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Age: 10 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 11-25 lbs

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Herc, Herky, Little Man, Baby Boy, Psycho, Mr. Wrinkles, Pirhanna Boy, Fartzilla, Poopzilla, The Hercman, Hercenstein, HerkenDurk, Count Poopzilla, Hercken Von Schnerken

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

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Quick Bio:

October 2nd 2006

Sunbathing and roasting in front of da fire iz da bestest ting ever! I lub belly rubz, butt scratchez, doing da Pugtona, giving the googly eye stare when da hoomanz have da fud stuff and kissing! I kiss on demand!!!

I reelly don't like it when Mizz Fatty grumblez at me an' chases me when I take her treatz. I don't like it when I can't run an' play or when da hoomanz don't feed me table scrapz.

Favorite Toy:
I jest lub my Mr. Lobster frum my pal Maxwell an' my woobies!! Pig earz an' greeniez an pork chewies iz reelly tastee...of course I like anyting dat my big sister Bailey has. BOL.

Favorite Food:
Nutro Ultra Puppy kibble mixed with poached chicken and rice! Tanks, ma!

Favorite Walk:
Anywhere! I just love to run and prance around, especially if I can jump on my big ol' sis!!

Best Tricks:
Sleeping, attacking moving objects, chasing da crazy human boy and licking da hoomanz

Arrival Story:
As most of you may know - the Mommy and the Daddy had been searching everywhere to adopt a rescue Pug to keep my grumpy old sister company. Well, since there just weren't any in our area, they researched some breeders and came across lil' ol' me!!! The breeder had just put an add in the paper on me and had several calls by strange people insisting they just wanted to breed me and that I would be kept outside in their kennels. (Can you say puppy mills?) So then she noticed that my Mommy had written an email to her inquiring about a male puppy to be a companion for my (now) big sister and that she had no desire to show me or breed me, just wanted to love me. This made Miss Paula very happy so she called Mommy right away and the rest is history!! Whoo-hoo!!!

I was born on October 2, 2006 and was #4 in my litter. I have so many wrinkles and googly eyes that I'm still growing into that my parental units can't help but oooh and ahhh over me! My evil plan is working already!! Muahahahaha!!! Mommy says I'm going through my adolescent "awkward" stage right now but she thinks I'm just handsome as the dickens, whatever that means!! I've also decided that I'm going to make it my mission in life to annoy my sister!!! ;-) On 1/15/07 we found out that I have level 4 luxating patella but the humans are hoping that I develop some muscle definition to help me get stronger legs until I can have surgery! On May 21st I had surgery on both of my knees. The left knee is just perfect but the right knee will need some more work...a few stitches attaching my ligaments directly into the bone to keep them in place. The vet lady sez that I gotta be in a crate for 8 weeks. After 2 weeks they taked off my leg wrappings and taked da stitches too. I wuz supposed ta start walking until she sawed dat I gotta have more work on da one knee. Bummer! So I'm in lock-down again until further notice! This makes the mommy very sad because I will be 1 year old by the time I will be able to aktually play like a puppy and I won't be a puppy any more! I am getting my man wrinkles around my neck - all is right in the Pugdom!! BOL!

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Poopzilla...I left you a prezzie!

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luxating Patella ?

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A Day In The Life of A Bad Pugger

My Skaree Storee fer Pugapalooza

October 24th 2008 6:54 pm
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It wuz a cold, dark night an' dere wuz a chill in da air. Da lawn iz freezin' over an' da deck iz slipperee so I triez ta get my biznezz done kwik. Da lightz flicker a bit den go out so I goez ta lay down by da fire ta keep my emtpy coin purse warm until bed time. *grin* I eatz my dinner in da dark.

Da onlee light iz from da softlee glowin' fire. Sumpin' jest ain't soundin' right but I iz frozen to da spot. Strange noisez move through da house an' I can't find da mommy. Soon, dere iz odd smellz comin' after me followed by dem spooky soundz!

