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Onry Onyx

Onry's 2nd

April 21st 2009 9:58 am
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Today is my 2 year BridgAVersary.

Nothing has changed, especially not the love sent my way. da Momma still talks to me in the darkened bedroom and says goodnight.

She still speaks my name in her sleep, waking da Poppa, who sheds his tears in silence in the dark. Our hearts intertwined surer than in many a marraige, we are family, we are pals, we love... forever. This goes beyond species, this bond we share. Our hearts have touched, met & found new meaning for life & love...

They keep quiet about our devotion, because too many say, "It's just a dog" or "It's been a while, get over it, you have other dogs". I am no 'It'. I am not just a 'dog', I am still part of da Momma & da Poppa's very life and soul. Time matters not, we are joined eternally by love.

I wish you all, at least one love like this!!

Wuv Always,
Onry Onyx

For those who werent here, here is my Obit:

Saturday 21 April 2007 Darbi and Onry
April 21st 2007 8:59 pm [link to this entry]

Today my family buried Darbi, their 8 year old Great Niece. Darbi died suddenly in an accident at home on Monday.

Tonite my family buried me. I died suddenly at home too.

Momma told the teenager and the grandson that God wanted Darbi to have a real good dog all her own. My time was nearly up, so I applied to keep Darbi company and love and play with her until the rest of our family arrives.

Everyone has been crying all week and trying to explain the unexpected death of a child. When I fell and died in momma's arms, the crying started all over again. But with my last breaths, I infused momma's, poppa's, the teenager's and the grandson's inhales with a bit of my soul. I gave them patience, love, appreciation of now, appreciation of each other, and a small bit more understanding of the cycle of life.

I have been one of the great loves of momma & poppa's lives. They held and stroked me long after I was gone, whispering the things they told me every day. "You are our sweet baby", "You're the Beauty Girl", "Onry, We Love You". They all told me to play with Darbi and love her the way I loved them.

The grandson asked da momma to name one of Sapphire and Bandit's pups Onyx, but momma said, "No baby, if we did that a new face would replace Onry's in our mind and we want to remember her forever".

The teenager dug a grave for my old body, da poppa turned the car around so the boy had the headlights to see by. He filled the grave with his warm salty tears. Momma was still holding my used up body, rubbing my silky ears and telling me how good the last 5 1/2 years had been. She held me until her knees went numb. Then da poppa gently took dat old body, laid it on a towel and sat on the floor with the grandson. Both were petting me and covering me with warm wet salt. They too told me to play with Darbi, to run again, to see again, to live with Darbi and with God.

Momma & Poppa went to check the grave and bring the teenager in for a last goodby. They left my body with the grandson. When they returned, they saw the grandson laying with what was left of me, giving me some last sweet kisses. Momma asked da teenager and da poppa to bury me, she wanted to stay inside wtih the grandson and not see me in the ground. Tomorrow da momma is going to pick out a new tree to mark my spot. Da grandson wants to help her pick out a pretty one.

More tears, more hugs, more love, more sorrow. Oh how well I am loved and how well I love them. da momma & da poppa say nothing will ever be the same. I know it wont, I forever changed my family and they forever changed me. I AM FOREVER LOVED!


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