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Merlin's very own diary.

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Merlins first week

January 18th 2007 9:18 am
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Thursday 18th January 2007

Merlin has been with us for 6 days, and already he is showing to be a very intelligent little boy. He's worked out which cupboard his puppy pellets are stored and keeps trying to get into the cupboard. So much so his puppy pellets have had to be moved to a secret location.No doubt he will soon find where the new secret location is! Bella has snapped at Merlin once or twice when Merlin decided he preferred her dinner to his puppy pellets! Strangely enough, Monty has wagged his tail once or twice when visited by Merlin. Perhaps Merlin can pull Monty out of the doldrums. I'll keep you posted.

A cross Jack Russel puppy from one of the neighbours house came to play with Bella, Bella was quite happy to play with the intruder until the puppy got too close to Merlin. Bella got between them and shoo'd the puppy away, as if to say, "Merlin is OUR puppy, STAY AWAY!"

Merlin has a new game that he enjoys, biting bare feet with his needle teeth, leading to a lot of "OUCH..........MERLIN DONT!" He sits down and looks at you with his mischievous face as if to say, "Aww come on lets play biting feet."

He is such a sweet little boy.


Merlins 10th day with us

January 22nd 2007 11:00 am
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Merlin is coming along beautifully, his wonderful character is really starting to show through. I had hoped that Merlin would help bring Monty out of himself, but Monty has slipped back into his doldrums. Merlin came to say hello to Monty when Monty began to snarl and snap at Merlin.

Merlin and Bella are starting to play together, Bella running around while Merlin tried to keep up, great fun, and lots of wagging tails. I think Merlin and Bella will become really good friends.


Merlins first month with us

February 9th 2007 3:21 am
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Merlin has been with us for a month. He is growing quite rapidly and is no longer the tiny ball of fluff he once was. His character is really coming to the fore, and proving to be a very intelligent boy. Bella and he are becoming really good friends, she is very protective of Merlin, and shows him a lot of patience but when Merlin gets too excited and begins to bite, she warns him, then if needs be she knocks him over, putting him in his place, but then Merlin shows the courage that GSD's are famous for and comes back for more. One of his favourite tricks is turning over the water bowl and then pushing it around with his nose, I take the bowl away from him and fill it with water, then over it goes again, and the whole game starts all over again. Oh boy, what a dog.

Everything is a huge adventure at the moment, and everything is a game. I come home from work to be greeted by Bella, then there's Merlin not far behind, he then sits at my feet looking up at me and wagging his tail. Although Merlin loves playing with Bella, he loves human company, he loves to be around them and loves playing with them. He loves to walk around the property with me, lots of new smells, and as I said before, a whole new adventure everyday. Merlin and I are bonding very strongly, and if I go outside without him he barks until I go back for him, he looks up at me and wags his tail and then follows me everywhere, he's my shadow, I cant move without him, and you know what, I love it. Today Merlin got his second lot of inoculations, he was a brave little boy.

The sort of relationship being formed with Merlin reminds me of a dog I had as a small boy of 10 years. A friend of mine came to the house one day and asked if we wanted a puppy. In his arms was the sweetest little ball of fluff I have ever seen in my then short life, a small white mixed breed with a black patch over her eye and on her side. Mum took a lot of convincing, with promises of, “I'll look after her and take her for walks.” Judy came to live with us, and I kept my promises. She was my dog, she rode with me on my bike in her own special box, she sat there with her ears flapping in the wind really enjoying herself, everywhere I went, Judy was with me. Then when I was 17, I joined the military, after training I was posted to the Far East for 3 years. When I came home on leave after my 3 year Far East tour, she ran down the garden and jumped into my arms, almost bowling me over. She lay in my arms crying and licking my face, she never left my side for weeks, afraid I would go away again. She laid at the bottom of my bed and refused to budge until I got up in the morning. Three months later I was posted over sea's again for six months, my mum wrote and told me Judy laid on my bed snuggling one of my shirts, refusing to give it up. When I came home Judy ran to me, and again jumped up into my arms, she looked at me with her huge black eyes as if to say, “Why did you leave me?” Judy lived to the ripe old age of 16, it was a huge loss when she died, but I think of her often and smile.

Sadly Monty hasn't pulled out of his doldrums as I hoped, he misses his best friend Lady too much, no other doggy pal is going to replace her, or bond with him as she did. He prefers to be simply left alone and lays in the shade most of the day, no amount of fuss or spoiling puts that shine back in his eyes he had with Lady.


