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Schnauzer of the Week

June 2nd 2008 10:02 am
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Yesterday I was chosen as Schnauzer of the Week in Schnauzers Rule!!! How cool is that? There are over 1400 members in our group, so that means only 52 a year get chosen by Milly. That's quite an honor!!! I'm very proud of it. I try to be a good friend to everyone, and have lots of fun with them. Thanks fellow schnauzers for your congratulations and presents. You guys rock, I mean you guys rule...Schnauzers Rule!!!



Remembering our past military family pets

May 26th 2008 9:49 am
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Yesterday, mom and dad went to the San Francisco Presidio military cemetery. There was a small American flag in front of every gravestone. It was really touching and beautiful.

Did you know that in the Presidio they also have a pet cemetery for pets that belonged to the military families stationed there? Some headstones provide evidence of the pets' military lifestyle, listing birthplaces like China, England, Australia, and Germany. Like many military cemeteries, there are markers and tributes to several "unknowns". Someone has posted an online photography site. How pawsome is that for families that have moved away!

There are numerous legends surrounding the cemetery, which some believe was originally a burial ground for nineteenth-century cavalry horses or World War II guard dogs. The majority of animals buried at the Presidio pet cemetery are dogs and cats, but there are also parakeets, canaries, pigeons, macaws, rabbits, hamsters, rats, lizards, goldfish, and mice. It is said that the pets provided some constancy for these families that moved so often.

We remember you and you're in our hearts always ....



Remember our Troops & K9s

May 24th 2008 8:21 am
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I would like to take a moment on this Memorial Day weekend to thank and think about our present and past troops who have served our country.

Also our K9s who are serving in our current war. There is a great website honoring them, and if you click on the "Operation Military Care" link you can see how to help them. One of our dogsters mothers contacted the website admin & felt it was a valuable effort.



Resource guarding and new leash

May 18th 2008 9:53 am
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We just had some friends staying with us. They have a 100 lb golden retriever named Jake. Georgie & Jake have been pals since they were little although I think he was always bigger than Georgie - BOL! Anyway, I didn't like Jake getting between me & mom or me & dad or anywhere near my food. Mom calls this resource guarding. They had to watch to make sure there weren't any confrontations cuz Jake could pick me up and throw me over the fence if he wanted!!! Fortunately, Jake wouldn't do that because she says he's a big ole sweetie, he was even a therapy dog for a while. Mom has always said I would make a good therapy dog, but after watching me with Jake she wonders...

Yesterday mom tried out this new leash that you can walk two dogs on. It's a bungee leash so if one of us pulls, you kinda reach a limit & come back in. It has some swivel thing on it so that it we can't tangle the two ends up. Winston & I did pretty good on it even though we're different sizes and weights. Mom says you can't correct either of us on it though. But we seemed to be able to walk together without any problems. Mom likes the handle which is like a ski tow, she says the whole thing is a lot easier on her shoulder when I see a squirrel run across our path. We'll try it on a longer walk today. Check it out:



Happy Mother's Day

May 10th 2008 6:40 pm
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In Celebration of Mother's Day

Everything that Georgie said...BOL!!! Plus I love my mom because...

1. She invited me to my new home and tells me that she will never give me up, that this is my furever home!!!
2. She put up with a lot of my separation anxiety when I first moved in - I was never sure if she was going to come back if she left me. But now I know she always does.
3. She has shown me nothing but love and tolerance in spite of not trusting her to give me away for several months.
4. She taught me skills like walking on a leash, basic commands, things most puppies get but no one ever bothered to teach me.
5. She taught me that I didn't need to hide in a crate and tear up toys whenever I got frustrated.
6. She taught me that I could be corrected when I did something wrong and she would still love me.
7. She let's me sleep on a fake fur blankie!
8. She doesn't use a crate for punishment and I only have to use it when we are traveling.
9. She brought Winston home so that I would have a playmate my own age.
10. She takes me to the beach for vacations with all my fursiblings and friends next door, my favorite thing to do!!!

I LOVE MY MOM!!! Happy Mother's Day!!!



By myself

May 2nd 2008 4:36 pm
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Today I got to go on a long walk with mom, all by myself!!! That's rare around here that anyone gets an alone walk with mom since there are 4 of us. She says I've been "out of control" since we got back from the beach and she has to start working with me again. Does that mean I get to go to work with her now - how cool!!! In the meantime, she's getting serious about my manners. No pulling allowed! No barking or lunging at other dogs, or runners, or bicyclists, or skate boarders! And my sudden darting across the sidewalk and bumping Winston has to stop too. Sheesh she's taking all the fun out of our walks. But mom said it's better that I learn to follow commands so I will be better behaved. She was the youngest in the family and was spoiled. I thought my position was protected. How soon our parents forget. My mom must be 100 years old because she forgot everything about being the youngest!!!

However, mom said I was really good today on our walk. There is this man who walks 2 dogs - a huge shephard mix and a sharpei - and he always let's them bark at us. I was good and sat & stayed and didn't bark back today. She was proud of me and kept calling me her good boy. I guess learning manners has it's rewards.



