections. And I really didn't want anything to do with Tucker anymore. He looked SO lonely. I don't know all the details, but eventually mommy got mad at that vet and found me a new vet. That brings us to January 2007. Mommy was worried about me - I wasn't eating and I just felt awful! I was throwing up and using the litterbox a lot. My once beautiful coat was dull, and I wanted to sleep all of the time. I lost about 2 pounds which is a LOT when you're a kitty! The vet give mommy a new antibiotic for me, and more ear drops. I was also "mildly" dehydrated, so they put some fluids in my back - OUCH!! Also, she gave me food called Hills a/d which is for kitties and doggies that won't eat. Well, I loved the food and mommy thought I was gaining weight. She was so happy! I even went back on my usual food - Nutro Max Cat!! The vet told her that I should see a specialist so they could figure out why my head was tilted. Mommy did all kinds of research on her computer (she's a nurse, you know) and figured out that I might have a nasopharyngeal polyp! Again, she was so happy that she had a possible explanation for my symptoms! And it could be treated! So we went to the specialist appointment on March 6th (this is where the story starts to get hard for mommy). The specialist agreed with mommy that I might have a nasopharyngeal polyp and wanted to do something called a "rhinoscopy" to examine my ear and nasal cavities. She would have done it that day, but it cost $1000 - $1500 and mommy had to try and save some money first. The specialist vet also noticed that my gums were sore. She recommended that mommy get my blood checked again. Mommy took me home and started thinking about ways to raise some money. Meanwhile, my condition was deteriorating. Mommy noticed that I had a weird meow, like I was in pain. She felt guilty that I couldn't have the surgery yet. She was so focused on the SURGERY. On March 12th, mommy was really worried about me again. I had stopped eating again and had been laying on mommy's bed, just shaking. Mommy stroked me and thought, "Oh my God, I think Tabby is dying." So she took me back to the vet and they kept me to do blood work. Mommy thought I was dehydrated and they'd give me fluids in my back again. Well, they called her and told her my kidneys were failing. Kidneys? Failing??? Where did THAT come from?????? I knew it couldn't be good. Mommy and grandma rushed in and talked to the vet. Mommy was crying and grandma was trying to calm her down. They brought me in and mommy hugged me SO hard! She was saying things like, "You're so sick! You're so skinny! I can't let you suffer anymore!" And then things like, "I don't want to lose her." Lose me? Why would she lose me? Mommy started talking to me about the kitties at the Rainbow Bridge ... including Toby, the little orange boy kitten that was supposed to come live with us, but he had cerebellar hypoplasia. And all of her friends' kitties from her cat message board. She said I'd never be sick again and that it was a purrfect place. So she went out to tell the vet people that I was going to the Rainbow Bridge. She came back in and took me from grandma and I was purring, so grateful that she loved me enough to send me to such a wonderful place. Then the vet gave me some medicine to make me realllllly sleepy, and when I woke up, I was at the Rainbow Bridge like mommy said. It was so beautiful! The sky was so blue, and the grass was so green. There was a catnip field over to the east, and a stream of milk to the west. Only thing is, I couldn't find mommy. And a nice kitty came over and told me that it's not time for her to come yet - but I should stay here until she gets here, and then we can be together forever. Mommy cries for me sometimes. I send her signs to let her know I'm okay. Sometimes I come down to sleep with her at night, like we used to. And I knew she and Tucker would be lonely for me, so I made arrangements for her to find Tessie. I knew she couldn't resist an orangie girl!

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Mommy's Angel

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I'm a Guardian Angel to Pawlly and Simba:


Thank you, Tigger!

Thank you, Stifle!

Thank you to my sister-in-law,
Bella, for my honorary white star!

My honorary SDA badge -
Thank you, Samoa!

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January 20th 2007 More than 10 years!

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My Life as a Tabby Cat

A Must Read for ALL Mommies and Daddies!