Merlins second month with us

March 4th 2007 6:13 am
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Its amazing how quickly time passes, Merlin has been with us for 2 whole months. He turned from a fluffy little baby, and he's now at the big feet, big ears and long legs stage, his weight is spot on for his age, and building up quite nicely, he now even has a proper bark instead of his previous squeaky puppy bark. He is proving to be very intelligent and very loving towards his family, one his favourite trick's now is to try and prevent me going to work by grabbing hold of my ankle, hanging on and refusing to let go. I have to try and trick him to even get out of the house, I sneak into the garage to get the car out, as soon as he hears the car start he sits at the window crying and barking. As soon as I arrive home from work and park the car, he's there waiting for me, even managing to push Bella out of the way, the expression on his face when he sees me is priceless. Oh boy, what a dog!

A few days ago while walking with me on the property he heard a dog bark in the distance, he assumed the classic Shepherd stance, ears and head erect, his whole body alert, strong and firm looking in the direction of the barking dog. I was so surprised I forgot to take a photograph.

Since Merlin came home he has been sleeping beside my bed, if for some reason he falls asleep in the lounge, and I go to bed without him, as soon as he wakes up in the night he bashes against the bedroom door to be let in. He is without a doubt my best buddy!


Merlins third month with us.

March 25th 2007 2:04 am
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Merlins character and intelligence have really began to show through. I have never known a dog with so much humour, character and his intelligence astounds me almost every day. He has a new trick, where he no longer bashes a door to be let in, he opens the door himself!! He stands up on his back legs, then pushes the door handle with his paws. His facial expressions crack me up, he has such a mischievous and a cheeky face, and he lets you know exactly what he is thinking. If he gets bored he chases my daughters cats around the house, and when the cats escape through a open door or window he has a smug look on his face. Oh boy, what a dog.

Merlin and Bella have become inseparable as I knew they would, although Bella has no problem with letting Merlin know if he steps over the mark. When they aren't eating or sleeping they are playing, they play outside, then when they come inside the house, they are still playing. I love to watch them race around the property, Bella always wins, although Merlin is begining to catch up as he gets bigger and bigger. Merlin grabs the end of Bella's collar and tries to pull her in the direction he wants her to go, leading to a tug of war between them.

Bella is even copying some of Merlins habits, such as stealing socks and running off with them, she definately seems to be having a second puppyhood. I dont think she had much love and affection with her first human family, she was let out onto the street all day and left to her own devices. Now, she is getting so much love and attention from her human and doggy family, there has been such a happy change in her, and of course playing with Merlin all day long, she is having the fun she didnt have when she was a puppy. She loves getting a cuddle from all members of her family, which she repays in love a million times over.

At the end of the day, after playing with Bella, Merlin lays beide my armchair and falls asleep happy and content with his day of fun. Then when I get up to go to bed he's there beside me, follows me to the bedroom then lays beside my bed.

I was so surprised and so happy that Monty has begun to play with Merlin and Bella, he wags his tail when they all go out to play, but as he is getting on in years he cant exactly run as fast as they do. He is quite happy to engage in a little rough and tumble with them until he has enough and walks to his favourite spot in the sun and lays there watching. I am so happy there is a little of the spark Monty once had with Lady.

A neighbours Golden Retriever attempted to enter our property, Merlin with the courage that Shepherds are famous for stood his ground and saw the intruder off and he's ONLY 4 months old!

Merlin has the biggest feet I have ever seen, far bigger then Bella's, some have told me thats an indication of how big he will be when he is full grown. If thats the case I'm going to need a bigger house!

Merlin has got the first of his adult teeth, he's growing up fast. Soon I wont be able to call him baby Merlin.


Merlin's fourth month with us, some good news with some bad- news and more good news.

April 28th 2007 9:45 pm
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The good news. Monty seems to have brightened up and has began playing with Merlin and Bella, even wagging his tail when he goes out to play with them, his eyes have got a bit of the sparkle back he had with Lady. The bad news, Monty has got a failing heart, the vet said he wont have too much more time with us. All we can do is spoil him and make his last remaining days so special. Merlin seems to know this and plays very gently with him, and stays beside him quite a lot, as if to say, "I'm here old fella, don't worry." When Monty's time with us does come to an end, I know his best pal Lady, will be there waiting for him at the bridge, two best pals together again, playing for all eternity. I can see Monty running up to Lady with his little tail wagging as if to say, "Did you miss me Lady girl, well I am here now so lets go and play."

More Good News!
Monty was given medication for his heart, and I am so happy to report he has perked up quite a lot. Its so wonderful to see him play with Merlin and Bella, he actually has an expression of joy on his face. When he has had enough of playing, he takes himself off for a little walk around the property, has a little sniff here and there, and finds a nice warm spot in the sun to lay down for a while.