I dash down da hallway an' into da parental unitz' room where my cuddle bed iz an' I run ta my bed but I hitted my head on da wall an' passed out.

When I waked up it seemed dat da smell had turned into dis foul stench dat wuz unbearable an' dere wuz a huge weight upon my head. I could hardly breathe an' couldn't move a muskle.

Da lightz camed back on an' I hearded muffled laffin'. I wantz ta check it out but I jest can't move so I digz my feet in an' push reelly hard! So hard dat I mighta tooted a bit. Dat'z when da stench got ta me. I tinked I wuz gonna suffokayte but I managed ta grab a piece of sumtin' flabby an' bited as hard as I could.

Den I waked up ta find dat Fatty sister of mine sittin' on my head! She jumped up an' runned wif her butt on da ground, yelpin'!

I iz a skaree manpug!


I'm a Low-Rider!

May 2nd 2008 4:10 pm
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See da hoomanz tink it'z very funnee ta call me all kindz of namez. Sum iz gud, sum not so much. Take fer example, The PeeMeister. Now...okay, I might resemble dat sumtimez cuz, well, I iz "jest sayin'" dat I iz here an' I iz a pug-man now. I can even understand when dey call me Poopzilla. I mean - hey! What self-respectin' pugger don't leave da occasional prezzie layin' aroun' da house, yew know? Dem even callz me Freak. Again, I can't complain cuz I wuz borned wif bad kneez - at least da hoomanz fixed dem fer me.

But I tink I has ta put my paw down when dem startz callin' me da Low-Rider. Now, it izn't my fault dat I likez ta bug Mizz Fatty by tryin' ta get my groove ting on. An' it ain't even my fault dat I can't straighten my kneez out all da way...at least I ain't all jiggly wiggly like HER! So now my whole page iz all doned up, I gotz me a hoodie on, da perfect song (according ta daddy, anybark) an' I iz STILL gettin' da shaft! Wut'z wrong wif dem hoomanz?

If'n dem iz gonna callz me da Low-Rider, den dat wuld imply I gotz me a reputayshun ta uphold, right? Oh no...da hoomanz iz jest mean. Dem letz dat Fatty sister of mine get away wif everyting! Why jest last night she wuz laffin' at me an' kepted chargin' after my cute little mug face! Da nerve, right? Well, I knowed wut it wuz about, she iz tired of my attenshunz. Okay, I getz it. Well...her iz very "healthy" so I jest started ta plop over onto my back wif my legz all relaxed. She sniffed an' sniffed. I dont' know wut she tinked wuz so gud about dat...but dat iz why I iz da Low-Rider. Cuz I been livin' on my back.

I tink I needz a new home! I iz bein' used an' abused!! I iz puttin' myself up fer adopshun so send in yer resumez.

Hercules da discompuglated pugger


My summer vacayshun

September 29th 2007 12:02 pm
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Otay, my summer wuz better den I tinked it wuld be. I spended more time recoverin' frum my knee surgereez but da mommy letted me outta my crate in late July becuz my musklez had atrophied. (Dat meanz da musklez wented away.) So da mommy watched me very closely ta make shur I didn't do no jumpin' or anyting dangerous dat culd pop da pinz outta my kneez an' worked wif me dis summer on buildin' up my musklez. It musta worked, too, cuz da vet lady wuz reelly surprized at how well I wuz doin' considerin' da amount of bone she tooked out. She sez I iz turnin' out ta be one mighty handsome pugger an' she be very proud of me! Whoo-hoo!!

Den, me an' Mizz Fatty got ta work on our tanz an' our love wrinklez. Dat iz alwayz a lot of fun! I iz turnin' into a reelly gud fud stealer! BOL!!

Dis bringz me ta my reel reason fer postin'...we gotsta prepare fer da lekchure on badness which will include - yew guessed it - fud stealin'!

Stay tuned!

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