October 24th 2010 10:51 am
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Please have your humans read this article from the Truth About Pet Food! I don't want any of my earth furriends to die from Nutro or ANY cat food like I did! Be safe!!!

Soon to be Published Paper finds Shocking Results from Pet Food Testing


Mommy Talked to Ted!

June 10th 2010 2:03 pm
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Hi everyone, I'm turning my diary over to mommy for a minute so she can tell you about her conversation with Ted! Samoa's mom and Hazel Lucy's mom also had conversations with him this week, and you can read about them here (Samoa) and here (Hazel Lucy).

Hi everyone, it's Tabby's mom Lisa. I wanted to tell you what I discussed with Ted today.

I briefly mentioned a couple of the issues that the Community Homepage is still having, such as anonymous rosettes not showing up and the Purr Board not updating. They will be working on these problems. Ted also said that they aren't happy with the new Catster logo and that they will be creating a new one. Overall, they are continuing to tweak the Community Homepage as your suggestions come in, and he welcomes any and all feedback.

My main focus was on the community's concerns over the Nutro ads. I thanked him for his lengthy reply to Tabby's diary, which I truly appreciated. I know many members are still upset that we weren't getting any answers, and he apologized for that as well, stating that he is away from the office. He admits that communication could have been better.

I briefly summarized the events of the past three years - the HUGE recall of 2007, the cat food recall of May 2009, the puppy food recall of October 2009, and the many complaints by consumers despite the fact that there were no further recalls. Ted promises to listen more carefully in the future to the community, the FDA, and other websites. I plan on sending Ted the links to the Truth About Pet Food website, including this article, as well as a list of recalls as listed on the FDA website.

Finally, Ted emphasized that they need advertisers in order to pay the bills. I understand this. They do not get enough money to pay for everything through subscriptions and zealie purchases. I asked about the idea of raising the price for Plus subscriptions. In order to get rid of all ads, the annual price for a Plus subscription would be a lot of money. However, if they went to different pricing levels, it would be a lot more reasonable. In other words, you would still be able to pay $20 a year for Plus, but you'd have ads on your pages as they are now. But you'd have the option of paying $40 a year for no ads anywhere on the site as you view it.

And let's remember, the Nutro ads are only going to be on the Vet Blog page through the end of June.

I welcome your comments! :)

Hugs and lots of love,


My Story - Part 2

March 11th 2010 6:03 pm
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"Ernestine! There's no way Mommy is going to name a cat Ernestine!" I was in a panic. "I need to do something to lead her in the right direction!"

On March 15th, 2007, I directed Mommy to a website for a shelter that is kind of close to my Earth home. She saw the pictures of two kittens. One of them was a dilute tortie named Tess. Mommy decided to fill out the adoption application for Tess. For two days, she waited to hear back from the shelter that her application was approved. On March 17th, she did hear back from the shelter and her application WAS approved! However, Tess had already been adopted by another family.

Mommy was saddened by this, but I knew it was all just part of the plan. I then directed her to the Kitten Krazy website. Mommy called Kitten Krazy and explained our story to the owner, Wendy. She told her that she was looking for a kitten to help heal her heart, as well as Tucker's. Wendy told her that there were two 6 month-old-orange and white kittens that had been spayed and neutered the day before. Mommy told Wendy that she would be over as soon as she could to meet them!

That is when Mommy met Ernestine and Marty. Marty was very close to Ernestine, but was otherwise very shy. Mommy couldn't even get close enough to him to pet him. Wendy explained to Mommy that Marty would actually adjust better if Ernestine were adopted. Mommy turned to Ernestine and there was a spark between them, something that told Mommy that this was the kitty she should take home.

And so she did! She really struggled with the name, though. She tried to come up with an Irish name because Ernestine had been adopted on St. Patrick's Day. The only "T" name she could come up with, however, was Tara. And that just didn't seem to click. That's when it came to Mommy ... Tess. She should name her new kitty Tess, after the kitten she had applied for two days earlier. Only she changed it to Tessie because it "flowed" better.

(To be continued)

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