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Sweet Brown girl

My love Brule' has gone to the rainbow bridge :(

February 4th 2013 10:38 pm
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Brule' just celebrated her 9th birthday last weekend, and now she is dead. :( I am feeling inconsolable...I can't sleep, eat, stop crying, or go to work. I know my dogs won't live forever, but Bru was my healthiest one, and she had no health issues. I just can't write about the details right now :(


Brule' the therapist

May 6th 2009 10:14 pm
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My daughter who doesn't live with me came home last night to have a good cry and be somewhere safe. She broke up with her boyfriend and she was just devastated. She said the babes would make her feel better. Well Skye (my daughter) was laying on the couch with Brule' and Bru just stared and stared into her eyes like she was looking into Skye's soul............Skye was crying the whole time and Bru let her cry and then she just very gently licked her tears away. Who could ever say that there are dumb animals...........they are genius's and we are blessed to have these gorgeous creatures in our lives. They are doing us a favor and I cherish every moment that I spend with my babes. I feel very blessed.


My face

March 5th 2009 8:06 pm
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Today I got in a fight with Boz (best guess) over a dumb dead mouse. My face got ripped open and I was rushed to the vet. The vet said that she could only sew on a handful of dogs without putting them under. She just kept talking to me and explaing what she was doing and I laid there like a good girl and let her give me shots in the face and sew my muscle together. The vet said she could see the wisdom in my eyes and that she just loves me! She had to have her hand in my mouth most of the time to be in the right position to sew up my face. My mom was out of town and having a total breakdown that she couldn't be there for me. I'm doped up on two pain meds. There is a puncture wound draining on my face. My mom says that I still am very beautiful and she loves me sooooooo very much, she keeps saying I'm a genius......whatever that is.


My other mom

August 30th 2008 10:56 am
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My mom Skye my humom's daughter moved out a few weeks ago and I have had to adjust. I am so glad my mommy Steinway and the other mom are here but I miss my special mom. The other mom said something about her needing to leave the "nest". I was told that I never have to leave the nest so I am happy about that.



November 21st 2007 9:32 am
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Brule' is a genius. Boz and Bru got in a fight and he sliced her forearm. I was a bad mom and I didn't think it needed immediate care. I don't know why because I alway take them to the vet and they are all covered with VPI insurance. Anyway it wouldn't heal so she ended up going to the vet. The vet had to cut away the old scabby part and pull it together and put in 5 stitches. Part of the problem was this was very close to her main vein...........and she had eaten so they couldn't give her anesthesia. The vet asked me if she thought she would hold still and I told her out of all 5 dogs Brule' would hold still. She was absolutely incredible.........she didn't flinch or move. It was as if she knew that it was life or death and if she jumped it would cut her vein. What a smart beautiful girl! I love her so much and she is doing wonderful.


Brown girl

May 27th 2007 12:54 pm
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Brule' is just as sweet as the dessert she is named after. She likes to lay in the sun, (even in the Arizona summer) and we call her the brownie that is baking in the sun. Sometimes I go outside and tell her to come in where the air conditioning is blowing. I love sweet Brule'!

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