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Merlin's very own diary.

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My wonderful big boy Merlin

February 13th 2012 4:23 am
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Hello my lovely boy.

Sorry I'm a bit late today, the time got away from me. Usually I'm writing to you in the morning but it's now 2:15pm.

I think of the times you jumped on my bed and wouldn't get off. You looked so comfortable which is why you didn't want to get off! I hated having to use a stern voice to get you off, but off you got, albeit grudgingly. Then during the night you'd jump up on the bed. I didn't mind you sleeping along side me even if you did snore, but when you laid across my legs it was quite painful. Then again you are a big heavy boy Merlin.

When you laid alongside me I loved putting my arm around you and giving you a hug. I suppose I spoiled you Merlin, but you were always impossible to refuse. You only had to look at me with those lovely eyes of yours and my heart would melt. I miss that so much Merlin.

Little Molly is starting to follow me everywhere now just as you did. She fell asleep beside my arm chair, so I quietly went into my study to check my emails, then she woke up. As she couldn't see me she started to cry because she thought she was alone. I called out to her and she came running, just like you did.

Don't worry your lovely head Merlin, Molly is not going to replace you my boy, no other little boy or girl is going to do that. You are in my heart and mind forever.

Time to go play my big boy and enjoy yourself.

I love you so much Merlin and I miss you so much.

Your ever loving Daddy


My wonderful handsome big boy Merlin

February 13th 2012 11:31 pm
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Hello Merlin, I made it on time today my boy.

I was just looking at your photographs, you are such a handsome boy Merlin. In the past I have showed your pictures to other people and they all said what a beautiful boy you are. I was and still am so proud of you Merlin, you looked like a German Shepherd should look, proud, majestic and aloof. What an amazing boy you are Merlin, you really are.

I still miss you by my side, I loved when you nudged my arm to give you a cuddle, how could I refuse? I'd put my arm around your strong neck, kiss you between the ears and say "I love you Merlin my big boy."

When I was sitting in my arm chair you would give me your massive paw over and over again. You always wanted my attention, unless you were helping mum in the garden where you had that odd high pitched bark, mum would shout, "SHUT UP MERLIN, YOU ARE GIVING ME A HEADACHE." I use to laugh. I'd call you in and you would come running with a smile on your face. I do miss you Merlin, I will never stop missing you, I love you and I will never stop loving you. You touched my heart Merlin so deeply that you are in there forever.

Go play and have fun my big boy

I love you Merlin

Your ever loving Daddy.


Good morning my wonderful boy.

February 14th 2012 10:03 pm
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Hello my lovely big boy.

It's such a lovely day here right now, its not too hot and little wind. Just the sort of day you loved my boy.

Remember the time when my son stood on a tree branch that you wanted? You tugged and tugged, went around in circles until you pulled it free, picked it up and ran away with it with Mike chasing after you. It was so funny Merlin, I laughed and laughed. You and Mike loved playing together, just like two puppy's.

You always made my days so bright my boy. You pulled me out of that dark place Merlin and for that I cannot thank you enough my boy. You were always there for me no matter what. When I was in the deepest dark place you came and put your head on my lap and made a funny little noise. I bent down and put my arms around you, kissed you on the head and told you "I love you Merlin." You pulled me out of that awful place Merlin. Thank you.

You have touched so many lives and so many hearts Merlin, so many people have given you wonderful gifts. I am so proud of you my wonderful boy.

Someone told me that Molly is a gift from you, you my boy were a gift from God without a doubt. Molly is so much like you Merlin, her antics and funny little ways. Like you, she is laying by my feet, like you, she is my little shadow, like you, she is so full of mischief. Both of her ears are standing up now, she looks like a proper GSD.

Molly loves playing with Mike just as you did. She made me laugh so much yesterday, she crouched and "pounced" at Spud with a little puppy bark. Spud nearly jumped out of his skin. I laughed so much I was crying. Then Spud did the same to Molly. She looked as if to say, "WHOA he's big!" and came running up to me.

Go play my lovely boy and have some fun.

I love you so much Merlin

Your ever loving Daddy


My amazing boy Merlin

February 15th 2012 11:27 pm
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Hello my wonderful boy

I am absolutely astonished Merlin, I have had a huge amount of wonderful messages and comments from people and doggies, then I went to give you your daily bone, instead of the 20 that were there yesterday there was 63! You have touched so many hearts Merlin, you really are a wonderful boy and I am so proud of you.

When I read the messages Merlin, tears ran down my cheek, not out of sorrow but out of joy, joy that so many people and doggies think so much of you. You really are my hero Merlin, I love you so much my boy.

Remember when we went for walks on the property? You would walk beside me looking for a special stick, or in your case a huge tree branch that fell off during a storm, I'm still amazed how you managed to carry some of them. We'd sit in the shade and relax, I'd put my arm around you and give you a hug. Then you would want me to throw sticks for you to fetch. I'd throw it so hard for you, then you'd go running off at full speed, pick it up and come trotting back to me looking so proud of yourself, drop the stick at my feet and bark, telling me to throw it again. We had so much fun Merlin. Then when you were tired we would go indoors and sit down with you as always beside me.

Melissa always said I spoiled you. I couldn't help but spoil you Merlin, you were and still are so special to me.

I don't know how long I have left Merlin, but if its a week or 20 years, I wish I could give you half so we could cross the bridge together.

God how I love you Merlin

Your ever loving Daddy


My amazing and clever boy

February 16th 2012 12:47 am
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Hello again Merlin.

You have made diary pick of the day again. I am so proud of you my boy. Well done my wonderful boy.

I love you Merlin

Your ever loving Daddy


I cannot believe it Merlin!

February 16th 2012 11:45 pm
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My wonderful boy, I opened your page to give you your daily bone and there were over 300, I nearly fell off my chair!

