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Take one day at a time....

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This would be so wonderful........

September 8th 2008 9:35 pm
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It has been over 6 months since Our Georgie left us for a place where he would play and run and just be a doggie.

A place where all memories of his past would not even be able to enter with him.
Only good memories would be able to go with him.

Will I found this verse. and it got me thinking...

If tears could builf a
stairway and memories
a lane, I'd walk right
up to heaven and bring
you home again.

The verse really touch me, but then I thought would I really want to bring Georgie back.........

We had the most wonderful 9 odd years with him and him with us, he was treated with so much love it would flow over to the other fur family members. My son always called him the big cuddly bear.....he said that his nose was like a bear ! ! ! or the name Gorber he was nicknamed....where that name came from .. I will never of lifes misteries....

I think now I could never be so selfish as wanting to bring him back if I could, he and all the other " babies " that are at the bridge would be having a wonderful time.....

I believe that they are watching over everyone of us......just look at all the stars in the sky at night......

Yes it would be unbelievable to give him another cuddle, another walk, another feed, to tell Daisy LEAVE George ALONE, or just to sit with him in the sun that he so much enjoyed, but those times are gone and there will be one day when I will be able to see him again but at the moment is not the time.
and of cause some days the tears are so real, like a stream that goes for ever, but they will get less ....I am sure.

Treasure evey moment you have !
And treasure it more because you shared it with someone special !
Special enough to spend your time with.
And remember that time waits for no one.

Yesterday is history......that is what we make..
Tomorrow is mystery...we never know what is going to happen...
Today is a gift...........That's why it's is called the present......


Another rainbow ! !

August 1st 2008 5:50 am
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The other day we had some heavy rain.
I had to take a picture of this rainbow, and this is why it was there......

Our Dear Lara was looking out the window and called out that she could " see " Georgie. We did not know what she was talking about.
We went over to her and she pointed out the window and said...

" Look there is a rainbow that Georgie has just sent us"
We asked why it was from him....she look at us as if we were silly.

Her reply was.... of cause it is from Georgie who could " smile " so brightly and put it into a rainbow and make it more pretty than it should be.
We told her it could be any doggies rainbow, and her reply again was ..
It cant be from any other doggie you know Georgie can't phone and that is the only way he can " talk to us ".
We we so taken back .......

We asked her if that was George's rainbow who was the other one......her reply...... it was all his friends, but they dont have such a bright one as they were all " puffed out " from playing and that is why their rainbow was not as bright. ! ! ! !

How wonderful to have such beautiful thoughts..........


Smile !

July 20th 2008 2:47 am
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In all the years that we had George, he always had this kinda of a smile when he looked at you.
It might of been when he was panting or even when he was about to give you a big sloppy kiss it was just there.

His eyes were another matter, they could give you a look " to kill " or that " I love you " smile

For this reason these few words are what I saw in George

You must have caught
a falling star
and store it
in your heart awhile
For all its brightness
is reflected
in the sparkle
of your smile


Don't judge a book by it's cover.....

June 22nd 2008 10:35 pm
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When George came to live with us we thought we might of had to have many visits to the vets, because of his past , but he was a very healthy dog for his age.

I was thinking what mean some people can be, even some so call animal lovers.

The first ......We were at the vets and this lady told us to get that " Vicious dog away from her cat....funny thing it was in a STEEL cat carry basket, a very sad person.....

The second ....Again at the vets this " person " I use that word loosely, saw George and told us all the terrible things that " Blue Heelers " do, and dont trust any of them ! ! ! ,
And which dog sat there nice and quiet when other pets entered the vets waiting room........ I'll let you guess who it was ! ! ! ! ! !

The third time.....
While the waiting room was full, we heard an all mighty roar of a motor bike pulling outside the surgery door.
Everbody looked at each other. Then the most tallest biker walked in.....the whole leather and tats long beard the full oufit.
He walked over to the receptionist and in the most loudest voice he said ....

Got me dog " Killer " here to see the vet.

Will the look on the receptionist face was one you could never forget.

Anyway you could see the clients that were waiting looking at him and you could see in their face he could only have " Pittie or some dog of that kind they always do......

He walked over gave George a pat and said what a good looking boy...will I thought he might have had a heeler........

The receptionist said it would be a while and to take a seat outside...........

The next thing he said it was too cold for " Killer" to be ouside ???????

Your not going to believe this but there out of his leather jacket came the most smallest chihuahua you have ever seen. ! ! ! ! !

What happen the bikers mother only had the dog for a few years before she became ill, so her son took hm in. The little fellow was ten years could see in his eyes how much he love him.......
and the problem with the little fellow.....he had to have his nails cut....

