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Fly Free My Darling~You Are Young Again Forever~I Miss You- So

October 11th 2011 2:40 am
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If you have never lost a husband, I pray to God above you never do. You meet, you fall in love and then the biggest day of your life arrives. The day you profess your undying love "Till Death Do You Part". You say those words but you don't comprehend what that truly means. You see, all you can think about is spending your life together deepening that deep love you already have. You think life can't get any more incredible BUT then you learn a child is coming. Then another. Now your life is complete. You have the love of your life and now you have your family. You love, you live and you build the most wonderful memories. You are in Heaven.

One night you say good night to your love of your life, you give him your passionate kiss and you snuggle down. You sense something is wrong. Your heart goes into the panic mode. You turn on the light and your heart skips a beat. It wants to stop because you are in total fear. Yes this fear is real. There laying next to you is the love of your life, your world, the man who kept your heart beating with so much love has left you. He has taken his journey to the Bridge.

Now that your love is gone, you experience a new life that is filled with so much pain, begging him to return to you because your body aches so bad just to have him hold you again. Your nights are so lonely that you think you are going to scream. But you can't. Now you not only lost your love, but your heart remembers the night you lost your precious baby son who didn't even make it to two months old. OMD the pain is unbearable.

Spy my darling, the love of my life, my whole world, I miss you more than words can say. You were the most incredible husband and father that ever lived. Oh darling, you were chosen Diary Pick of the Day. When I saw the picture they did for you, I broke down and cried. Our daughter and I are so very very proud of you and just not because you are Diary Pick of the Day. Because of all the love you have given us and all the pups and kitties on Dogster. Cricket misses her daddy so much she cries herself to sleep. She watches out the window for you to come home from "work". When it is bedtime and you haven't come home, she cries and I hold her and rock her until she finally goes to sleep. Oh darling, how are we going to go on without you? How will this pain ease up? Your Tassy is devastated. Her papa Spy is gone. She and her babies are here with me now and they are good for our Cricket.

Darling, give mama Wendy and our son lots and lots of hugs and kisses from our daughter and me. You are free of pain, tiredness and darling you are a young pup again. So run my darling. Run like you did when you were just a pup. I will join you, mama Wendy and our Tiger Spy and we will never be separated ever again. So darling wait for me. And when you get lonely come see us. My arms ache for you.

I won't say good bye. I will say, until we see each other again.

I love, cherish and adore you.
Your "Ladybug" Always and forever


We Are Planning A Dogster Pup Meet

May 3rd 2011 3:55 pm
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Hello all furs that live in Oregon. This year we are going to have a Dogster Pup Meet. We are shooting for Sept 17th. We now have a Dog Park opened so we have a safe place for all your precious furs. We would love to have all thoes who live in Oregon...or any State for that matter... that would love to come to please pmail us and let us know your interest in having one. It would be wonderful to meet in the fur. There will be drawings and gifts for the ones attending. Lots of pictures and a video will be taken and posted on Dogster. I live in California but I am going to have a sit down strike until my daddy agrees to bring me.

Please plan to bring a picture of your Bridge Angel as we will have a memorial table to honor them.

Please pmail me and let us know if you can make it and we will add you to our list.

Hugs/Purry Hugs
Spy, Natalie, Cricket


I have been tagged by Bambi

November 13th 2008 10:36 am
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I have been tagged by Bambi. This is a new and fun one. We get to know more about our friends with this one.

So this is what I have to do; write seven unusual things about myself and then tag seven of my pals. They in turn write seven things about themselves and tag seven others. So here goes:-

1. I married my soul mate and love of my life Spy Garrison
2. I love having our friends out to our country home for BBQ's
and my Spy is the greatest at BBQing.
3. I love to walk on the beach and feel that stuff called sand in
my toes.
4. I love being on Dogster and playing with so many friends.
5. I put my sweet look on to get my way with my mommy.
6. I love to joke and tease in fun
7. I have the greatest mother in-law and father in-law

Now here are the 7 that I am tagging.
1. My husband Spy
2. My sissy in-law Mattie
3. Madison
4. Shiloh
5. Spinner
6. My Brother in-law Thumper
7. Nicolas

Ok pups it is your turn to write 7 things about yourself and tag 7
pups and or kitties. But most of all have fun.


Yipeee, Dogster Dog visited my page

July 20th 2007 12:44 am
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I got the most wonderful surprise tonight when I went into my page. Tail a wagging. I found I had the most beautiful blue star and a watermellon. Mommy Nancy showed me how to find out where they came from and it was from Dogster Dog. He sure knows how to turn a girls head. Thank you so very much for showing all of us furbabies that you do care for us. What a wonderful way to show it. Our mommy Nancy put Dogster Dog in our corral so we can go see him anytime. We need to go into it and see if he got there ok. Thank you again Dogster Dog for the most thoughtful gift. Natalie


YOU ARE THE TOP DOG'S!!!!!!!!!!!

January 24th 2007 7:40 pm
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Hello there Top Dog's of dogster. I let my bro Brutis and sissy Princess write to you first because they are so special in my books. But I wanted to write and thank you sooooooooo very much for sending them home. My tail wagged so fast and so long it actually got sore from being so happy. You are the GREATEST and will be in my heart forever. You will never know how much it means for me, them and my first mommy for them to be back with their dogster family and friends. They really do need all of you. THANKS AGAIN!!!!! Natalie P.S. I really hope you get to read our diary entries because these are for you!!!!!!!!!!!


