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Ulterior Motives, Bad Breath, Procedures, and Grooming

March 15th 2013 12:52 pm
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I should have known a walk for a walk's sake sounded fishier than a Friday Lenten dinner at the monastery. We ended up at the vet. Oh, well. I had a full check up with Dr. Kaiser, the nice lady. The growth on my eyelid that was removed years ago has grown back and then some. Mom said it didn't really bother me, but what does she know? I have to have a dental next week and since I'm going to go under anesthesia, Mom agreed to have the eyelid growths removed at the same time. Sigh. There goes that eyebrow again. Phooey.

I also have something called epi-what-cha-ma-callits along my gums. At least three of them. Dr. K said that junk gets stuck under these flaps of gum and is partly why I have such bad breath. I think my breath is fine. What does she know?

So I got my rabies shot and something else I can't remember. Mom said no to the bordatella since I don't have sleepovers or visit outside my own yard much. I also had a blood draw for a full pre-surgery/dental panel. Mom said might as well get that over with today since the procedures are next week. The tech who held me for the blood draw said my breath was stinky. Phooey.

After we were finally done at the vet, Mom took me through the back to Frau Janine's grooming parlor and made an appointment for me there as well. Mom said she's too busy lately to groom me properly so she's gonna cough up the dough for a pro job. Phooey.

Mom mumbled something about a tax refund that is fast disappearing. I don't know what could be doing that.



January 17th 2013 3:56 pm
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I am not on here much at all anymore. Mom went back to the University to become a professor. She works a lot. Reads a lot. Still cuddles with me, especially when she is at home and has to read page after page of funny-sounding stuff. Sometimes she reads to me. Sometimes I help her understand something complex. Mostly I just sleep.

Pups, I am getting old. I am at least 12 years old now, but the vet thinks I may be up to a year or two older than that. No way of knowing. I certainly don't remember. But, that said, I feel really great. Can't see a thing, but I get around just fine. Mom does have to remind me not to park my hiney on the floor outside the closed bathroom door when she's in there because she for certain will open that door and I get whapped, but I forget. I guess she forgets too.

I am still strong and jump up on stuff and will run if we're out in the fields and Mom let's me know it's okay. My weight is good, not overweight at all, and so is my appetite. The only weird thing is that sometimes I shake. Not sure what that's about. I usually do it at some point after a meal - within the first hour or two. I don't think I'm in pain, but I like to cuddle with Mom when I shake. I'm not cold either. Temperature inside or out does not seem to make any difference to the shaking. Weird, I know. Old age does funny things.

Figured I would check in for the New Year. All is very good. I am a lucky pup. Except yes, Buddy is still here. Pffft.


Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!

June 7th 2012 11:53 am
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Thanks pups for all the birthday wishes! For my birthday, I got a big old abscess on one of my canines. All my teeth are canines, but the one on the left that humans would call their canines had a large, angry-looking strawberry thing on it.

Mom freaked out and called the vet and we got an appointment for the next morning. Mom took me in and pulled up my lip to show the vet . . . and it was GONE! It drained on its own and I cleaned it out real good. I got an antibiotic shot and pills anyway.

Phooey on the shot, but the pills come wrapped with peanut butter, so it's all good.

I haven't been on here for a long time and probably won't be much in the near future. Mom is teaching and going back for more schooling. Apparently she just can't get enough. Always learning, just like me. At any rate, I'm busying myself with a persistent possum in the yard and the writing of my memoirs.

So please forgive my absence and inattention to pressies and p-mail. My agent really has me focusing intently on my barking tour. Know that I love you all and owe my success in great part to my fans. ;)


Mom's Barking Eases

March 7th 2012 7:59 am
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Mom went to the Doc and got medicines and now her bark, which was always worse than her bite, is weakening. We all slept in this morning a bit and Mom and I had a nice discussion about the current political climate, the economy, and whether or not Buddy has a genetic neuromalformation that causes his idiosyncrasies. Then I got a nice belly rub and that fantastic sort of scratching in and around the ears that so turns me into mush . . . ahhhh.

At that point Mom starting singing "Do You Love Me?" from Fiddler on the Roof. That's when I put my paw on her face and we got up for breakfast.


Mom Still Barking . . .

March 5th 2012 5:42 pm
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Mom's barking got bad enough that she went off to a doctor this morning. Good girl! The doc said there was some congestion in her lungs - or at least one of them - so he gave her stuff to take to clear it all up.

