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Onry Onyx

Onry's 2nd

April 21st 2009 9:58 am
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Today is my 2 year BridgAVersary.

Nothing has changed, especially not the love sent my way. da Momma still talks to me in the darkened bedroom and says goodnight.

She still speaks my name in her sleep, waking da Poppa, who sheds his tears in silence in the dark. Our hearts intertwined surer than in many a marraige, we are family, we are pals, we love... forever. This goes beyond species, this bond we share. Our hearts have touched, met & found new meaning for life & love...

They keep quiet about our devotion, because too many say, "It's just a dog" or "It's been a while, get over it, you have other dogs". I am no 'It'. I am not just a 'dog', I am still part of da Momma & da Poppa's very life and soul. Time matters not, we are joined eternally by love.

I wish you all, at least one love like this!!

Wuv Always,
Onry Onyx

For those who werent here, here is my Obit:

Saturday 21 April 2007 Darbi and Onry
April 21st 2007 8:59 pm [link to this entry]

Today my family buried Darbi, their 8 year old Great Niece. Darbi died suddenly in an accident at home on Monday.

Tonite my family buried me. I died suddenly at home too.

Momma told the teenager and the grandson that God wanted Darbi to have a real good dog all her own. My time was nearly up, so I applied to keep Darbi company and love and play with her until the rest of our family arrives.

Everyone has been crying all week and trying to explain the unexpected death of a child. When I fell and died in momma's arms, the crying started all over again. But with my last breaths, I infused momma's, poppa's, the teenager's and the grandson's inhales with a bit of my soul. I gave them patience, love, appreciation of now, appreciation of each other, and a small bit more understanding of the cycle of life.

I have been one of the great loves of momma & poppa's lives. They held and stroked me long after I was gone, whispering the things they told me every day. "You are our sweet baby", "You're the Beauty Girl", "Onry, We Love You". They all told me to play with Darbi and love her the way I loved them.

The grandson asked da momma to name one of Sapphire and Bandit's pups Onyx, but momma said, "No baby, if we did that a new face would replace Onry's in our mind and we want to remember her forever".

The teenager dug a grave for my old body, da poppa turned the car around so the boy had the headlights to see by. He filled the grave with his warm salty tears. Momma was still holding my used up body, rubbing my silky ears and telling me how good the last 5 1/2 years had been. She held me until her knees went numb. Then da poppa gently took dat old body, laid it on a towel and sat on the floor with the grandson. Both were petting me and covering me with warm wet salt. They too told me to play with Darbi, to run again, to see again, to live with Darbi and with God.

Momma & Poppa went to check the grave and bring the teenager in for a last goodby. They left my body with the grandson. When they returned, they saw the grandson laying with what was left of me, giving me some last sweet kisses. Momma asked da teenager and da poppa to bury me, she wanted to stay inside wtih the grandson and not see me in the ground. Tomorrow da momma is going to pick out a new tree to mark my spot. Da grandson wants to help her pick out a pretty one.

More tears, more hugs, more love, more sorrow. Oh how well I am loved and how well I love them. da momma & da poppa say nothing will ever be the same. I know it wont, I forever changed my family and they forever changed me. I AM FOREVER LOVED!



February 8th 2009 9:02 am
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Well it seemed a good time to post this with Pugsident Irving loosing his sight after too much anesthesia. I wrote an article for when Linda Glass was still alive. I tried to recreate the most important stuff here for our puggie pals just in case someone needs it.

We just heard that Irving has recovered his sight!!! Yahoo, Yippee!!!
We are delighted that Irving wont need this but perhaps someone else can use it, so here tis....

Our Beloved Pugsident has joined Onry & many friends at the bridge since this post, but we know there are still many blind dogs out there who may need some tips. Right now Cooper de Duper (think Barney) a one eyed, vision impaired in the other Bloodhound who weighs in at 135 & sports a 44" chest is thriving & learning with this method, so THIS IS NOT FOR PUGS ONLY.

This is good to keep on file just in case. I also do this stuff with my sighted pugs because eye injuries in pugs are all too common.

If this seems long and alot to do. Let me assure you these things become routine quickly. You take doing them for granted in a very short time.


First and foremost, your pet’s blindness is harder on you than on them. Sight is the third choice of senses for dogs, first comes smell then hearing. Blindness is totally different for them than us, UNLESS, you are so anxious about their condition that you pass on those negative feelings.

Your dog has scent markers all over your home and yard, more than you ever want to know about. After the initial shock, your dog will resume using those markers to locate.

Use a leash, even indoors for a while. You on the other end of that leash is a big reassurance of safety to your pug. A traffic lead is great at first, short and close to you. If you don’t want to buy one, use a rubber band to take up the excess on your regular leash.

Try to keep your dogs schedule and life the same as usual. Walks, play dates, car rides, pug meetups, visits to the neighbors or family, and all his normal activities should continue or your dog may become depressed.

Snap your fingers to lead your dog on an on leash or off leash tour of the house/yard etc. If he can’t find something (food, water, bed, toy, the back door) DONT TAKE IT TO HIM OR CARRY HIM TO IT. Guide him to it by snapping fingers to guide him. Tap your foot on the floor to point out food he may have dropped or a toy on the floor.

Snap your fingers or slap your thigh/hip as you walk your dog outside. To this day I can’t walk a dog off leash without snapping my fingers. I alternated hands so my pugs have a center location for me. Left hand snap, Right hand snap etc. I really advocate the snap over the slap, because as you & your dog age and hearing fades, a sharp snap is easier to hear and easier on the hip/thigh.

