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Four questions, four answers and four nominations

March 29th 2008 8:02 pm
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Here's a new game of tag! Here are the four questions...

Name four jobs that you've had.
1) Squirrel Wrangler. I have to protect my yard from squirrels.
2) Dog Bark Invader Guard. I always bark at the dogs that come to the fence next door.
3) Wind Sniffer. I have to sniff the wind in the car whenever we go somewhere!!!
4) Howler. I have to howl with all fire engines, and other dogs!!!

Four places you have lived.
1) I lived with a family in South Dakota.
2) I lived with a family in Silicon Valley.
3) I live with my mom & dad & Georgie & Winston & Molly now.
4) I always live for LOVE!!

Four places where you have been.
1) Stinson Beach
2) Vet's office
3) Los Angeles to visit family
4) Petsmart

Four places you'd rather be.
1) At the beach.
2) In the Car. I love car rides.
3) At the dog park.
4) Anywhere my family is. I am definitely a companion dog, and love going anywhere with my family.

I would love my pals to do this one....

1) Maddie
2) Sophie from GA
3) Little Miracle Bosca
4) Tyson


3 tail wag day

March 22nd 2008 1:24 am
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It started out great! Had my usual fun playing and going for a walk. Then mom decided we all needed a bath. She always sniffs us afterwards and tells us we smell so good. Wonder what she thinks of us usually? Anyway, we survived and we did get a lot of extra hugs and kisses. Then mom told us she & dad are going out of town for a whole week to go see the new grandson. That's a loooooooooong time! Elizabeth will be staying with us, and Paula will still give us our walks, but it's just not the same. I know she'll come home with some good treats or toys trying to make it up to us. I do know where dad keeps the keys when he leaves the car at home...unfortunately I don't know how to drive so I guess we'll have to wait here. But mom says next month we're going to stay at the beach house again next door to Rascal & Mason. That's my favorite place to go. So, things will look up again soon.

Happy Easter everyone.



Aaarrrroooo I'm an uncle!!! - 5 tail wag day*****

March 14th 2008 11:24 am
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I just found out we have our new baby boy this morning – woohoo!!! Our human sister is doing great. We're still waiting to hear more about the baby who is under observation since he's early, but all indications are that he's fine.

Do you think he'll want to play ball with me????



4 Tail Wag day ...could turn into a 5 Tail Wag day!!!!

March 6th 2008 8:29 am
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Today our human sister may have her baby. We're all excited and can't wait. She's way over on the east coast though so we won't get to meet him for a little while to give first sniffs and licks. But I bet mom won't let us do too much of that at first anyway!!! We're praying that everything goes well since the baby will be a preemie. Georgie, Annie and Winston were all runts though and look at them now.

Today is a good day for another dogster member named Finnegan! He is Dogster's Diary of the Day, and he got back good news about test results. Aaarrrroooooo!!!

The luck of the Irish! So maybe it's the name Finnegan that's lucky? I'm feeling pretty lucky to have found my furever home with a loving family and my furfamily too!

Well, in both cases we think it's the Power of the Paw from all our dogster friends who help us through things. Thanks everyone for always being here for us! Now let's put our paws together for our baby nephew & our sister!!!

licks & wags,


5 Tail Wag Day!!!

February 14th 2008 7:39 pm
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Today is Valentine's Day. And I have the best girlfriend in the world!!! I received a red loofah pup that is holding a heart that says "I Wuff You" on it. I also got a photo of my pretty gal! I licked it when mom showed me - she said it must have been Uno's sweetness. She is a sweet girl. Sigh...what a great day.

luv you too!


Today is Uno's Birthday!

February 6th 2008 6:32 pm
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Today is pretty Uno's birthday. I hope she's having a great day - she deserves it because she is so sweet. And I'm sure Little Man Mickey is right in there celebrating with her. I sent lots of presents, even a photo of her that she put on her page!!! She looks pretty in a sparkly crown - the princess that she deserves to be on her birthday and every day.