Merlin, more and more of his humour, intelligence and his character are showing through, he is still my shadow, I cannot move without him. After a weeks work I come home Saturday afternoon and take a nap, when he thinks I have slept long enough he jumps on my bed and licks me to wake me up, as if to say, "Come on Dad, don't lay there all day, lets go for a walk." Merlin is really turning into a handsome boy, he is filling out wonderfully, getting bigger, heavier, and stronger day by day. He is so loving towards his whole family and when anyone comes home from work he is the first to greet them, the expression on his face is so full of "Boy am I glad your home at last, I've missed you." One Sunday I had to go out for a while, Merlin as usual was right beside me, so I said to him, "Merlin I have to go out for a while, I wont be long." His facial expression was so sad, as if to say, "Please don't go dad, stay here with me and play." When I came home after an hour or so, he was so pleased to see me, he nearly knocked me over! He still loves to steal socks, slippers or anything he can get hold of, and when anyone tries to retrieve what he has taken, he turns it into a game, running slow enough so we can catch him, then as we get close he runs faster. OH BOY WHAT A DOG!


Merlins fifth month with us.

May 18th 2007 8:28 pm
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As you can see by his latest photograph, Merlin is turning into a very handsome boy. Every day he is turning into a wonderful companion more and more. I cannot imagine being without him, not being part of the family, he is so full of fun, and so cheeky, he has a special look he gives me, that makes me roar with laughter. He has discovered a new way to wake me up in the morning, he pokes his head under the overs and licks my feet, if that doesnt wake me up, he jumps on my bed and licks my face until I give in and get up. He has so much love to give, which he gives it all the time, he really is my best friend!

He doesnt want to stop playing, even Bella gets fed up at times, Merlin's energy seem inexhaustable, he tears aroubd my property, but now he's faster then Bella and she can't escape as easily as she could before. He grabs her by her collar and leads her where he wants her to go. His growing spurt seems to have slowed down, now he's starting to fill out. I am so proud of him!

His favourite game when Bella gets fed up and walks off to be by herself, is to play ball. He brings me his favourite ball for me to throw so he can chase after it, time and time and time and time again. He doesnt like anyone else to throw it for him, neither my son or daughter can throw his ball "just right," he brings it back so I can throw it for him, I'll say one thing, my throwing arm is getting bigger!


A sad day for us all

June 21st 2007 1:11 am
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Today Monty passed over the bridge. Lady his best buddy was waiting for him when he arrived, they are now playing together again. I can imagine her waiting there for him, and saying, "Hey Monty its so good to see you again, lets go play, we have so much t o catch up on."

Rest well Monty, we are all going to miss you so much.


Merlins 7th Month with us

July 29th 2007 7:49 am
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It doesnt seem possible that Merlin has been with 7 months, yet it seems he has been with us forever. He is still proving to be a really loving boy, the bond between he and I is growing stronger all the time, wherever I am, he's not very far away. He still however, loves to play with Bella, and loves their usual rough and tumble, though at times Bella does put him in his place. He loves to play until sleep overtakes him, so happy with his day of fun and play.

Merlin like the rest of us still miss Monty, I come home from work and look across to where he use to lay on the porch, expecting him to be laying there, then I realise that he passed over the bridge. Then I remember that he and his best buddy Lady are playing in the sun, running through the soft grass, drinking the pure soft water, best friends together again forever.

Merlin has never liked water mixed with puppy pellets, so I decided to use milk instead, which he loved. Now, he doesnt want milk mixed with his puppy pellets, he now prefers gravy! My daughter said, "Daddy, you spoil Merlin more then you ever spoiled me!" I wonder what her point was???

Merlin loves to look for the perfect stick, then runs around with it in his mouth so proud of himself. He found a log about 18 inches in length and as thick as a mans arm, he has found his perfect stick at last and never lets it out of his sight. I took him to work with me one day, and realised he hadnt any toys to play with, so I cut a length of rope and tied a few knots in it, now thats his bestest toy of all. Oh boy what a dog!


11 Months with us

December 16th 2007 2:23 am
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Merlin has been with us for 11 months, he has proven to be such a sweet and loving little boy, he has so much love in him and very protective

He and Bella havent become the friends I hoped they would, like Lady and Monty, forever playing together. Bella tolerates Merlin until he gets too boisterous, then she firmly puts him in his place. Once in a while Bella will play tug-o-war with Merlin's rope toy resulting in knocked over furniture!Bella has calmed down a lot this past year, she isn't nearly as boisterous as she was.

Whenever I am at home Merlin is by my side, following me everywhere. At night he sleeps beside my bed, and in the morning he jumps up for his morning cuddle. Merlin and I have an amazing bond, he loves nothing more then walking on the property while I throw sticks for him to fetch, sometimes those sticks are 6 foot branches and I have the bruises to prove it!

Merlin's facial expressions show exactly what he's thinking and his moods. He definitely is my best buddy, the best a man could ever have. I am so proud of him.

Recently we celebrated his 1st birthday, lots of fuss and fun. My daughter shook her head and said, "You REALLY spoil that dog." Too right I do.

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