Establish a safe comforting haven for your pug. Place a small bed or blanket next to his water & food bowls TEMPORARILY. This gives him a home area from which to explore. Having the food and water handy is a reassurance, especially to a pug, and also makes this point easier to find. This all adds up to increased exploring in the early days of blindness or a move to a new home.

Use baby gates or other methods to block stairs. Do not assume a newly blinded pug will not try the stairs and fall.

Outdoors, use a leash in your yard or usual walk route while practicing your own, or the safety cues below. Also invest in a leash splitter if you have two or more dogs. The proximity of a buddy is an invaluable confidence builder and will teach the second dog to be a better guide. The guide dog will also learn the cues which may someday be invaluable, especially if he is also a pug.

Do NOT treat your blind dog like an invalid. You must adopt the attitude that this is perfectly normal for your dog to adopt the same attitude. Dogs CAN THRIVE despite blindness.

Blind-proof any obstacles and architectural features that may result in a fall. Basement window wells can be covered with plywood, stairs can be blocked, doors that swing inward should be left closed at first unless the open up flat against a wall

Put a wind chime on each porch or at each door to help your pet find the way in. Jingle the chime when you call him. You may want to add a wind chime temporarily in your kitchen to use at mealtime for a while.

If your dog sleeps in your bed consider a ramp, not those stairs on tv. 4” sides are adequate for a blind pug, carpet is mandatory to leave a good scent trail & to give your pug secure footing even when sleepy. If anyone wants a photo of mine, let me know. Onry used it for 5 ½ years and sighted Sapphire, Bandit & Hilde all like using it. To make one requires minimal skill, little lumber and about 3 carpet squares or a small carpet remnant (the size which your local carpet dealer usually throws away). If you want to build one, I can provide the dimensions of mine. If you wish to purchase one, I can look at it or recommend one. Mine was bought on ebay from a seller who gave a discount to all rescues & rescued dogs. Also good is to place some old pillows or couch/chair cushions next to the bed in case of a night time fall.

Use your voice to let your pug know you are coming. REQUIRE children to do so also, a startled dog may bite.

If your dog sleeps in a crate either remove the crate door OR turn it on its side and tie the gate open on top. These doors can really injure your pet if he walks into the edge.

Use a halter for better control for all breeds. In an emergency a halter provides a way to pick up your pug immediately or control a larger dog. Dogs on a halter (and a shortened leash) get used to subtle steering cues that aren’t apparent with a collar, even without any effort on your part.

Temporarily you may stiffen the leash with a lightweight pipe or a shower bar cover if you want to actively steer your pug. I have never done this myself but some people find it helpful.

You can make a blind dog hoop fastened to a leather halters side straps to give your pet a heads up that an object is ahead or to the side. I made one for Onry but she preferred her e-collar for exploring and learning the layout of the house and yard. Her e-collar was sufficient to keep her safe except from thorny bushes. Her e-collar also saved her life when she decided to check out the toilet and fell in head first. We stored the e-collar flat on a nail in the wall and got it out for each furniture rearrangement. You can move furniture with a blind dog in the house! Trust me, I get restless and it’s easier and less trouble to rearrange the house than move. Hoops can be made or bought. Vest Hoops are also available online.


This is probably the most important thing you can do for yourself and your pet. Learned safety words will give reassurance to you as well as your pug, keep them safe even off leash and allow them to run and behave like they used to even in strange settings.

You MUST be consistent in using the same word for the same thing EVERY TIME. It doesn’t matter what words you use so pick ones that come naturally to you

Some of mine are:

STOP: use to mean stop immediately, danger ahead. Giving this command with a sharp tug on the leash will result in quicker learning unless you regularly give sharp tugs.

WAIT: use for longer non-danger stops, like emptying the mailbox, chatting with a neighbor, waiting for the walk signal etc.

EASY: use as a cautionary command to slow up a running or walking pug Also use this to cue your dog into the fact that a non-danger stop is imminent, IE approaching a street corner where you will cross the road.

STEP UP: use for each and every individual step at first. Later on, on stairs your dog uses regularly, you can use step up once or STAIRS to indicate a whole flight that he is familiar with. ALSO use when approaching a curb you need to go up. I have seen dogs with scraped legs and chins from not receiving this simple cue.

GO FOR A RIDE, GET IN: Used to get into the car. For small blind dogs use to get them onto the vehicles floor, then use STEP UP to get them on the seat. Your blind dog may be more comfortable riding on the floor for a while as speed can be scary at first. A car harness is highly recommended for blind dogs as they are reassuring and prevent harm to your pug. I had a wreck with my first blind dog in 1970, well before car harnesses. She was so traumatized that she took off running, right into traffic. She escaped harm but was always secured after that. To secure her I used a short leash closed in the door.

STEP DOWN: use at curbs and stairs as above.

WE’RE HERE, GET OUT: May require two steps, one to the floor and the second to get out of the car. Later your dog will probably gain enough confidence to just jump out. If there is a curb in the way, pick the dog up or use a hand on the harness to guide him out.

WATCH OUT: I have been criticized for teaching this BUT there are hazards, obstacles, etc that occur that you don’t have a cue for. If a kid on a bicycle suddenly darts in front of you, if there is a chained dog baring his teeth in someone’s front yard, if anything unexpected pops up this is a good all purpose command to use.

TREE: use to indicate a tree either as an obstacle or a sniffing place or to indicate a place to go. Teach it even if your pug knows where the trees are because if he decides to tuck and run trees can hurt. If your pug loves to tuck and run try putting wood chip mulch or rubber weed rings around the trees and bushes. Texture can give clues as to obstacles & doorways.

FENCE: like tree fences hurt and can be peed on or sources of p-mail. Blind dogs do run, usually when you least expect it!

WALL: helpful to know at the vets etc.