Now to dream up something for Valentine's Day!



4 tail wag day today

February 3rd 2008 1:24 am
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Today was a pretty good day. I've been stuck going on short walks lately due to the rain every day. And when I go it's usually with Winston. Today mom thought I deserved to walk by myself so I could get her full attention. We put on raincoats and it was only drizzling so I could walk without stopping and shaking the water off every 5 steps. We had such a great long walk. I found a dead squirrel on the ground, it was nice & yucky from the rain. And I saw a dead possum too but mom wouldn't let me near that! I gave mom a great big kiss when she was wiping me off after the walk. I was a lot calmer today!

Uno said she'd be my Valentine! She's so pretty and she sent me a very pretty valentine too. I have a surprise for her! Hopefully we'll see each other at the Super Bowl pawty tomorrow. My pawrents are going to a pawty tomorrow so I can't stay too long. I felt bad when I told her that I can't take her to the Valentine's pawty though. Mom & Dad are going out of town to a wedding. Apparently there are a lot of weddings around Valentine's Day. A pretty girl like that deserves a party. Maybe one of my pals can take her, or she could have 2 Valentine's? I don't know what's right in a situation like this. Well, I heard someone ended up agreeing to go with 2 girls to the pawty. Sounds like there's already extra girls there - BOL! Those guys going by themselves should have a lot of dancing partners! That's good. Everyone should have fun.

Well, off to dream of sweet things, like Uno!



3.0 Tail Wag Day in the Nose Ark

January 27th 2008 5:56 pm
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It's been raining nonstop for over a week now. Mom & Dad were talking about something like Nose Ark. They said God promised it wouldn't happen again but they were wondering if he changed his mind. Why did He have an Ark for Noses? Too many curious schnauzers probably!

We cancelled our trip to the beach due to Georgie's health and the rain. The lady who owns the house emailed mom and said it was a good idea because there is a big pond in the yard and we could've gone sailing. Woo hoo that sounds like fun. Let me get my life jacket out of the guest house and I'm ready to go!!!

But mom & dad have been home with us every day. Mom is getting a little grumpy about the mud all over the floor. After I walked across the rug in the bathroom with muddy paws, she locked my doggie door. Can you imagine?!! Now she doles out how much time I get to play in the mud outside. And now she also knows how much Winston barks at me when we're playing. We are hearing SHHHHH!!!! alot. And she's always wiping our paws. I think they are getting chapped. But we are playing some games indoors and having fun. A lot of our toys have been washed because we left them out in the mud. My goal now is to sneak them back outside before mom catches me!

Finnegan in the Nose Ark


3.5 tail wag day

January 22nd 2008 8:33 pm
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It was another rainy, cold day today. But Dad was home all day. And he let me run in and out over and over without wiping off my feet!!!! Woo hoo. I got to chase squirrels in the rain, chase Winston, just go nuts. Until Mom got home, then she was chasing me with a towel!!! Tomorrow it's just us & Dad again. Shhhh...we won't tell Mom what we're planning.



It's my birthday and I'll bark if I want to!

January 20th 2008 10:43 pm
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I'm 3 years old today. Mom & dad sang Happy Birthday to me today, and then we all howled together - aarrrooooo!
We played a lot and I got some cool new toys. I got lots of loving today. Mom kept saying I'm her big boy now, not just her little baby - BOL!!! I'm taller than everyone else but I'm still the baby.

Mom sneaked some treats to me today when Georgie wasn't looking. She can't eat much today. But that's ok, I'm not much of a chow hound. I like to play a whole lot more. And this week we're going to the beach again. It's going to be pawsome! Mom & dad said we'll party there, with Rascal & Mason, the 2 schnauzers who live next door. Woo hoo - Schnauzerfest again. Can't wait.

I did get a lot of good wishes and dogster treats and presents from my pals in Schnauzers Rule. They're the best pals! Thanks everyone.

Now I'm about to snooze on mom's lap and dream about Schnauzerfest....


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