Just with these three happenings you can NEVER judge an owner or there pet, you just don't know the full story........


Not getting very far.......

June 2nd 2008 8:33 pm
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There were so many things that would make us laugh with what George would do...........some times it was just down right embarrassing........
Let me explain........

Sometimes when I would take George for a walk " The husband " would come to ......BUT the problem would be he would walk Zena.........6kg ( 13lb) I would have George, at that time he was about 40kg ( 88 lbs ) .

You really have to close your eyes to visualize what we must of looked like.........not a very good sight.......funny sight ..OH YES....

Will there were times when George would just STOP and sit, and not move, and what did the " husband " do....just keept on walking....grrrrrrrrr

There was a time went only George and I were walking down our main shopping centre , and he flatley refuse to move, just sat there looking around, just enjoying people walking by. I must say he did not sit on the side of the foot path... BUT RIGHT in the middle so peolpe had to walk around was SOOOOOOOO embarrassing....I do remember HE did get lots of head pats........

I dont know why he did this but when it did happen he would just look and seem to say.....will I need a rest and here I am going to have it..........could of been a male thing. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

There was JUST NO WAY you could move him. Just had to wait and wait till HE WAS about being stubbon........hahahaha

This happen a number of times, it got to the point I would just felt like leaving him and coming back later....but of cause that never happen.....mind you it did cross my mind a few times...hahahahaha


Hey What about ME ! ! ! !

May 21st 2008 5:41 pm
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The other day I heard a favourite Aussie song What About Me, and I had to have a real belly laugh, now it seems funny but at the time it was not a good thing to happen......

Let me explain.

You see we just live near our local shops and of cause I would take one of our doggies with me the time we had Zena ( still with me ) George ,Penny & Jezebell ..

Will from our front garden you can see the shops so that is how close we are.

Now this did not happen just happen to George but to ALL of them ! ! ! ! !

So there I am getting the leash on George and off we go out the gate to the shop. Get there tie him to the pole OUTSIDE the shop, where you can see him. Go in to do the shopping, walk out and come home......

As I walked in the door the husband askes me " have you got everything from the shop " will of cause I say " yes ", Then his reply was maybe you should check......I check......yep got all groceries...........the one our my children come out and say Hey where is George.......OH MY GOODNESS..... maybe I put a few extra words in ! ! ! ! ......I had forgotton him and left him still sittinng outside the shop..........

I raced over to the shop and there he was still there wagging his tail when he saw just dont know how I felt after doing that........

When we got back home he got the biggest cuddle and THE biggest bowl of milk I could give him......

As I said I did it with the others also, talk about a mind blank ! ! ! ! !

I did do it one more time to him........after that it was a standed joke for a while..... hey mum forgotton really got to love families ! ! !


The Doggie Parlour...

May 10th 2008 4:34 am
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Sitting here looking at all our doggies pages, I had a laugh to myself at what had happen to George a few days after he came to live with us.

When we got him from the pound and got settle in to his new home, the next day we took him to the vets to have a general check he was still on antibiotics for his face, we want to make sure all was good for him.

Just down from the vets there was a a doggie parlour . We called in to see what type of services they had..........

Georges Daddy and I decided to take him there and treat him to a bit of luxury. Will we went there and as we enterd the door to the reception the look on the ladies face was one that you would never forget.

Here was this Blue cattle dog with this horrible scar down his face, a bit out of tongue ( he was panting ) long toe nails, worn down teeth, and probably in her eyes not the best looking dog to come thought their door for a long time.

We both look behind the lady and saw....cute little dogs, cute big dogs, fuffy dogs, dogs with bows in their hair........ will we thought WHY NOT he deserved this.

So we left him there for a couple of hours.....

When we returned to get him, he just look so........happy tail wagging and jumping on any body that would let him. He did smell very " girly " , but it was his special day............ and that was the first of many " special days "


I can finally write........something

April 30th 2008 7:52 am
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I have finally been able to put words to a diary for my Georgie.

I am just sitting here with Tripod and thinking what George would of been like as a puppy.....In a way it is hard..... I know he would of been the odd one out ......he was not what you would call a " good looking doggie " but his heart would of shone though as if the sun would never go down around him.

His personality .....will I would say it would of been like a child learning new things he would just of wanted to please and always there to give a cuddle if you felt down.

I am sure what happen to him made him a better companion, with his family as he felt safe and a part of something special. You hear some times people will say that animals are dumb......will maybe they should look in the eyes of a " second chance " pet, it says it all.

It has been will over three months since My baby has gone. Boy do the tears fall, at the most silly times.... I look at his page, one of his dogster pals might write something, I hear a many things.
I say that but sometimes I cry happy tears......happy as in that he had the BEST 10 years with us.

