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Merlin's very own diary.

Merlins first month with us

February 9th 2007 3:21 am
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Merlin has been with us for a month. He is growing quite rapidly and is no longer the tiny ball of fluff he once was. His character is really coming to the fore, and proving to be a very intelligent boy. Bella and he are becoming really good friends, she is very protective of Merlin, and shows him a lot of patience but when Merlin gets too excited and begins to bite, she warns him, then if needs be she knocks him over, putting him in his place, but then Merlin shows the courage that GSD's are famous for and comes back for more. One of his favourite tricks is turning over the water bowl and then pushing it around with his nose, I take the bowl away from him and fill it with water, then over it goes again, and the whole game starts all over again. Oh boy, what a dog.

Everything is a huge adventure at the moment, and everything is a game. I come home from work to be greeted by Bella, then there's Merlin not far behind, he then sits at my feet looking up at me and wagging his tail. Although Merlin loves playing with Bella, he loves human company, he loves to be around them and loves playing with them. He loves to walk around the property with me, lots of new smells, and as I said before, a whole new adventure everyday. Merlin and I are bonding very strongly, and if I go outside without him he barks until I go back for him, he looks up at me and wags his tail and then follows me everywhere, he's my shadow, I cant move without him, and you know what, I love it. Today Merlin got his second lot of inoculations, he was a brave little boy.

The sort of relationship being formed with Merlin reminds me of a dog I had as a small boy of 10 years. A friend of mine came to the house one day and asked if we wanted a puppy. In his arms was the sweetest little ball of fluff I have ever seen in my then short life, a small white mixed breed with a black patch over her eye and on her side. Mum took a lot of convincing, with promises of, “I'll look after her and take her for walks.” Judy came to live with us, and I kept my promises. She was my dog, she rode with me on my bike in her own special box, she sat there with her ears flapping in the wind really enjoying herself, everywhere I went, Judy was with me. Then when I was 17, I joined the military, after training I was posted to the Far East for 3 years. When I came home on leave after my 3 year Far East tour, she ran down the garden and jumped into my arms, almost bowling me over. She lay in my arms crying and licking my face, she never left my side for weeks, afraid I would go away again. She laid at the bottom of my bed and refused to budge until I got up in the morning. Three months later I was posted over sea's again for six months, my mum wrote and told me Judy laid on my bed snuggling one of my shirts, refusing to give it up. When I came home Judy ran to me, and again jumped up into my arms, she looked at me with her huge black eyes as if to say, “Why did you leave me?” Judy lived to the ripe old age of 16, it was a huge loss when she died, but I think of her often and smile.

Sadly Monty hasn't pulled out of his doldrums as I hoped, he misses his best friend Lady too much, no other doggy pal is going to replace her, or bond with him as she did. He prefers to be simply left alone and lays in the shade most of the day, no amount of fuss or spoiling puts that shine back in his eyes he had with Lady.


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