What a wild day.

January 22nd 2007 6:45 pm
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First of all my new mommy took me to see the Vet today. She was very nice and I gave her licky licks until she started poking me. My mommy said it was to make sure I was healthy. Ok, I can go along with that, but did she have to stick that stick up my hinney? My mommy said that was to make sure I didn't have a temp. OK, I can even over look that. What topped it all off and really got my goat was that sharp thing going into my neck. Now come on. We are suppose to like our Doctor when we get this kind of treatment? My mommy said it was for my own good and to keep me healthy. I think I would rather get the sniffles. She told me she had a surprise for sissy Heidi and me. She put us into the car and we drove and drove and I thought we were going to the ends of the earth. We finally came to this wonderful place. It had water going out forever and this soft stuff to run in. I found out we were at a place called a Beach. Heidi and I ran and ran and played so hard we got so tired that mommy put us back into the car and away we went again. Another long drive. But at the end of this drive we were back home. My mommy told Heidi to play nice with sissy (me) while she fixed our dinner. When she said sissy I ran to her jumping and wanting her to pick me up. After all, didn't she just call me? Everytime she said the name sissy I couldn't get to her fast enough. So now my mommy calls me Sissy and I love it. So all of you who know me as Natalie (such a big name for one so small) I am now Sissy. You can still call me Natalie, Nat or Sissy. I will come to you with either name. Yawn--- I am so tired from today. I need to eat my dinner before Heidi gets it all and go nite nite. Until later dear and special friends Licky Lick Natalie (Sissy)


Still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 20th 2007 9:58 pm
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I am still waiting for my sissy Princess and bro Brutis to come back home to the dogster family where they belong. I am so sad for them. Here I am happy in my forever home with a great mommy and new sister. I feel so bad for them. But I told them to keep their chin up and the Big Dogs will see they need to come home. I read all the mail from so many nice people out there wanting them to come home to. Thank you so much. Since I can't be here with them much, I know I can count on you all to keep them filled with faith. What a wonderful welcome home they are going to have. Like I did when I went to my new mommy and sister. I am so happy now. I was happy here but I knew I had to move on and make my new mommy happy. She lost her main man. I would have loved to have met him. She said he was a wonderful and loving man. She is so great. I have to go and chase bro and sissy around before I have to leave again. I always know that one day I will come to visit and my first mommy will tell me that the dogster family found them a forever home. That will be such a time for tails wagging and turning circles for joy. I love you all out there who have stood by all of us. Licky Lick Natalie


I want my bro and sister back on here

January 20th 2007 9:48 am
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My new mommy told me about my first mommy's trouble here. She told me about all the mail she has gotten with so much support. They all told her to hang in there that the Top Dogs there are fair and will strtaighten it out and my bro Brutis and sissy Princess will be back soon. I hope so because here they stand a better chance of finding their forever home like I did. I am close so I get to hear how they are all doing and I get to come see them or them come see me. That is why I am on here. I got to come see my bro and sissy. They were so happy to see me and me them. They ganged up on me the first thing and we were at it again. I loved it. AND they accepted my new sister Heidi. All of them did. Aren't they great? Back to the norm, here they are again telling me to get off this thing and come play. My new mommy said we have to go soon so I had better go straighten them out until the next time. My new mommy is loving watching us all together. Please keep all of us in your prayers and wish us all only the best because that is what I want for you all. You are all so nice. Licky Lick!! Nat.


A high five paw to you!!

January 11th 2007 10:20 pm
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I know my sister told you about Snoopy. He is the doxie that my human mommy is watching for his new mommy and daddy whild they are out of town. He is so much fun to play with. My human mommy held me today and told me that I may be getting a new home soon. She said it is going to be exciting and a big adventure. She said she is going to make sure it is the perfect home and not to be afraid. Me afraid? Na. I will love them just as I do my now human mommy because I have so much love to spread around. The Snickerdoodles my human mommy is making? She said we couldn't have any. So instead, she gave us our treat. I love my treats. She sure hugged and loved on me like she always does because she knows I do love it. I can't get enough of it. Well, my human mommy said it is time for us all to go to bed because we have to get up early. Snoopy is going to have to find a place to sleep tonight. He can snuggle with the rest of us. He is so cool. Love, paws and loads of licks!!!!!! Natalie


Two girls in brother trouble

January 9th 2007 12:25 am
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It is my turn to get on here and tell you how much my brother has changed since he got his new name of Brutis. This name really went to his head. He loves the name. My sister and I have to gang up on him a little to get him to settle down. What are we suppose to do? I guess we have decided to love the old boy. He is so cute even for a brother. I am the smallest of the brood and hay, I can't take a whole lot of thumping. This is fun. I can go on here and say what I want. But then soon it will be brother's turn. I bet he will have a lot to say about us girls. Don't let him fool you. We are sweetheats. And I will stand by it to the end. Oh Oh here he comes to get me again. Have to go settle him down. It is getting time for bed and our human mommy wants to go to bed and if we want to sleep with her, we have to get rid of some of this bent up energy. Not three months yet, that is hard to do. Bark at ya later. Natalie

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