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Tails of a Pup

Uh-Oh... I made my Mama mad!!!

February 2nd 2008 1:58 pm
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We just got yet another big snowstorm by our house, and with lots of snow on the ground, it makes it so much easier for me to track when other animals have run through my yard...

Yesterday morning Mama was walking me outside before she left for work with my retractable leash on, and my beagle nose caught a whiff of something. I took off running sooooo fast that my leash went flying out of my mama's big mittens-- I was running faster than a speeding bullet!! I didn't stop when Mama called for me-- that beagle nose makes my ears shut off when I'm tracking!!! So Mama had to chase me to make sure I didn't get hurt or lost-- you should have seen my mama running through the 6 inches of fresh snow with ice under it!!

I ran and ran with my nose to the ground, and whenever Mama would almost get close enough to grab my leash, my nose would tell me to run again!! Mama was getting mad, but I didn't even realize it because I was having so much fun tracking!! I also didn't realize how far away from home we were!! Mama said we were probably 10 houses away (and people have BIG yards by my house!!). I was really upset when I stopped to get a better sniff and Mama was finally able to grab my leash! :( Mama literally dragged me home, and she only got more upset with me when she slipped on the ice under the snow and fell, getting her work clothes all full of snow!!

To make my mama's morning even better, I sat inside her truck while it was warming up and she was shoveling all the fresh snow off it!! (I was cold and wet from my recent romp in the snow!) And of course, guess what I did... I locked myself in Mama's running truck!!!! I stepped on the power locks and oops!! I was trapped!!! Luckiliy my mama has a spare key, so she was able to get me out... She was only an hour late for work... ;)

So yeah, Mama wasn't very happy with me yesterday morning. She told me it really scares me when I follow my nose and run off like that because even though OUR house is far off the street, it is a busy street that we live on, and she's afraid someday I'm going to run out into the street and get hurt. I need to be careful, and Mama's holding on to my leash a little tighter now...

BTW, what's it mean when Mama says to me, "You're lucky you're so cute"? I'm too beautiful to stay mad at?!?!? BOL


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