At the bridge he would .......NO... I know he would have all his Lady Friends hanging off his paws......just to mention a few.....Carrie, Daisy, Rosie, Sharna, Miss Madhi, Auumn, and Bonnie Blue, and so many more....mmmmmm

His wings that were made for him by Daisy were just beautiful. Evertime my computer is turned on I have that picture of him with his wings as my screen picture.

He has had so many lovely things written to him and about him and though that I have made many lovely special friends and also learnt about the different places that my new friends live.

There is one special dogster doggies and their pawdad that I have to say a BIG thankyou.

On the 17th January, I open my mail and burst out crying.......yes I know it must be a female thing, anyway what was there was something that was such a suprise it took me back......
It was a dogster plus subscription.
It was from Roscoe, his family, The Creek Cronies, and their dad.
What took me aback was how could somebody be so thoughtful, to somebody from the other side of the world. Again I thank them, and yes I do have fun in doing up all their pages.

I had better finish here as I can feel ..THEM coming again, at least this is a start for me to write about more things that My Georgie had done in the time we had with him.


What can I say.....

January 15th 2008 4:13 am
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My Baby Georgie, as we sometime called him, passed away this afternoon, Tuesday 15th.

It was sudden...Monday he ate his dinner plus an extra plate full of food. A few mins later, the most excruciating cry came and followed diarrhoea this happen a number of times over the night. This morning it keep happening and the decision was made. It was one of the hardest ...IT WAS the hardest decision we had to make, for him to take his last journy to leave this world.

I gave him a warm sponge bath, trim his nails, gave him a good brush, so he would look just so handsome, on his journey, and he did !

His daddy, our daughter, who is vet nurse came and took him for his finial ride, my other daughter left work to be with him. Our son was lucky to be home to say his farewell as he did not have to go to work till the afternoon. This may sound funny but I did not go with them I had said my farewell, and I knew as soon as his eyes closed for the last time his soul was no more with us , but at the most wonderful place we can only dream about for our most treasured and loved pets, Rainbow Bridge.

At a certian moment I heard the song "That's What Friends are For " on the tv. When my husband came home he told me what time his eyes closed, and it was at the same time I heard the song......I dont know if that was his final good bye or what but I will never forget that song

George was one of those dogs that should of hated the world for what had happen to him, but for some reason he had so much love and undestanding to give .

At the RSPCA he was on " death row ", but the carers there kept taking him off and putting him at the " start " again, they told us that they knew there was something special about him.......not because of what happen to him but what it was they could not put their finger on it, and they knew somebody else would see it.

The day we brought him home, I can remember as if it was yesterday, we walked in the front door, he looked at the other dogs, he looked around, saw the lounge, jumped on it as just sat there, as if to say...ok I like it ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I'll stay.
His first night we let him sleep near out bed, so he would not be lonely, not a good move, there he sleep for the next 8 years.......and our other puppy dogs thought ahrrrrrrr that looks good we will also.......and they DID. Even today all the others sleep on our floor except Mickey he sleeps in our hallway.....BUT near our door.....I think you just might call us a true doggie family ! ! ! !

We had so many wonderful and funny times with him. You go for a walk at night and feel totally safe with him. Only once did he ever get cranky, and that was at Daisy, as she was ALWAYS cleaning him, even from the moment we got her home from the RSPCA, at 8 weeks , This one day it must of got on his nerves and he took a clump of fur from her back leg, nothing to hurt her but if I remember it made Daisy stop cleaning him for about..........5 mins... then she was back at it again! ! ! ! ! Up until yesterday she was STILL cleaning him, in the end we had to stop her sometimes as she would hold him down with her paw and lick and lick ! ! !

Up until he could not jump up, he would want to sit on your LAP, it would of not been so bad if he was LITTLE dog, but him being around the 35 kgs ( 60 or so lbs ) and he was so heavy........and there was ALWAYS another dog that wanted to share the same lap, it was sooooooo much fun.......... ! ! !

The Blue Heeler sometimes does not get a good rap, but if we could of bottled his DNA I am sure we would have just the perfect breed.

I know the pain I feel now is not because he has passed over, but that I will not be able to see and talk to him, and to rub his face where his scar was, I would always talk to him about it, and shed a tear ( even after all those years ) I always said I wanted to face the person who did it and just ask one question with one word and that is " WHY ". I know I should get passed it but it is just one of those things I would love to have closure on , but I know I will never will, I will just have to live with it.

The pain will fade with time..........


My Love for you will Last Forever


My Boy is Gone.........

January 14th 2008 9:11 pm
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My baby is gone.

When the tears uncover my eyes I will shall return, for the love of him

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