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Life as a Princess

Bye Mommy, Daddy, Sisters & Brudder

May 4th 2009 2:46 pm
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Mom & Dad,

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me and loving more dan anydang in the entire world. I lived an amazing, fun, spoiled 16 years and now I am off to be with Jesus in Heaven. I will be playing with my daddy, Brad, Madilynne, and all of our other family and friends we've lost. I know they are all going to be taking care of me and we are going to have a blast. I will be watching down on ya'll, espeically my sisters & brudder. I know yall will miss me, but don't cry because I am here and will see you again one day. Make sure you still tell me good night & good morning because dat was my favorite. Thank you for sending my boyfurrend wiff me on my trip. I couldnt go mimis without him. I lovies yall SOOOO MUCHIES, PIIGGGGYYYYY


My Poor Momma

October 27th 2006 1:20 pm
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Well, my mom was very scared and sad early this morning around 5a.m. Here is how the story goes. I was sleeping mimis on my boyfriend over on my futon that is next to the bed. For some reason I was not snoring (I usually snore pretty loud but mom likes that because she always knows I am there). Well mom had a dream that my sister Reecie and I were running around and I just layed down breathing hard and just stopped. :( Mom was crying and crying in the dream so much that it woke her up and she came over when it was still dark outside (AND two WHOLE HOURS before she normally wakes me up) and started shaking me and calling my name. She scared me! I just jumped up really quick. My poor momma bear was hugging me and kissing me ;) Dang, I love when she gives me tention. It is nice! Well, I hope my momma knows that I will be here with her forever because I wuv my parents! hehe... I'm only Thirteen years old so I am still just a young gurr.. espeically at heart ;) Hugs & Licks ~ Bailey


Please VOTE for my sister, Reeces Pieces

October 20th 2006 7:15 am
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Please VOTE for my sister. She is a really sweet girl and she is in her FIRST picture contest ever!! It is the "Dogster's 2006 World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show!" If you go to her picture, listed under my "family" (Reeces Pieces.. we have a big family), click on the link to the top right and you can vote for her. All of us in the Blythe family would really appreciate it. Thank you soooo much!! WOOFFFFFF Love, Bailey


Bad Wedder!

October 16th 2006 11:50 am
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I don't like this wedder. My dad sets me down in the grass because I don't even wanna get my feets wet! He doesn't understand! I am a wittle gurr and I do not like to get gwoddy and dirty. I have to tip toe in the gwass and go potty fast because the water makes me not very cute. It makes my legs look like chicken legs. I wish it would stop raining so that I could play with my bigger sisters outside too. The only good thing about the rain is that I get to sleepies all day very comfy. I have a boyfriend and he is white and red. I sleep on him on my futon my parents bought me. I love it!


I love my doggles!

October 2nd 2006 10:27 am
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Well, I just wanted to let everyone know that my parents bought me some new Doggles. They are wonderful! When I stick my head out of the truck, I can see without having to squint because the wind is getting in my eyes. Plus, since I am 13 years old and my eyes are sensitive, they are tinted lenses with 100% UV protectant. Gee, my parents really love me. They even took me to see my cousin, Kyleigh this past weekend in San Antonio. It is a long truck ride, but the whole time my parents give Reecie and I cookies, water, whatever we want! They even get us real sausage and jerky when we stop to get gas. We are spoiled and WE LOVE IT! Dad tells me that I am the head Princess of the Blythe family. I just eat that up! Anyways, I posted a picture of my pretty self in my awesome Doggles for all of you to see. Aren't I the cutest?


Hot Summer Days!

August 9th 2006 12:04 pm
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Well now that I am graduated from school (not that I ever needed to go because I am too smart for those teachers anyways), I get to stay home all day by myself! I have several new places in the house too. Since I am so much older than all the wild monkeys at my house, my mom and dad tend to spoil me more. First, they have to yell a hundred times before I can hear my name, then have to pat me on the back to wake up. They think I just can't hear or am sleeping too hard, what they don't realize is that, I am not ready to get up to go outside. When I am ready, I go to the door and bark for them. (Yes, I know.. I'm VERY GOOD unlike the other monsters my parents have). When my mom wakes me up in the morning, my little joints are so tired I have to limp to the door (or so I make momma think..hehe). She gets worried about me because I'm old. All she should be worried about is how she is going to tame those other monkeys she has!


Actress Bailey

May 23rd 2006 1:35 pm
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Well, as time goes on I become a better & better actress. Since I recently turned thirteen years old, my parents think I am starting to have hearing problems. That is not the case though. It is called "Selective Hearing." Lately I have so many "spots" around the house. When we first moved in it was just on my pillow, but now, my parents can never even find me! I enjoy laying in the formal living room under an end table, upstairs in the media room (gotta love those cold leather couches!), under one of the beds upstairs, or where ever I please. My parents bought me the house because I told them I needed more room. I'm not spoiled, just priviledged. Back to my acting skills, I use them to get cookies. I pretend not to hear when they keep calling my name (so they feel sorry for me), then they say "COOOKKKKIIIEEEEEEEE" and I run! Easy as that! So, if you are ever hungry & want a cookie, just act! I DO!


New PJ's

January 18th 2005 2:44 pm
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My parents are so sweet! They bought me and my sister the cutest new pajamas. They are really cute and my sister likes them too. She is going to get in trouble though because she always bites my clothes and that makes my parents mad. Lately I have been sleeping in the bed every single night snuggled under the covies under my daddy's arm. I love my dadda. He spoils me and I never get in trouble. He carries me everywhere, its fun! Well, I better go because my brudder is trying to get on the compooter now.~PIGGY

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