DOOR: meaning you are going to hit a door or wait while I open the door.

Onry knew about a hundred and fifty safety & navigational words (and many more for food). Start with just the essentials for safety & navigation. Later add words specifically for your unique situation, ie: elevator, cow, pond etc.

Your blind dog may become a part of your calf. I had one that always leaned into my calf when walking anyplace other than in the house. When he passed away my calf felt naked and cold for months but sometimes I could still almost feel him.

If your pet takes up sleeping on your foot or leaning against you allow and encourage it. He is telling you this is secure for him, be flattered not annoyed.

If you have questions, concerns or something I havent addressed let me know. I love blind dogs and have over 30 years experience with them.

Onry's da momma, Daria


Bandit gives a 4 PAWS UP to the Deedle Dude Toys (all of em).

ENJOY! A blind dog is not a liability but a JOY & A PRIVLEGE


A Tribute to Rescues & Rescuers

April 14th 2008 8:47 pm
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It is almost a year since I left yew all. In honor of my upcoming Bridge anniversary, I wants to share sumpin I found wiff yew all. Jest so's yew know I haffent forggetted what it iz like to be a rescue & dat I will never loose da grattitude for being rescued. So here tis:

Unlike most days at RainBow Bridge, this day dawned cold and gray, damp as a swamp and as dismal as could be imagined. All the recent arrivals were confused and concerned. They had no idea what to think for they had never experienced a day like this before. But the animals who had spent some time waiting for their beloved people knew exactly what was happening and began to gather at the pathway leading to the Bridge to watch. They knew this was something special.

It wasn't too long before an elderly animal came into view, head hung heavy and low with tail dragging along the ground. The other animals on the pathway...the ones who had been at RainBow Bridge for a while...knew the story of this sad creature immediately. They had seen it happen far too many times.

Although it was obvious the animal's heart was leaden and he was totally overcome with emotional pain and hurt, there was no sign of injury or any illness. Unlike the pets waiting at the Bridge, this dog had not been restored to his prime. He was full of neither health nor vigor. He approached slowly and painfully, watching all the pets who were by now watching him. He knew he was out of place here. This was no resting place for him. He felt instinctively that the sooner he could cross over, the happier he would be. But alas, as he came closer to the Bridge, his way was barred by the appearance of an Angel who spoke softly to the old dog and apologized sorrowfully, telling him that he would not be able to pass. Only those animals who were with their special people could pass over the RainBow Bridge. And he had no special beloved people...not here at the Bridge nor on Earth below.

With no place else to turn, the poor elderly dog looked toward the fields before the Bridge. There, in a separate area nearby, he spotted a group of other sad-eyed animals like himself...elderly and infirm. Unlike the pets waiting for their special people, these animals weren't playing, but simply lying on the green grass, forlornly and miserably staring out at the pathway leading to the Bridge. The recent arrival knew he had no choice but to join them. And so, he took his place among them, just watching the pathway and waiting.

One of the newest arrivals at the Bridge, who was waiting for his special people, could not understand what he had just witnessed and asked one of the pets who had been there for some time to explain it to him.

"That poor dog was a rescue, sent to the pound when his owner grew tired of him. They way you see him now, with graying fur and sad, cloudy eyes, was exactly the way he was when he was put into the kennels. He never, ever made it out and passed on only with the love and comfort that the kennel workers could give him as he left his miserable and unloved existence on Earth for good. Because he had no family or special person to give his love, he has nobody to escort him across the Bridge."

The first animal thought about this for a minute and then asked, "So what will happen now?"

As he was about to receive his answer, the clouds suddenly parted and the all-invasive gloom lifted. Coming toward the Bridge could be seen a single figure...a person who, on Earth, had seemed quite ordinary...a person who, just like the elderly dog, had just left Earth forever. This figure turned toward a group of the sad animals and extended outstretched palms. The sweetest sounds they had ever heard echoed gently above them and all were bathed in a pure and golden light. Instantly, each was young and healthy again, just as they had been in the prime of life.

From within the gathering of pets waiting for their special people, a group of animals emerged and moved toward the pathway. As they came close to the passing figure, each bowed low and each received a tender pat on the head or a scratch behind the ears. Their eyes grew even brighter as the figure softly murmured each name. Then, the newly-restored pets fell into line behind the figure and quietly followed this person to the Bridge, where they all crossed together.

The recent arrival who had been watching, was amazed. "What happened?"

"That was a rescuer," came the answer. "That person spent a lifetime trying to help pets of all kinds. The ones you saw bowing in respect were those who found new homes because of such unselfish work. They will cross when their families arrive. Those you saw restored were ones who never found homes. When a rescuer arrives, they are permitted to perform one, final act of rescue. They are allowed to escort those poor pets that couldn't place on Earth across the Rainbow Bridge. You see, all animals are special to them...just as they are special to all animals."

"I think I like rescuers," said the recent arrival.

"So does God," was the reply.

--Author Unknown--

I will wuv yew furever, those who work in rescue & those who have taken rescues in. Please remember, yer werk iz never done until yew and dat last rescue cross da bridge togedder.
So Please, when the hurt gets too great, remember da joy and da wuv & just take one more step, we are counting on yew!
I Wuvs Yew!!
Old Onry



October 24th 2007 3:10 pm
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I know what you're thinking. You think I'm dead.
Because you cannot see me with your human eye,
cannot feel me, with your hands or hold me in your
arms. You think I am gone forever. You recall how
I looked when I left this place and you cannot
remotely imagine that I could possibly be alive in
another place.

You are racked and torn by the pain of our
separation and it blinds you to that which is
right in front of you ... me.