Back home again

April 23rd 2008 9:48 pm
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We had so much fun at the beach. We went on Monday and almost had the beach to ourselves. We probably only came across about a dozen other dogs. Last time we went on a weekend there were probably 100! Winston & I chased each other all of the time. Even Georgie and Molly were running most of the time. It was fun meeting all of the other dogs and people. It was certainly fun being off leash. Mom & Dad even seemed relaxed instead of worrying so much about us. They were happy to see Winston getting along so well. We were all SO good.

After the beach we went for a ride along the coast. We were snoozing some, but at one point we drove by a field full of goats!!! I really wanted to get out and chase them, but Dad didn't think the oldest one would be that friendly - BOL! After our ride, we went home and everyone crashed out.

We didn't get to see Rascal & Mason much because their dad had surgery, so their mom was really busy. We did see them before we left though.

When we got home, it was Earth Day. We planted trees at Schnauzer Playland and saw some of our friends there. It was a great opportunity to remember how much we need to give back to Earth rather than just always taking.

We've been pretty mellow since we've been home. We love the beach but we're always glad to get back home!



Schnauzerfest at the Beach and Earth Day

April 21st 2008 12:30 am
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We finally arrived at the beach house yesterday after Dad took a detour through the wine country in Napa and Sonoma. We just rolled our eyes at him! He said it was picturesque...whatever - BOL!!! When we got to the house it was cold and windy, but we didn't care. We ran and ran and played and played!!! What was once 1 acre is now almost 2 acres of yard. We had so much exploring to do. Rascal & Mason came over and all of us ran & played together. We chased balls, followed our pawrents and their pawrents everywhere. We even went over to Rascal & Mason's house. It was SO much fun! We couldn't stop running. There were 5 schnauzers and a shihtzu. Molly our shihtzu is an honorary schnauzer though. Mom finally made us come inside. But Winston and I were so revved up we couldn't eat our dinners. We have a gas woodburning stove, and our beds were arranged near it, so we finally snuggled up in the warmth and dreamed of Schnauzerfest all night.

This morning it was sunny & bright, although still 68 degrees. No wind. So many people walked by our house in the morning with their dogs, and we ran around the fence and Winston barked at them - I'm not a barker. Even Georgie & Molly greeted everyone at the fence. At the far end of the property you can see through the fence because the view is pretty nice looking out toward the ocean so we could see everyone. Later we went for a hike with mom & dad. It really tired everyone out so we all napped in the late afternoon. Then more play in the yard. At night, dad let us all out in the yard even though it's absolutely dark outside. We could hear mom protesting. I ran away from the house because there was so much to sniff but everyone else stayed near the door. Dad was able to get me to come in but I don't think they're going to let me out after dark any more. Tonight we're resting up because tomorrow is a beach day! Woo Hoo!

Today in the Schnauzer Scoop - our weekly newsletter in Schnauzers Rule - Samson announced that we will be having some Earth Day events - tree planting, recycling, then playing in the park. We'll all get a badge too. What a great idea and a great way to help take care of our Earth. We all have Earth Day photos just for the event! Hope to see all you SR members there!!!



Going to the Beach - Arooooooooooooooo!!!! - Gonna be a 5 Tail Wag Weekend!

April 18th 2008 9:45 am
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We're going out of town tomorrow to go to the beach - YAY!!! It's my favorite thing to do. We stay at a house with an acre fenced in yard. This house has 4 doors that lead outside!!! And there are 2 beaches there where we can run off leash. I like to run in the water but not swim. The girls didn't go near the water last time - BOL!!! Mom says they never do (they've been to the beach a lot over the years). Not sure what Winston will do - we don't know if he's ever been to the ocean. But I'll show him how it's done!

The owner of the house lives next door & has 2 schnauzers - Rascal and Mason. It was a lot of fun meeting them & playing with them last year. They came over every day for a play date. Winston gets to meet them this time. Georgie & Molly just came out sniffed around and watched us play. They let the humans pet them a lot so they can get more treats. I'm sure they'll do that again. But us 4 boys will be running, wrestling, barking, playing...I'm gonna have sweet dreams tonight!

We'll try to keep up a journal but we may be having too much fun! Have a great weekend everyone.



Schnauzer Playland - Definately a 5-tail wag day

April 11th 2008 6:43 pm
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Well, we opened Schnauzer Playland today. Lots of pups came to it. We had a great time playing games, playing in the park and of course eating. It was good to have a nice event with our Schnauzer pals. Mom was really proud of me. I thought up the idea of Schnauzer Playland and worked really hard on it especially today. It wouldn't have happened without my pals and our other admin Maddie and Samson though. We learned a lot from them about how to do an event. They did put together one of our most successful events, the Pawcademy awards. And Milly provided some artwork of the Schnauzer Playland sign and a Schnauzer looking at the sign in the park. Wow a great group of admin to be a part of. It feels good to do something for our pals. I hope everyone had a great time. And I hope everyone continues to have a great time there! We hardly used the park today - there's a lot of explorin' to do!!!


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