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I Miss You

June 18th 2010 6:25 pm
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Well I have quite the little clan now . with Eli, Mya And Gabe. All such wonderful snowdogs. And I love 'em all . But you were one of a kind my friend. And we had a once in a lifetime bond, you and I. The grief is gone, but the sadness still lingers, I hold your memory close to my heart. And finally I can remember those special years we shared and smile. . .


Old friend

May 1st 2009 8:03 pm
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My dad talked to an old friend today. he hadn't heard from her since I was a year old. It was my first mom. They talked about me and the life I had with dad. And she had a surprise for dad . . . She had been mistaken about my mom, She wasn't a Mal after all but a Sibe!


Happy birthday

April 6th 2009 7:43 am
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Another year has gone by already? You woud be twelve today. Your mmemories still burn brightly in our hearts, and will always. I love you my friend . And know that someday I will see you again. Happy birthday Quannah. . . I hope there's alot of rabbits for you to chase there, north of the Rainbow Bridge.


Our Time

March 17th 2009 8:12 am
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This was our special time of year my old friend. That brief moment between winter and spring . As I stand here looking across the orchards and soon to be wheat fields , watching as the sun rises over the Blue mountains . . . I swear I can feel you here with me. As the mist begin to melt away I can still see you running through the trees and across those fields . Yes this was our time of year. I love you my friend . And miss you so.


Fence, What Fence ?

February 23rd 2009 9:38 am
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As I became a teenager I got this urge to explore. Now dad had built a fence using horse panels(kinda likehog wire only realy rigid). It was five feet high . And I had a huge yard. . . But I was determined to explore! So I figured out how to escape. Dad would come home and I'd be gone. He would have to go drive out into the deasert looking for me. I was usually out where we went for our walks. or down at a neighbors who had sled dogs . But dad could not find where I was getting out. Finally , one morning I made a mistake and was escaping on dad's day off . he heard anoise in the yard and when he looked outside there I was , having climbed half way up the fence ! Yes I was climbing over a five foot fence and jumping into the back of dad's truck on the other side . Dad then put a pet hot wire on the top of the fence and ruined my fun. DAD HERE ; I was lucky that I lived bordering a high deasert wildlife area in central Oregon then. . . And that the home he'd go visit was owned by a family of mushers who just loved Quannah. But I learned how determined these dogs can be to get out !


A Handfull

November 21st 2008 7:02 am
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Before I continue Quannah's story, I want to thank all Our friends here for their support on the annaversery of Quannah's crossing the bridge. Thank you all so much.

So I was a pretty typical northern puppy. . . I loved to chew things up. I showed the other two dogs how not only to dig under the fence , but climb over it ( 5 ft horse panels! ) I learned to howl from my adopted mom Shikish, She was a wolf hybred my dad's roommate had rescued . and she decided I was her pup . And we always picked the best time to howl . Like really late at night . Dad had never had a nothern breed before and I really educated him about us. But he took it all in stride and we worked together on obedience training with the help of a wonderfull trainer . The first thing she told dad was he was the one she needed to train. . . on how to communicate with a northern breed. Dad said that he'd never seen a big dog with somuch energy either . But why walk when you can run! It was great growing up in the "sticks" though. Lots of room and no matter what I did no one ever yelled at or hit me ever again. . . Well one time. My vet had a new doctor and she was going to remove some Porkupine quills from my face. well she started yelling at me for whinning. Dad came back into the room and said something to her and a nother vet took over. We never went back there. Anyway see y'all later !


A New Home, And A New Name

September 10th 2008 7:48 pm
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After my new dad took me to the vet, we stopped at the pet store. Andwe got me a new food bowl, kong toys a leash and some "Large Breed Puppy Food" that my new vet reccomended. We then started on our way to my new home. Thought we'd never get there. The house was waaay out in the high desert . What a huge yard! Dad said something about having an acre fenced for us dogs... us dogs? Hey, turns out I got a couple of big sisters. Tokala, a three year old Irish Wolfhound. And Shikish,a four year old Wolf hybrid. Their mom is my dad's roommate. Tokala would'nt let me get to close. But Shikish was really sweet! My dad's roommate asked him my name. Dad said "It was Buddy but we're going to call him Quannah." That first night I was kinda scared so I got up on the bed next to dad...And thats where I slept... for the next ten years. Until I crossed the bridge, that's where I slept.


A New Life

September 6th 2008 6:35 am
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My first home was a scary place. A nice lady picked me out of my litter matesand took me home to be a "gift" for her boyfreind. He started beating and kicking me right away.If Ihad an accident in thehuse if I whinedor even if I wanted attention, he would "lose it. So one night when I was about three months old I had an accident in the house . And he beat an kicked me till I wasn't moving. The next morning the nice lady who picked me waited till her boyfreind went to work. and put me in her car for a ride . We stopped at her work and she went inside. She came back out with someone she called her "boss" . She was crying and was telling him she needed to borrow some money to take me to the animal shelter before her boyfreind killed me. Her boss walked to the car and took me out and we played a little(got my first belly rub!) He told the lady that I was going home with him. He took the rest of the day off . We went to the vet from there cause he wanted to make sure I hadn't been hurt inside. The vet was nice she told my new dad I was badly bruised but would be OK . So then we headed to my new home...



September 5th 2008 9:34 am
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This diary is for my dad. Who still gets so sad when he thinks about me. And about how close we were, how much he still misses me. We are going to use this to talk about our life together. And share all our wonderfull memories with all our freinds here. See ya all tomorrow . I'm gonna tell ya how dad and I met!

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