How many times since I left your immediate sight
have you been told that I'm dead and you should
"get over it"... How many times have you
cried yourself to sleep because you feel like an
outcast, believing you're supposed to get over me
because that's what people say is normal... but
somehow you can't and no one seems to understand?
How many times have you put yourself through such
excruciating pain because you aren't willing to
consider that I am not, by any means, dead.

I want you to do me a favour and go back in time
with me. Remember the glorious day I came into
your home- was I not the most intriguing creature
you'd ever met? Did I not make you laugh and
giggle? Did I not look at you with such adoration
that you wanted nothing
more than to spend the rest of your life with me?
I wanted this too.

Remember the days when I was in my prime and we
did many things together. You were so proud of me!
I was a good friend and I took
care of you when you cried, were angry or felt
down and unhappy. When you didn't have a lot of
time for me because of your obligations, I waited
patiently for you. I was always there when you
needed me. Did I not look at you with such
acceptance and patience that at times you felt
perhaps a bit unworthy? You were never
unworthy in my eyes.

Remember when age crept up on me, my bones became
stiff and my movements slower. Still I met you at
the door when you came home and
followed you around the house. We'd been together
for so long, I was your very best friend
regardless of what you were doing, saying,
thinking. Did I not look at you with such kindness
and understanding that you felt overwhelmed? I
couldn't get enough of you.

Remember the last time we saw each other with
earthly eyes? You tried to be brave but I knew you
were crying ... I know you so well. Better
than anyone else in the whole world. Did I not
look at you with such pure trust and love that you
yearned only to hold me close and keep
me with you always? Did you not promise that you
would love me forever? I believed you. If this is
so then why have you let me go by thinking I no
longer exist?

Remember the depth in my eyes all those times I
looked at you with adoration, acceptance,
patience, trust and love. Who created this
depth and love? Would the Creator diminish the
song of our laughter which was created in the name
of love? I am no longer an earthly
figure, this is true. My body was only part of who
I really am. My body would have been but a mere
shell on earth if it were not filled to
overflowing with my soul, my spirit, my loving

When we met you thought I was cute, sweet, pretty
and adorable. But what kind of relationship would
we have had if this is all that I'd been? How
could you have loved me if I'd had no spiritual
substance? We are all made up of energy which
resides far deep down inside of
us, it is our core, our soul, spirit and loving
light. It is the energy that is all of life ... it
has no beginning, it has no end. It simply is and
always will be and without it there is no life.

You can't see it with the naked eye nor can you hold
it in your hand, it is simply a certain knowing
that this energy does exist. It's a knowing just
as you know that our love existed on earth -
you couldn't see our love in a solid sense, you
couldn't gather it all up and confine it to one
place. But you *knew* it existed. There
was no doubt in your mind.They demand you get over
me, insisting that I'm dead and you'll never see
me again because animals don't go to
Heaven. Oh really? I'm here to tell you different.
You were worthy of my love and undying devotion on
earth as I was of yours. Do you really believe this love would be snatched from us *forever* by a loving Creator simply because I
wasn't human? Was I not a living, breathing
creation with personality? How could I have been
so if I didn't possess the energy of soul, spirit
and loving light? And if this energy is and always
will be, then how can it be that I am
dead? If my core is not of the energy that is all
of life then I was never alive to begin with.

But you know better.You cry because you miss me,
this I understand. I miss you too - I miss the
belly rubs, hugs and kisses that we shared.
But life does go on beyond these wonderful,
fulfilling physical connections. I came to this
place to live a whole new life, not because I
didn't love you anymore or because I wanted
something better. I came here because it was time
for me to go to the next phase of my existence,
something all living creatures must do eventually.
It is the normal progression of life. I was not
taken away from you because you cannot take away
that which was never owned. My presence in your life was and is a gift
to be cherished and honoured just as I cherish and
honour you.

Life is not simply about being born into a body,
living a certain number of years and then dying.
Energy cannot die. We are blessed with time in a
body so that we can learn, share and grow. It
prepares us for the next phase of our eternal
life. The body holds within it the true life force
of our existence ...our soul, spirit and loving
light. Without these our bodies would be empty,
blank, void of feeling and expression. Without our
energy we would indeed be dead and could never
have experienced our love for each other.

You say that all you have left are memories. Not
so. You see, when I took leave of my earthly body
I left a little something behind for
you. You can't touch it, hold it or examine it.
For what I left behind is far too uninhibited for
confinement. I left behind a piece of my soul. I
placed it right next to your own which is quite
fitting as we were always side by side in our
earthly life together. I love you too much to have
left you with nothing but memories which tend to
fade and grow cloudy as the years go by. I love
you too much to have vanished without a trace. How
selfish it would be of me to remove
love and light from your life.I understand your
tears, each one you shed is testament to your love
for me and I am honoured and humbled.
But don't forget the good things we shared -
remember and smile. This is an honour for me as
well. And when you need me I will be here. Close
your eyes, relax, take slow, deep
breaths and picture me in your mind. Shut off the
world and your notions of what death is and give
me a chance. Look for the subtle signs I send you.
Don't stop being proud of me, I am a friend to be
proud of, I am still your friend and soul mate.
Don't memorialise the death of my body but instead
honour and celebrate my never-ending life for it
is eternal and forever as is my love for you.

Until we meet again...


LIVE FRUM DA BRIDGE!!! It's Gramma Onry via Maxwell da- Reporter

August 8th 2007 9:44 pm
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From Palooza Talk, an exclusive interview with Ms. Onry Onyx, of the Rainbow Bridge!! Sent: Wed Aug 8

Well Palooza Talk readers, I can't tell you how thrilled I was to get this exclusive interview with this next Celebrity-- Ms. Onry Onyx . I met Onry over the bridge and through a cloud undeneath a huge tree with shrubbery reminding me of her home on earth in New Mexico. Darn, I thought-- another hot state, this reporter just can't catch a break with comfortable weather. But surprisingly, despite the heat, it wasn't uncomfortable, in fact- I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with Onry hearing her perspective on all aspects of life at the bridge.

