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My Beautiful Wolf Steinway

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Steinway the kitty

August 25th 2009 9:59 pm
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Whenever we go on a hike and Steinway has to pee she has to scratch at the dirt (kicking back ) like she is a kitty covering up her pee. It is so cute to watch my big wooly girl act like a kitty.



April 27th 2009 10:23 pm
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Buzz, bought bees!!! I don't understand........I usually bite them or scratch them with my big furry paw. Mom decided to be a bee farmer, as if 5 big furry dogs weren't enough. The bees don't live close to the house but we still don't understand. The best part is all the weird smells (after mom has visited the hive) and the honeycomb that mom brought back to us. Brule' and Buddha love the comb the most but we all love honey. Mom says her new bee adventure is going to be called Wolf Mountain Honey, I knew she would somehow include us.


I've been tagged twice!

April 12th 2008 4:00 pm
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I've been tagged by Delilha and Ruby
I have to answer five questions with four answers, then tag four furiends.

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Official licker
2. Keeping down the skunk population
3. Pay day candy bar inventory
4. Hair distributer

Four places I have lived:
1. Flagstaff
2. Kingman (in town)
3. In the mountains in my forever home.
4. My mom's uterus. BOL!

Four places I have been to:
1. My mom's work and I even chewed on some patient charts!
2. Petco
3. The vet! (I tuck my tail there)
4. The Hualapai Mountains 8000 feet!

Four favorite foods:
1. Bully Sticks
2. Rib eye
3. Pay Day candy bars (peanuts peanuts peanuts)
4. Peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat bread. (naughty)

Four places I would rather be:
1. Hiking in the mountains.
2. Playing in the snow.
3. Laying in the snow.
4. Sleeping in the snow.

I am going to tag the following four furiends:
Mallory 304556
Jack 647402
Jazz 692763
Kiba 283467



February 26th 2008 10:57 pm
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Ok......well Steinway seemed to have some kind of infection in the vaginal area. So of course I took her to the vet. The diagnosis is a vaginal infection because she is so fluffy and furry. She has too much of that beautiful hair and she cannot properly clean herself. She can't actually get to the right place and lick because there is just so much fur. Poor Steinway she had to get a "brazilian" That's what the vet and joked about her getting but she just took her back and shaved the appropriate area. :) Steinway was not impressed!



August 27th 2005 10:09 am
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Steinway loves going to visit the horses up the road. When we get the "pack" harnessed up she pulls and pulls because she is so excited. Once we reach the horses, she jumps up on the fence and licks and licks the horses. Her favorite is the stallion. I don't know why, but she loves him. She licks his leg and licks his face. There are wild mustangs that live their also but she is only interested in the stallion. What a funny girl.



March 12th 2005 12:34 pm
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Last weekend we were walking the dog/wolfies and it just started raining and then it started hailing like crazy. We were about a mile from home so we just continued. When the hail was coming down Steinway folded her ear in half so hail couldn't get in it. It was coming down towards her right ear so she just folds her ear and keeps walking. I didn't know she could do that, it was so funny to see her walking with a folded ear. What a smartie!!!



March 8th 2005 10:22 pm
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We have been receiving unusal amounts of rain for this area. Steiner just can't stand it. She loves being outside but she doesn't want to be in the rain. So she stands at the doggie door and looks out and then turns and looks at me, as if she's saying turn it off mom. She acts like I control the rain. Then she just mopes around till it stops. Lately, since we've had so much rain she's decided to deal with it. She lays out there while it's hailing and raining like crazy and refuses to come in. She'll show that rain!!!


Dental Floss

November 8th 2004 11:04 am
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Steinway loves to floss her teeth!!! I have never seen this with a dog/wolf before. She loves to come in the bathroom and watch the whole process. She watches the water pik, then the brushing and finally her favorite, the flossing. So we take floss and do her teeth and she loves it. What a funny, beautiful wolfie!!!


Happy Birthday!

October 20th 2004 12:15 pm
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Today is Steinway's 2nd birthday. She was so upset because it was raining and she couldn't go on her walk. I got her an angel food cake and some smoked pork bones. She shared with the other doggies.
Happy Birthday Beautiful Steinway!!!!!



October 13th 2004 4:57 pm
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Today on our morning walk Steinway and Boz went crazy when the neighbor's dogs came running over. Boz started fighting the one and Steinway ran off with the other. They both took me by suprise and just ran off with leashes flying. I managed to get Boz because he's 10 times more obedient and he was preoccupied with fighting. Steinway would not listen to me no matter what, she was running all over the mountain. Finally she got caught because she was terrorizing the neighbor's chickens. She would run up to their cage and make them scatter and cluck their heart out in terror. She just kept doing this back and forth. Finally, we got the leash and Steinway could care less that I was mad at her and late for work! She's still my favorite wolfie!!

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