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Merlin's very own diary.

Merlins third month with us.

March 25th 2007 2:04 am
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Merlins character and intelligence have really began to show through. I have never known a dog with so much humour, character and his intelligence astounds me almost every day. He has a new trick, where he no longer bashes a door to be let in, he opens the door himself!! He stands up on his back legs, then pushes the door handle with his paws. His facial expressions crack me up, he has such a mischievous and a cheeky face, and he lets you know exactly what he is thinking. If he gets bored he chases my daughters cats around the house, and when the cats escape through a open door or window he has a smug look on his face. Oh boy, what a dog.

Merlin and Bella have become inseparable as I knew they would, although Bella has no problem with letting Merlin know if he steps over the mark. When they aren't eating or sleeping they are playing, they play outside, then when they come inside the house, they are still playing. I love to watch them race around the property, Bella always wins, although Merlin is begining to catch up as he gets bigger and bigger. Merlin grabs the end of Bella's collar and tries to pull her in the direction he wants her to go, leading to a tug of war between them.

Bella is even copying some of Merlins habits, such as stealing socks and running off with them, she definately seems to be having a second puppyhood. I dont think she had much love and affection with her first human family, she was let out onto the street all day and left to her own devices. Now, she is getting so much love and attention from her human and doggy family, there has been such a happy change in her, and of course playing with Merlin all day long, she is having the fun she didnt have when she was a puppy. She loves getting a cuddle from all members of her family, which she repays in love a million times over.

At the end of the day, after playing with Bella, Merlin lays beide my armchair and falls asleep happy and content with his day of fun. Then when I get up to go to bed he's there beside me, follows me to the bedroom then lays beside my bed.

I was so surprised and so happy that Monty has begun to play with Merlin and Bella, he wags his tail when they all go out to play, but as he is getting on in years he cant exactly run as fast as they do. He is quite happy to engage in a little rough and tumble with them until he has enough and walks to his favourite spot in the sun and lays there watching. I am so happy there is a little of the spark Monty once had with Lady.

A neighbours Golden Retriever attempted to enter our property, Merlin with the courage that Shepherds are famous for stood his ground and saw the intruder off and he's ONLY 4 months old!

Merlin has the biggest feet I have ever seen, far bigger then Bella's, some have told me thats an indication of how big he will be when he is full grown. If thats the case I'm going to need a bigger house!

Merlin has got the first of his adult teeth, he's growing up fast. Soon I wont be able to call him baby Merlin.


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