Before yew read this interview, I must confess to my readers, I did, at times, lose my profeshunal objective as her answers touched me to the veree core. But as yew will see, her insight into life on the Bridge was excepshunal and shuld give us all comfort as we think of those we love.

As she toyed with the strand of pearls she wore around her neck I asked her if it true you are healthy again and have no pain when you pass to the Rainbow Bridge? Onry smiled and said, "Yes that iz true. I can tuck & run all month without even stopping to rest. Even when I wuz a pup, I couldnt do dat. And az far az pain, I dont remember whut dat iz, so I guess I dont gots any. Best of all iz dat I kin see clear past da Milky Way now." Wow, I thought-- to be able to see all the stars and the Milky Way up close- how kool would that be!

Do you remain an old pugger I thought, and how could I gracefully ask that question to a pug of her age while she was on earth... so I said tentatively, do you become young again and lose your grey hairs or do you just feel young? She laughed as she replied " No Way!! I had a choice when I first got here as to whut age I wanted to be. I like being a wize old granny pug & my fambily wouldnt know me iffen I wuz yung. Remember I didnt haff a real fambily until I wuz 11 1/2 and besides damomma & dapoppa always told me I wuz beautiful so, The Gray Stays!! " Expugllent I thought 'cause Irving has developed a bit of an ego since somepuggy told him he is the Sean Connery of Pugs. He likes his grey hair and thinks it enhances his charm. He will be very glad to know this fact.

On to the next most important topic I thought-- FOOD! How many times do you get fed per day and what kind of food do you get to eat? "I dont really get fed, I just think yummy roast and deres one now. Think ice cream & there iz a baftub full of it & I swim in it and eat at the same time, keeps my puggish figgerr! Same wiff any odder fuud. Course, I supoze dat if I thought of sumone feeding me... nah, dats da momma's job. I dont want anybuddy else doing it." Oh my pugness, I thought-- it is just like those SeeFood Magical Mystery Boxes the Pugsident and First Puggy Lady Bailey sent out to us a couple of weeks ago!! I nearly pee'd with excitement at her answer I must confess!!

Which made me ask the following question-- just to be absolutely sure, on behalf of my friend Wheezer and Otis Campbell Carter... Are there Carrots and Ice Cream at the Rainbow Bridge? Onry smiled as she began gestering with her arms wildly, and just seemed to know why I was asking that specific question!! I was amazed by her insight as she replied "Wheezer dere iz fields of carrots, just roll in da foliage and enjoy the back rub until dem carrots just practically jump into yer mouf! OCC, yew kin haff an ice cream baff, or boat or an ice cream Sunday where it lasts all week! Yew boyz just gots to use yer imagination and your fondest desires just happen. " Wow, I thought... but what about gaining that excess poundage? "Since yew asked, I guess it would be OK to tell yew dere are sum FORBIDDEN WERDS here and dats in the top ten. I cant tell yew de odders till yew gets here, but de absence of dem werds sure makes dis Heaven!"

OK, with food covered I moved on to the special "doggie specific types of treats we all enjoy--- the Greenies!! "They grow on spechul trees with peanut butter filled kongs. There are too many trees & bushes to describe, sum are jest for peeing on but lots of dem haff toys & treats & stuffed people fur us to sleep wiff." was Onry's reassuring answer to my question.

Now that the most important topic-- food was covered, comfort became my next priority in my investigative questions regarding the bridge. I just knew I had to uncover the truth-- the Rainbow Bridge couldn't be THAT fabulous could it? I started by asking where do you sleep and with who, thinking that ahhhhaa! Sleep must be a lonely time... Onry laughed as she figured out what I was doing and responded "At night I always cuddle up in da hugest puppy pile yew could imagine. I like to be near Sapphires pups and all de odder pups who's moms & dads arent here wiff em. Sum of my pups are here too, so it's great.

Fur naps, I usually pick a stuffed damomma & stuffed dapoppa from the Lifesized Tree & plant my butt right between em, just like always. However, on certain days when I haff pals arriving, like yesterday, I nap wiff dem under a big pear tree whose leaves let the sunshine thru in a warm & sparkely way. I cuddle em real close on dere furst day cause dat furst day we still remember earth enough to really want one last sweet cuddle wiff our famblys. After dat transition, we just get busy enjoying everything till one day.... " Oh, I thought-- gee, how nice would that be.... and how comforting for Sapphire and Bandits to know that their pups were taken care of--

I must confess I then got a couple of puggie tears in my eyes thinking of her answer so I quickly changed the topic to shopping-- a pugs paradise of fun!! Do you have a PetSmart at the Bridge? Where do you get your treats from? Now I admit, I had already asked about Greenies and found out about Kong's but I didn't want to think about those pups anymore cause if I did I would be a blubering reporter and Palooza Talk wouldn't hire me anymore. Onry accepted the abrupt change of subject in stride, looking me in my puggie tear filled eyes, nodding, and answering "Nope, no Petsmart dat I've found, but if I wanted one I could think one here. I wuznt too crazy bout riding in a shopping cart anyway. Treats are like food, you crave it & there it iz. Good thing I always had an active imagination!! BOL!"

