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Chow Chow/Breed Unknown
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Arrival Story:
Hoovers Story: Hoover came from our local pound in 1987. I went to our local shelter to find a puppy. I had just bought a home with a large fenced-in yard and I was ready to share my home with a four-legged companion. As I wandered the cages looking for the perfect pet, I saw a dog being dragged down the hallway by a noose. He was not resisting in any way; it was as though he was resigned to his fate. I stopped the worker and asked him where this dog was going. He told me the dog's time was up and he was to be put down. I immediately decided I wanted this furry black creature who looked at me with such baleful eyes. The worker then told me that nobody would miss him and he'd put him in my car if I pulled around back. Which I did. The dog was placed into the back of my truck, and we went home. On the way, this obviously full-grown dog stuck his head through the back window and insisted I rub his head. I imagine he was grateful to be alive with the wind in his hair. On a trip to the vet, it was discovered he was about 4 to 5 years old, possibly a Chow mix, un-neutered, and had heartworms. We had all of it taken care of except the neutering - I was led to believe he was too old. The teeth in the front of his mouth were worn down to nubs, probably from chewing on a cage or wire. Next, we had to find a name. I tried several different names, and he didn't seem to respond to any of them. One day, I had left my lunch on the kitchen table and retired to the bathroom. I wasn't gone five seconds when I heard the box hit the floor. I ran to the kitchen to find this clueless dog licking his lips and two pieces of chicken nowhere to be found! I looked at him, as he stood there wagging his tail, and I said, "You're just a regular Hoover, aren't you?" He began to dance around the room and bark. We'd struck on a name! It was just within a few weeks, that I also discovered how abused Hoover had been previously. I couldn't pick up limbs and sticks from my yard. Hoover cowered and cringed and squealed. So, the limbs went unretrieved - for three years. I couldn't step over him when he was lying in the middle of the floor. Hoover would immediately jump sideways as though he'd been kicked and then cower. Hoover also wouldn't walk on a leash. He would sit down, like a mule, and refuse to move. And car rides were traumatic. Unlike the ride home, he would shake and whine and just go to pieces when I put him in the car. He wouldn't go willingly. I also discovered I couldn't bend down and pet him; again, he would yelp and jump away. Some of these things were overcome, when several years later, my son brought home a puppy. When I introduced the puppy to Hoover, Hoover came over, sniffed the pup and proceeded to lift his leg and pee on me. Hoover learned so much from the new pup, as well. He discovered that whenever the pup went in the car, he always came back. One day, I left the front door open when I took the pup with me. As we got in the car, I also left the car door open. Hoover eventually came out of the house, on his own, and approached the car. He then climbed up in the back seat and sat down. We took a little drive and upon returning, I couldn't get Hoover to get out of the car! Hoover also learned to enjoy his walks. I would take the pup for a walk, leaving Hoover behind. One day, Hoover started his dancing around and barking when I came to get the pup for a walk. I put the leash on Hoover and he all but ran to the gate! As the years progressed, Hoover settled down considerably. He began to trust; he began to learn; he began to love again. He guards his yard fiercely to this day, although his bark has gotten rather rusty. It was just five years ago that he did not jump away when I stepped over him.Three years ago, his thyroid began failing, he gained weight and the beautiful coat he has now was thin and sparse. A blood test was done and not only was a non-functioning thyroid discovered, but also that he had heartworms again. Since he was too old for treatment, he was monitored carefully and put on Heartgard (*NOTE: This is not a recommended form of treatment and should only be administered and approved by a veterinarian). Hoover has a blood test done every six months and the heartworms are all but gone. It was also discovered just a couple of years ago that Hoover is now deaf, yet he has done wonderfully in adjusting to this failing faculty. He responds to hand signals and has a way of getting my attention when he needs to go out. Hoover now lives full-time in the house. For many years, he preferred to be outside except when it was cold. He still patrols his yard and looks to the other dogs to let him know when an intruder approaches. Usually, he sleeps so soundly that he misses the excitement! Cristmas is his favorite time of year. I have an animal's Christmas on Christmas Eve and Hoover knows what's going on when I start pulling down the stockings. He still dances around, but with less barking, just excited knowing of all the goodies in his stocking. I hand him his stocking and he takes it in his mouth to a quiet part of the room where he begins pulling his goodies out one at a time. Although most of his teeth are gone in the front, he has no trouble with chewies and Milkbones. He also still steals cookies if they're left within reach! Hoover lets me know when it's dinnertime - you can set your clock when Hoover starts barking at six PM. He is a creature of habit and knows what he wants. Hoover is a pretty special fellow and I'm glad I gave an older dog a chance at a new life. I wouldn't have it any other way. Welcome home, Hoover!

Sadly, Hoover left me at 18 years of age in 2001; we had 14 wonderful years together. He will always be missed. In his honor, I have named my rescue after him - Hoovers House I lit a candle and said a prayer; I sent you off with Loving care. With a milkbone beside you, And one last touch Who knew I would miss you so much. You gave me so many memories and years; I gave you time and patience thru your fears. With love and kindness, you learned to trust. Who knew I would miss you so much. Your happy eyes, your smiling face; Your dancing body so full of grace. You came to love my touch. Who knew I would miss you so much. Go softly my friend, another place awaits. No more arthritic bones to slow your pace; You will have ears that can hear once more, And dog friends by the score. Once again, you'll dance and dance and dance......... Who knew I would miss you so much.

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