Treats all around!

Well, that was worth a try. Nurse Pennie suggested some Schnauzer Compression Therapy (SCT) so the BudNut and I applied it - stat! She had a good SCT session and fell asleep, which is good. When she woke up, she said her eyelids were sweating. I think this is just a harmless side effect from the SCT and nothing to worry about. I told her to have some hot tea and to rest some more while I go on the puter.




February 24th 2012 5:25 pm
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The weatherman said 5-7 inches would be coming. Then he changed his mind and said only 1-2. Then we got about 4. Go figure.

I made sure Second Child shoveled the back patio and path for me. Mom tried to get him to continue and do the front sidewalk, but he doesn't listen to her like he listens to me. Mom barks at him, but somehow it doesn't get through. She's pretty loud, so I'm not sure what the problem is.

So our nice grass is gone again and I was just getting used to the idea of no snow until next winter. It's harder to find all those good smells that were there just yesterday. Hopefully it will all melt again soon and we can get on with Spring and then messy cookouts in the yard where the humans drop good stuff.


Mom's friend from Way Back crossed the bridge yesterday

February 22nd 2012 9:12 am
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Here is the story, as Mom told it to me.

When she was a puppy, about 10 years old, she started at a brand new school. Mom had never even gotten on a school bus before and she was really scared that first day, waiting by the curb for the big orange bus to pull up.

The doors opened and she climbed up those tall steps and turned to take her first look down the aisle, terrified that all the seats would be full already. They were.

A second later a friendly voice called out, "Hey, you look new - Come sit with us!"

The girl's name was Kim and it turned out she was just Mom's age and would be in Mom's classes for the next eight years, and off into the same college following that. Mom tells me that what Kim did on that bus changed the entire experience of her first day in a new and scary place.

According to Mom, something called Middle School can be a terrifying experience in the best situations, but to be new, awkward and painfully shy made it that much worse. That simple act of reaching out to the "new kid" made the transition to middle school, this brand new middle school, so much easier. Mom was introduced around and shown the ropes and, most importantly, Mom gained an awesome friend in Kim.

After college, they both got married and Kim moved across the country. Years later they reconnected on Facebook and renewed their friendship over the miles.

Then Kim got cancer. She did what the doctors prescribed and fought for a couple years, but eventually, just last weekend, she was sent home for hospice care. Last night she crossed the bridge. Mom got the phone call and I was there for her, soaking up her tears with my fur.

It was also Mom's birthday yesterday, which some might say is an awful day to lose a friend, but Mom considers it a blessing because she will always be reminded of her friend Kim every year on her special day, in a good way, surely with waning sadness and increasing joy as time goes on.

Hug your people today, and your furs, and tell them you love them.

♥ Lexie



February 18th 2012 7:02 pm
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Mom had something called Ribs tonight. The kids are all off other places, so Mom said she was going to treat herself to her very own special dinner.

I love special dinner!

She just brought home some cooked ribs, and boy did they smell good. I stared at where I figured her face was for a long time, really hard.

It did no good. NO ribs for me. Not even a lick!



Our Pal Griffin Crossed the Bridge Today

February 17th 2012 12:40 pm
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Our pal Griffin crossed the Bridge today. We are all so sad to not have him around down here with us anymore. Please stop by and send condolences and remember his Mom, because she is really sad to lose such a special boy.

Goodbye, sweet Griff. We'll see you at the Bridge someday again.

Lexie, Buddy, Mom


Ah, January in the Upper Midwest!

January 31st 2012 2:18 pm
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Mother Nature must be a bit mixed up. It's not even the halfway point of winter and it got up to 60 degrees today. All the snow is melting like mad, leaving puddles and mud everywhere. Mom said it was too nice a day not to have a walk. I wholeheartedly agreed.

So we got the leashes out and took off around the block. We sniffed everything and then marked almost everything. It was fabulous.

Funny, though, when we got home and back in our fenced yard, mom didn't take our leashes off. I got a sinking feeling when she kept us on the leads all the way up to the bathroom. Sneaky!

I'm almost dry now, but I love the dryer. Buddy is still damp... Behind the ears and everywhere. - BOL! But that was not a nice trick to play on us, even if I have been overdue for a bath for a long time. Phooey.

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