I quickly followed it up with a question about the Who's Who at the Bridge-- wanting to know-- Have you met any Celebrities at the Bridge? Onry scoffed and said "Celebrity is an earth thing. We are all celebrities here but deres no pugerazzi. " No pugerazzi I thought, Oh, what a relief-- oh no, wait a minute-- if there's no pugerazzi I won't be able to be Maxwell 'da Reporter when I come to the Bridge!! Oh No!! After I had my initial panic attack at the thought I remembered I would still have the opportunity to be Sir Maxwell and plan parties and be Maxwell 'da Rapper and do Birfday Dances so all would be fine-- wouldn't it?

I was suddenly brought back to the conversation as Onry gave me a little shake and continued her answer to my initial question about Celebrities at the bridge.... "I did haff lunch one day wiff a man named Noah & all kinds of critters dat were in hiz pack. A wuff told me he wuz an earth celebrity. Den dere wuz da day dat a nice man named Albert explained how da universe & time and space all worked togedder but I didnt understand dat part about arriving here before I lived on earth. I am also always up fur a nice flight across the heavens with that nice daVinci man or even with Old Ben on his kite string."

Still shaken at the thought of possibly losing my "identities" I thought it best to change the subject again to the Logistics of the whole bridge thingy and learn exactly HOW it worked... I said, Onry, inquiring minds want to know-- Do you really cross a bridge to get in or is it more of a "cloud" thing? She got a contemplative look on her face as she answered "Maybe it's because I wuz old but it seemed to me dat the bridge and clouds are in da minds. Da pupz all say they crossed a bridge into da clouds but for me, I just closed my eyes, said Thy Will Be Done and let go of earth. Next thing I know, I yam here, happy, healthy and near the Creator. "

I must confess I was fascinated that there could be so many perceptions from so many doggies on how they arrived at the Rainbow Bridge. I wonder yet today, what really happens and how do you get there?

Still investigating the logistics of Bridge life, I asked where do you do your "buziness"? Are there good tree's to pee on? "Dere are peeing trees! Ones so tall dat yew kin become a giant to pee on it but den yew hafta shrink back pretty quick or dere's hurricaines & tsunamis down below. Alot of us girls like to pee in the celestial garden. When we do we can sit fur a while jest to watch while whole brown dry fields to turn into a riot of colorfull wildflowers for yew doggies on earth to run in. "

But who does the pooper scooping at the bridge? "When I poop it just twinkles out in a white hot sparkle dat divides in two and becomes soil & dew below. Pooping iz great fun here, even more fun dan pooping in my teenager's sneaker! " Wow, I thought, that sounds good to me!! I like to poop!!

Is it true you never have to go outside in the rain or have baths if you don't want them? Onry chuckled and said ''We arent afraid of storms anymore, they only happen down below. When we get a rain it iz gentle & sweet smelling. Lots of us wuv to roll around & frolick in da rain. In da rain we kin watch new treat trees sprout up and grow aiming for da sun. When we play in da rain dere iz no wet dog smell. We kin haff baffs but only if we wants to. I like em warm & wif liver flavor bubbles and belly rubs!!!"

Next, I felt it important to explore the social aspects of Bridge life. Being a partying sort of Pug, I wanted to ensure I could maintain my Sir Maxwell, party planner to the pugs identity when it was my time to go to the Bridge.... so I asked, Do you have parties and pug meet-ups at the Bridge? Onry chuckled and said "We haff parties & gatherings of every sort, lots of em! My favorites are the arrival & the reunion parties. I wuv welcoming new arrivals and watching their sheer joy at being able to run & see & hear and FLY! Sum pups look so silly when dey see dere legs or eyes grow back!! Reunion parties are real swell. We arent supposed to tell, but, when a human comes for a beloved companion we throw one heckuva wingding before they cross the odder bridge. I yam not allowed to say whut happens during dem, but lets jest say, it iz well worf de wait to find out."

Onry paused for a minute then continued, "I can tell yew all, dat folks who never had a loved animal often come by and we then haff an Adoption Party where an animal can choose to adopt that person. It's really sad when they dont get adopted cause a seething white hot door opens up and that person disappears in a bolt of lightening never to return, not even fur lunch or a good scratch." Oh, I thought.... that wasn't the kind of answer those hoomans are going to want to hear-- I wonder what's beind that white hot door? I sure hope 'da mom gets adopted-- Oh wait! I'll adopt her, and Grandpaw, and Aunt Beth and everypuggy I love then they won't half to worry about that door.... having figured out the answer to such a disturbing thought I progressed in my questioning (alright, to be truthful this maybe wasn't the smartest question I thought to ask but I was a little discombobulated after the last one....

Are there any mean dogs at the bridge? Onry laughed at the question then told me "Nope, not a single one. Our pal, St Francis, checks every new animal in. He lays hiz healing hands on dem doggies whut wuz treated mean & neglected so dat dere spirit iz healed and all terror & abuse (sum of dem FORBIDDEN WERDS) are forgotten. After dat no buddy has any reason to be mean. Every animal finds love here & spends their time spreading it all around in dere own spechul ways." Oh Wow, I thought-- maybe that wasn't such a dumb question after all-- all those poor doggies that have been abused are healed and made happy and nice again..... and again,

I felt my eyes welling with puggie tears of happiness.... straightening my back and strengthening my resolve, I pressed on to the subject of love and comfort by asking are there any hoomans around so you have a lap to sit on and get your ears rubbed? "Yes we get lots of visitors from across the second bridge. Sometimes they come to nap with us, or play or just to scratch an ear or belly. Then we return their love many times over, just like on earth. " Oh sweet! I thought-- I'll have 'da mom when she crosses over and maybe we can even go sleeps together just like on earth!!

