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The Life of Riley

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Happy Birthday to Me

October 2nd 2012 5:27 am
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Tomorrow I will be 16 years old. I am still ever on Mommy's mind. Yesterday Mom was golfing and I wanted to let her know that I was thinking of her too so I dropped a huge golden oak leaf right at her feet. Of course, she smiled and picked it up to save it. Most of mom's friends know about our oak leaf tradition so they understand when she picks one up. Also, Mom retired a couple of months ago. One of her friends from work created a really pretty program for the party, and on it she wrote about Mom's Celtic Zodiak symbol. Guess what it is? An oak leaf!!! Mommy was surprised to see that.....yet, not. :-)


Happy Birthday to Me!

October 3rd 2010 11:08 am
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Today I am 14 years old! Yeah for me! It doesn't seem possible that it has been 5 years since I've been at the Bridge. One of mommy's first thoughts this morning was of me, and my first thought was of her. I watched down and saw Skye and Quinn playing; that Quinn... she is keeping Skye young, just like I used to, hee hee. She's the boss, just like me.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. Mommy thanks you too!

Riley Marie


Four years...

March 9th 2010 7:43 pm
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I haven't been on Dogster a lot lately, cuz Mommy has been busy. However...recently we "celebrated" the fourth year of my going to the Bridge. No one was actually celebrating that....just acknowledging it. Crazy. Tonight, Mommy looked at all the songs on my page...and wondered how the time flew? I am a lucky pup and dad think of me all the time! And Quinn....she is a continual reminder of me.

Two days ago, my human sister had to send her furson Ralph to the Bridge. I am here waiting for him with open paws! We need to go make a pizza to make him feel welcome.

Thank you all for being my friends. What would I do without you?


It's been Three Years, since.....

February 17th 2009 6:02 pm
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It's been three years since our Riley crossed the Bridge a heartache for us.....but we have made many new pup and human friends.

Tonight, we sat in the same seats to eat our dinner and we remembered that three years ago, we sat and ate a frozen pizza. A pizza that we bought for our Ri-Ri...the only food she wanted at the end.

We ate it for her.....and I don't think we will ever do that again, without thinking of our girl, our most special furchild. The little girl who led us to love unconditionally those furdogs that might need a little extra something...Riley taught us that. And we are forever grateful. There's a reason her name was Riley......


Football Game

January 29th 2009 2:57 pm
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My friend Remy picked me to be on his football team. Now, I'm picking YOU.

Here are the rules: we are gett'n our "team" together and we're gonna cross that line and make us a touchdown! Before the ref raises his boney little arms to signal the 6 points I gotta spill the beans (pffht..excuse me!) about myself and then pass the ball to 5 of my furiends who will each do the same. Don't forget to leave me a bone to let us know you got our hand signals and you're in the "game.

Are you ready...I'm going out for a long pass.........

1) I LOVED to help mommy in with the groceries. I was a pro at bringing in toothpaste and panty liners - woohoo!!.

2) I put myself to bed everynight at 9:00 , on the couch. I stared and stared at whoever was in my spot, and eventually they moved to let me up to sleep. :-)

3) I protected mom and dad. No one came within several yards of our house without my mom and dad knowing it!!!

4) I did NOT like to go for car rides. I did, however, love to get to where we were finally going!

5) I leave mom and dad oak leaves all the time - yay!!

Okay, who is gonna run it in for a about:

Sadie Mae
Riley (the boy Riley!)
Cisco Kid
Sweet Tweak Louise

I'm off to leave Remy some bones now since he was good enough to include me in the game...


Here we go, into the wild blue yonder.....flying high, into- the sky!

January 10th 2009 12:38 pm
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Mom is flying again on Monday. She's going from New York to San Francisco.

Sadie Mae - get on those pink sneakers! Cisco Kid - Mom is going to be waving to Jewels....whenever mommy flies, she looks for all of us flying in the clouds. She sees us, she sees us!!! One time, daddy looked out the window and told mommy to look. There was a giant paw in the clouds....hello! that was all of us of course.

Get your wings gassed up and say hi to mommy as she flies across the country and looks for us...from New York to Indiana, to Missouri, to Kentucky....Vermont, Florida, California, every place our pup pals will be.....

Riley Marie


I'm Diary Pick of the Day

November 17th 2008 3:43 pm
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Woo-Hoo, Dogster picked me as one of their Diary picks of the day. I thank them for that. I didn't write anything special recently...I'm sure it's random, but it is fun being chosen anyway!

I'm sitting up here on Cloud 9 (well maybe Cloud 6787...), but Mommy always wants to know that I'm safe. She types for me, and always looks for signs of me (which I obligingly leave her). Dogster has helped Mommy connect with other moms and dads....and it has kept me alive. I have many friends thanks to Dogster.

Many pups and kitties know of my antics of leaving oak leaves for mom to find. Sometimes, daddy finds them too. ( I recently tricked him by putting one in his car when only one window was open about a 1/2 inch...I squeezed it right in there, and when he got in his card...there it was!). HeeHee. Of course, he saved it....

Anyway - I enjoyed having my diary chosen, and I want to thank all my pals for being my friends!!!
xoxox Riley
Oh - and let me say....Happy Thanksgiving one and all!



November 9th 2008 7:18 am
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I've been tagged by my good friend Annie. I have to write 7 things about myself and then tag 7 friends.

1. I am very smart (mommy and daddy told me so!)

2. I love my pals at RBAB.

3. I taught Skye everything he knows, hee-hee.

4. I sent mom and dad an angel named Quinn. (Sometimes mom looks at her quickly and thinks she's me, but she's not because sometimes she misbehaves - - and I never did that.)

5. I always protected mom and dad and our house.

6. I enjoy sending mom, dad and other people oak leaves as special signs that their loved ones are watching over them.

I'm tagging:

Sadie Mae
Riley (the boy Riley, haha)
Cisco Kid


Mother's Day 2008

May 11th 2008 3:21 pm
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Hi everyone!

Today is Mother's and my sister went to a Tulip Festival with our new baby today (Mom's grandbaby and my niece!). Putter sent mom special wishes that she would find the oak leaf sign that Putter knew I would send.

When my family was leaving the park.......Mom saw my oak leaf. She walked by and thought "no, that's not the one". Then she turned around and she knew for sure that it was indeed "the one". It was a baby oak leaf. And since they were all celebrating the birth of the new baby in our family - I wanted to send a baby oak leaf! Mommy got it! Yay - Mommy!

Happy Mother's Day friends!!!


Two Years, Too little....

February 12th 2008 4:45 am
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It's almost two years since I left home and came to the Bridge. To mom and dad, it feels like yesterday.

Not a day goes by that they don't think of me.......I send them oak leaves all the time to let them know I am ok, and I'm here at the Bridge with all of my new friends.

Mom made an oak tree in our dining's an artificial tree and it has oak leaf ornaments all over it. Many people have commented on how pretty it is, but to mom and dad, it's symbolically me.

Well, Mom just decided she couldn't type anymore; her eyes are leaking. Maybe later.......meanwhile I have to go play with all of my friends. The Turtle Pond will be thawing soon, and there will be all new games to play.......

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