So many people and doggies have been so kind to us Merlin, all because of you and the love that just flows from you. You are so special Merlin I cannot praise you enough my boy and its no wonder I am so proud of you. I wish I could thank each and every one of them personally.

Oh my boy, I do love you and miss you so much.

Remember when we had that break in at home when you were about 11 months old. The police came and when a female police officer got out of their van, you wanted to play with her. You ran towards her with your ungainly legs and big ears, she took one look at you, her eyes opened wide and ran for the police van with you running after her. She just managed to get into the passenger seat and closed the door. You put your paws up on the door and looked inside with a look on your face that seemed to say, "I bet that scared ya, aww come and play." Even the policeman who was her partner was laughing. I laughed for days, I could see it over and over in my minds eye. Finally we coaxed the police woman out of the van. When I Told her you was only a baby and wanted to play, she replied, "He's a BIG baby!!!" I laugh about that still my boy.

You know what Merlin, you brought so much laughter and joy into my life, you are indeed a gift from God.

Time to go play my wonderful boy.

I love you so much Merlin

Your ever loving Daddy


Good morning my big wonderful boy

February 17th 2012 10:52 pm
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Hello my boy.

I was talking to your mum last night saying how much I miss you, she nodded and said "We all miss him, even his silly little high pitched bark when he was digging weeds up."

I was looking at the photographs I took when you were inspecting your's and Lady Zara's litter. I was so amazed how gentle you were with them, and when I gave one or two of them a little cuddle you didn't mind at all, you knew you were my boy and no other doggie would replace you.

Remember how I would come home from work early to see you? You were waiting by the door for me, I'd walk in the house and you would wag your tail so hard I thought it would fall off. We would go for little walks on the property, you would come running up behind me trying to keep up. How I miss those days my boy.

When you got bigger I took you to work with me in the shop. You didn't have any toys with you so I made you one from a piece of new 1 inch rope with a knot tied at each end and in the middle. That toy last for ages and ages, you never seemed to tire playing with it. If I got a nasty customer you seemed to sense it, you'd come to the front of the shop and put your huge paws on the counter and looked at them. They soon stopped being nasty and became reasonable. We always laughed at that my boy.

You came to the shop everyday until the day I became ill, you stayed at home with me, sitting with me. You knew I was ill Merlin and you never left my side. I can never thank you enough for what you did for me Merlin, my one and only special boy.

Time to go play my boy and enjoy yourself.

I love you so much Merlin

Your ever loving Daddy


Good morning my wonderful boy.

February 19th 2012 12:36 am
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Hello my lovely boy.

I bet you are having so much fun across the bridge, all that lovely soft grass, fresh clean water, all the food you want and lots of puppies to play with. I know you loved a cup of English tea with a little milk and one sugar, I bet you can get that too if you wanted it.

Today is so hot with no wind Merlin, the sort of day you preferred to lay in the shade. You would run around for a little while, but then get a drink of water and flop down in the shade.

What use to amuse me Merlin when you and Spud wanted the same stick, despite there being millions of other sticks laying around you both wanted "THAT" one. You would be at one end and Spud at the other pulling and tugging. If you managed to get it away from Spud he'd run round and round you trying to get it back, and you would turn around and around to stop him from getting it. It really made me laugh Merlin.

I was looking through some of my photo albums and I have got possibly hundreds of pictures of you, you always were my favourite subject

Time to go play my wonderful boy and enjoy yourself.

I love you so much Merlin

Your ever loving Daddy


My wonderful big boy Merlin

February 19th 2012 11:03 pm
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Good morning my lovely boy.

I was thinking back when you were a puppy and some of the antics you got up to. Remember how you would grab the loose end of Bella's collar and try to drag her along? When you were small you couldn't budge her, but as you got bigger and stronger she couldn't help but go where you pulled her, Bella would get so annoyed with you. It was as if you were taking her for a walk. It was so funny Merlin.

You always had a cheeky grin and I know you had a sense of humour. You made me laugh so much Merlin, at times I got a stomach ache.

You were always up to something, once I described you in human terms Merlin:-

Merlin would be a mischievous little boy, with a cheeky grin on his face, hair that hasn't seen a comb in days, a slingshot in his back pocket, his socks around his ankles, dirty shoes, his shirt hanging out of his short trousers and scuffed knee's. He would come home well after his curfew at night trying to think up excuses to stay out of trouble saying something along the lines of, “I am so sorry dad, I was playing with my best friend and I forgot the time, erm, do you want a cup of tea? I'll gladly make it for you.” Then out of the blue he would for absolutely no reason give me a hug and say, “I love you dad,”

I think that just about sums Merlin up. He is such a wonderful little boy!

I love you so much Merlin.

Your ever loving Daddy


My wonderful big boy Merlin

February 20th 2012 11:15 pm
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Good morning my big lovely boy.

It's a cool day today Merlin, the kind of day you loved to run and play. Spud would annoy you and then you'd go chasing after him. He always managed to stay out of your reach. He tries to play with Bella but she isn't interested, she's getting old I guess. Molly tries to play with Spud, but I think her needle teeth puts him off.

Remember how you use to wrap one of your paws around my leg and hang on? Well, Molly is doing the exact same thing. Are you teaching her my boy? I loved playing that game with you Merlin, I'd end up dragging you all over the house.

Spud is also so much like you my boy, he might look like Lady Zara, but in his actions he is you you all over again. Only difference is, he doesn't follow me everywhere like you did. Remember how I use to say to you, "Merlin I am not Mary and you are not a little lamb." You would look at me puzzled and still follow me. How I miss you following me today.

Time to go play my big wonderful boy

I love you so much Merlin

Your ever loving Daddy.

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