Curious I just had to ask, do yew get to ride yur Harley again at the Bridge? "Yew know, Maxwell, I loved to ride on earth but only wiff damomma or dapoppa and dere not here so I Gots My Own Harley Now. Its Gots REAL FLAMES, yew can see me in da sky sumtimes. Dem scientist people call it an asteroid but it's jest us puggie & doggie bikers out fur a scoot!" Wow, I thought now that changes a few ideas we had back on earth, Onry continued, "I gots 2 sidecars and I take every new arrival on a Welcome Back Tour. I also wuv to cram dem sidecars full wiff pupz and blast all around da galexy. When my humanz come, I yam gonna take dem fur the ride of their afterlife!!! VRUM VRUM, WEEEEE!!"

My next question was a little on the selfish side I admit, but not MY selfish side.... Do you get all your teeth back when you go to the bridge? (this one is from Pugsident Irving) "Oh Irving (& Bandit) we gots any kind or number of teef we wants at any moment!! De odder day I had tusks cause I wanted a peanut butter cup from da top of one of the huge peanut butter assortment trees. Den I changed all my teeth into a small comb teef so I could rake dat yummy peanut butter & REAL chocolate thru em, onto my drooling tongue and let it melt dere! YYYYUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMmmmmm!"

Trying to get all of Irving's questions out of the way at once, I then asked what do you think about the job Pugsident Irving is doing in running Pugdom? (yep-- he wants a poll from the Bridge) "I think Pugsident Irving shud sit down wif dat humanz president guy and try to talk sum sense into him. Irving is doin a bang up job of watching out for & protecting hiz constituents. Also Irving, you need to know, yew is our Pugsident up here too but dont rush to get here, we are doing OK fur now." Whoo, I thought, that should settle Irving down.... if only those Bushes were open to diplomatic relashuns... but at least he keeps trying....

I then was compelled to ask--who is in charge at the Rainbow Bridge? "Well it aint a rottweiler or sum odder big doggie! Jest Kidding. We all have sumpin we love to do and do it out of love, so RB pretty much runs itself cause dis place runs on love, trust, kisses & treats!" Whoo Hoo, I thought, what a good ting, cause I don't like being told what to do by anypuggy!!

My next topic had to do with the insight Rainbow Bridge members had to the earth below... so I asked can you really see all of us down here on earth ALL the time and do you laugh at us? Onry must have thought that question was more than a bit funny cause she was laughing so hard at me she fell over and was slapping the ground as she giggled!! "We certainly can see you all! Anytime we think of yew, there yew are, still on earth but also right in front of us. We can also see yew all in any time, like Now, Before, or Still To Be. Dats part of whut dat Albert guy wuz splaining to me, but dont ask me to splain it to yews. Dats de way we are able to show our friends who we love! Sumtimes we show a spechul pal the actual moment when we knew we became Really Loved! "

"We never laugh at yews, well mabee sumtimes at HPee when he's being particularly bad. We do laugh wiff yews quite a bit. Yew earth souls are really quite amusing at times. Mostly tho, we look at you and send love, patience & strength yer way."

Having overcome her laughter, Onry continued on a more serious note saying "Sumtimes we aim a certain earth doggie at our beloved pet humanz, when the need iz there and no odder doggie steps up to teach them love, loyalty and all dem odder great puggie/doggie skills." Holy Pugoli, I thought-- that's a whole lot more insight than I thought there would be... kind of like Santa Paws in a way... seeing about naughty & nice and all that....

Starting the conclusion of my interview process I asked What's your most favorite thing about the Bridge? Onry paused for a moment before she responded slowly "I love the pupz mostest of all. There are so many of them!! All are happy, healthy and loving. I haff to tell sum of em about earth cause they didnt get to stay very long.

I also teach dem what to look for in a humanz so dat at dem adoption parties they find a furever friend whats wurthy of em or trainable & recoverable if dey like rescues. Lil Pee helps me find da babies what need an old granny. I never got to know where my earth pupz went or to see em grow, so I like to spend my time here looking out fur az menny pups az he brings to me. " Oh, darn it anyway, here came those puggie tears in my eyes again.... Onry smiled as she handed me a tissue and gave me a comforting pat on the back....
I sniffled as I asked the next question, What's your least favorite thing about the Bridge? "I cant think of anything here dat iznt sheer joy. But occasionally when I'm cuddled up to my stuffed humanz, I get impatient for mine. Den I check on em and see dat dey still haff more lessons to learn..." Oh darn, that just made my puggie tears worse....

Onry pulled me close and gave me a big pug hug and whispered, "it's o.k., when it's your time I'll be here to show you the way and you'll always be able to check on yur mom and stuff, and while she may be sad, like my momma and poppa are, they'll be o.k. 'til they see yew again cause they have their memories and know that we're o.k. up here and just waiting fur them"-- O.K., at least that's what I remember her saying, but I can't swear that it was an exact quote as I was being hugged and crying on her shoulder....

Having regained my pugposure, I got back to the serious business of interviewing and asked If you were still here on earth what would you want us all to know? Onry thought deeply about her answer, trying to put the right words together and make us all understand, "That each of us, while on earth, must try hard to train at least one human or family so that they will be worthy of crossing over the second bridge with us. We are made to stand besides them and gently guide them no matter whut. AND dat if yew end up with mean humanz, even if it costs yer earthly life, dat life will be avenged and enriched all the more here in the After. Trust Old Onry, justice iz real & absolute." Oh Onry, I said, that answer was just beautifull!! I think our readers will really learn someting from that!

