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Talk Like A Pirate Day!

September 4th 2010 5:15 pm
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One of our favorite days to decorate my page is coming up. "Talk Like A Pirate Day" will be on September 19th. We love to watch our Dogster friends dress up like pirates and see how they celebrate this fun day!
Thank you so much to everyone who has sent my family and I all the special gifts. We really do appreciate them!!
Have a wonderful Labor Day week-end!
Love from Wesley and family


What's A Cowdog?

June 27th 2010 10:19 am
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Every since Mom went to that cattle ranch and left us "boarding", things have been a little different around here. She has been telling me about all these really awesome Border Collies that were at the ranch and how they were some of the best working "cowdogs" that she had ever seen. Then she keeps telling me that it is in my "jeans" to be a cowdog too! First of all, I don't wear jeans and what the heck is a cowdog?? I think mom has been wearing her "jeans" a little to tight lately and it's cutting the circulation off to her brain or something!! I just wish I could have chased some of those cows like she did.
Woofs from Wesley


What Doe's Boarding Mean?

May 30th 2010 5:51 pm
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We are leaving for our cabin in the morning, but on Tuesday Mom says Sunny and I are going to be "boarded" for 5 days while she goes off to some cattle ranch in Nevada to ride horses. What the heck does that mean? She says Sunny and I will have a private "condo" with a TV that plays Animal Planet all day. She says there is also "playtime" outside for us too. I sure wish we could go to that cattle ranch with Mom cause I have always wanted to chase those cows! Instead, we get "boarded" while cowgirl Mom gets to chase cows!! How fair is that?
We thank all our friends for all the nice gifts you have been leaving and we will back with you when we get back--in about 10 days!
Woofs from Wesley


Our friend made it home!

May 14th 2010 4:48 pm
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Just wanted everyone to know that our good friend Wesley has made it back home!! We are so thankful for that. We know how sad his Dad was without him.
We are going to the cabin for awhile and will be back the end of next week. We hear there is still lots of snow there with all these late season snow storms. I guess Sunny and I will just have to play in the white stuff!!! Bark with you soon . . .


Our Dogster freind is missing . . .

May 8th 2010 9:03 am
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We have a very good friend here on Dogster, his name is John, and his dog Wesley (yes, same name as me) is missing. They were out on a hike when Wesley caught the scent of a deer and took off after it. Wesley's Dad has been searching the area but has not found him yet. We can't do much from here in California except pray for his safe return. PLEASE find your way home soon friend . . .
Wesley and family


Not to Worry!

February 8th 2010 5:59 pm
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Tomorrow I will be going to see Dr. Bill to have a small tumor removed from my eyelid and to also have some xrays taken of my back as it has been hurting a little lately anytime I exercise much. I keep telling Mom not to worry, but anytime any of us have to have an anesthetic, Mom can't help but worry. I do have a special guardian Angel watching over me, and for that, we are all thankful.
We will be heading up to our cabin on Thursday to watch the Winter Olympics for a couple of weeks. There is lots of snow there right now and it should be a fun trip. We will bark again at you soon!


We're back!!

August 31st 2009 5:37 pm
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We are finally back from our cabin and boy what a fun summer it has been!! We did lots of hiking and found some really great new lakes for me to swim in. My brother Sunny couldn't go on the long hikes with us due to his age, but we took him down to Donner Lake almost every day so he could go for a short walk and play in the lake. His eyesight is getting kind of bad, so we just had to be sure he didn't swim in the wrong direction!! We also got to hike with Kim from Nor Cal Aussie Rescue many times and we got to spend lots of time with our favorite rescue dog Buddy. We all rode something called a "gondola" in a ski area called Squaw Valley. We went to the top of the mountain and hiked all over--I have a picture of that posted with Lake Tahoe in the background. Our kitties, Smudge and Sissel, were sure glad to see us when we got home. And I was even kind of happy to see them. We sure hope all of you had a great summer like we did.
Wags from Wesley


Off To The Cabin!!

July 7th 2009 10:48 am
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We will be leaving for our cabin in the mountains today and will be gone there for several weeks. That means likes of hikes and swimming in the lake--and most important, getting to spend lots of time with Mom. We might even foster a 7 years old Aussie named Buddy who is currently up for adoption at Nor Cal Aussie Rescue. Mom sure likes him so I will have to keep reminding her that we are just "fostering". I will not allow her to " flunk fostering", even though I really like Buddy. So we hope all of you have a great Summer!! Bark to you later . . .


Ice Cream, We Scream!

June 18th 2009 5:18 pm
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My pal, Rocky tagged me with this one important question - What kind of ice cream do you look like?

Well, I think I could be one of these:

Pumpkin and vanilla swirl or

Orange sherbert with vanilla!

I have to tag 5 friends - play if you want to!


Lucas Xenakis





Happy Cinco De Mayo!

May 4th 2009 1:35 pm
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Sometimes my Mom can be just plain clueless. I went to my groomer (clue #1) Santee LOPEZ for a bath on Saturday. Santee always ties some ribbons on my collar after my bath. The ribbon colors will often match whatever holiday we might be celebrating. When she picked me up on Saturday, Santee had put red, green, and white ribbons on us. On the way out he said (clue #2), "HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO". As Mom looked at my ribbon she thought "Oh my, Santee must not be able to afford new ribbon and is using left over Christmas ribbon". But that was OK, Santee always does such a great job and makes me look so handsome. Well, it didn't hit her until today when she was doing our Cinco De Mayo pages that the colors of the ribbons were the colors of (clue 3#) the MEXICAN flag!!!! Yes, CLUELESS Mom finally got it! Wishing all our friends a Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

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