What other information or news would you like to share with us? Onry added, "Dat all of dere loved ones boff human or K9 are well met here. Dey are cherished and cared for with pure wuv. Most Importantly tho, iz dat the Creator made each of us and gave us a furever life. We all haff a purpose. We are all spechul, dere az here, & spreading wuv iz always a gud thing. "

Reaching the conclusion of my interview time I just had to ask, Do you have any messages for anyone down here on earth? "Tell all my pals on dogster dat Old Onry still loves em & watches over em. My fambily knows what dat I wuvs em, cause I whisper to em in their sleep. Tell Bandit & Sapphire to take good care of our humanz and dat I am proud of how well they are doing learning to be cherished and pampered. To everybuddy, please treat yourselves and your loved ones like every day iz da last. And always remember kisses are free and should be applied liberally and often. "

My last question I thought, was a good one to end with when I asked, Is it true your heart never forgets your family? "You never forget your first love, your family or Pizza! Our fambly's are forever a part of us and we of them. We belong to each odder. Long after our hearts stop beating, we carry bits of each other, safe & secure forever. "

Having concluded my questions about the Rainbow Bridge I gave Ms. Onry Onyx a big hug and even a kissy 'cause her interview had touched me so deeply. She returned the hug and I gots to tell yew, she hasn't lost any strength at all, why she squeezed the breath right out of me!! I thanked her for her time and insight and as I walked back toward the bridge to go home I could see her in the distance, surrounded by all the baby pups, waving their paws at me... (well o.k.-- one of them he was shaking his butt at me... it might have been 'lil Pee... but no matter...) What a lovely afternoon I thought.... and I'm sure our Pugapalooza readers are really going to love reading this interview. What a very special Pug Ms. Onry Onyx continues to be today, and she continues to be the gramma pug even now... still decked out in her pearls, with her Harley at her side.... and a pile of pups.

Maxwell 'da Reporter


Saturday 21 April 2007 Darbi and Onry

April 21st 2007 8:59 pm
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Today my family buried Darbi, their 8 year old Great Niece. Darbi died suddenly in an accident at home on Monday.

Tonite my family buried me. I died suddenly at home too.

Momma told the teenager and the grandson that God wanted Darbi to have a real good dog all her own. My time was nearly up, so I applied to keep Darbi company and love and play with her until the rest of our family arrives.

Everyone has been crying all week and trying to explain the unexpected death of a child. When I fell and died in momma's arms, the crying started all over again. But with my last breaths, I infused momma's, poppa's, the teenager's and the grandson's inhales with a bit of my soul. I gave them patience, love, appreciation of now, appreciation of each other, and a small bit more understanding of the cycle of life.

I have been one of the great loves of momma & poppa's lives. They held and stroked me long after I was gone, whispering the things they told me every day. "You are our sweet baby", "You're the Beauty Girl", "Onry, We Love You". They all told me to play with Darbi and love her the way I loved them.

The grandson asked da momma to name one of Sapphire and Bandit's pups Onyx, but momma said, "No baby, if we did that a new face would replace Onry's in our mind and we want to remember her forever".

The teenager dug a grave for my old body, da poppa turned the car around so the boy had the headlights to see by. He filled the grave with his warm salty tears. Momma was still holding my used up body, rubbing my silky ears and telling me how good the last 5 1/2 years had been. She held me until her knees went numb. Then da poppa gently took dat old body, laid it on a towel and sat on the floor with the grandson. Both were petting me and covering me with warm wet salt. They too told me to play with Darbi, to run again, to see again, to live with Darbi and with God.

Momma & Poppa went to check the grave and bring the teenager in for a last goodby. They left my body with the grandson. When they returned, they saw the grandson laying with what was left of me, giving me some last sweet kisses. Momma asked da teenager and da poppa to bury me, she wanted to stay inside wtih the grandson and not see me in the ground. Tomorrow da momma is going to pick out a new tree to mark my spot. Da grandson wants to help her pick out a pretty one.

More tears, more hugs, more love, more sorrow. Oh how well I am loved and how well I love them. da momma & da poppa say nothing will ever be the same. I know it wont, I forever changed my family and they forever changed me. I AM FOREVER LOVED!


My Doggles are RX

January 29th 2007 8:44 pm
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Lately alot of my puggie and doggie pals have commented on my Doggles. I just want everydoggy and everypuggie to know that they are prescription. I can almost see big stuff wit dem on. Mommas RX is 2.0, mine is a 14.0. 14's are avail without an RX for dogs who have had cataract surgery or is near blind check these out on da Doggles website. They are not just to make us gorgeous, your vet can prescribe dem or you can request dis strength to help you see sum stuff. Momma got RX lenses in bof eyes so I can pass em down to de next rescue who needs em, but you kin get RX in just one eye.



January 24th 2007 10:23 am
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Onyx's proudest moment was when George, the giant 26lb cat, that lived in our yard got careless and she literally stumbled over him. Prior to this day, Onyx would scent and hunt him but could never find him due to her blindness.
The fight was on, it sounded like Armageddon, fur flew everywhere. I was nearby watering tomatoes and grabbed an empty gallon milk jug to slip between them to accomplish seperation.
After several thrusts, I finally succeeded. As I lifted Onyx, I thought, you have to diet girl. I got her about 3 1/2' off the ground when I realized she couldnt possibly weigh that much. Looking down, I see George the cat stretching his full length, trying mightily to reach the ground with his front feet.
Onyx had his grey fur all over her face and stuck to her one remaining eye. In her mouth was the base of Georges tail and on her face was a look of determination tempered with a victorious statement that, "He's mine, I caught him, I'm keeping him and You cant stop me".
I knew she was healthy, hale and hearty. Despite my feelings for George (see photo), I couldnt help but smile for the poor, elderly , weak, little black pug's return to health and her delight in finding a hobby. It took 2 adults about 10 minutes to disengage her old tooth missing grip on him. It was the day we discovered what dogged really meant.

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