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Take one day at a time....

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New Year the Bridge...

December 31st 2009 2:05 am
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Will at the Bridge I like to go on " Aussie Time " as I get to do things before my pals here BOL BOL....

I want to wish all my friends here at the Bridge, and all my Earth friends a .....

Very Very Very Happy New Year
and hope all your dreams come true in the New Year

Love & Cuddles,
" Aussie " George X X X X X


Merry Christmas ! !

December 23rd 2009 11:55 am
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Merry Christmas to all my Earth friends, and their family's,

To all my Angels friends I know we will have a wonderful Christmas day here at the Bridge.
We will be watching over our family's and sending all our love to them

Merry Christmas



21 to day !

December 14th 2009 9:35 pm
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Today is th 15th December Down Under, and it would of been George's 21st birthday.....WOW

When a human turns 21 they get the " Key to the Door "

George's key is not to any door but a key that opens his heart to any person that he would feel safe with and shower them with all the doggie love he could give.

We know that one day that our furs will not be with us.
Some furs leave very early in their life....why nobody can answer. Some live to a very long life....

In my heart I am so happy that we had such a long and many happy years with George.

I try not to get teary still but it is so hard........

I thought I was going really good as it was getting close to this day,
then George got an email.......

Ever since George was not with us, I join a group call
Rainbow Bridge Angel Babies....

Being a good Mum..I had to read his mail hehehehe....and he was chosen as their ...Angel of the Week.....What a wonderful honor it was and is.....

And then it happen the tears came..but this time they were
" Happy Tears " I was so proud of him..... His pals from the Bridge get to ask questions to find out more about his earth life..mrrrrrrr will have to read what he has written........ ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
What a wonderful birthday present....a suprise totally

A Pal from the Bridge, Crystal ( 620173) sent some beautiful wings, just so pretty.
A another Pal Putter ( 494763 ) made his background photo of him with another set of beautiful wings........

Things like this can make you feel so very special.....

I know he has many many friends at the Bridge, but his very special lady friend Bonnie Blue.....
I am so very sure they are celebrating his birthday in the best way they both now how........
Just lazing in the sunshine.........enyoying ever minute of it.

Also if I keep writing I might just flood my keyboard I had better finish soon, but for one last thing.

A few months back one of our pals doggie arrived at the bridge, her name is Sparkee ( 288087) She was only a young pup all of 13 years.
I know the her human parents & doggie family miss her so very much, but I think...... no.... I know she would be sitting right down with Bonnie Blue (628599 ) and gas bagging ( taking about the other pups there ! ! ! ) and George just rolling his eyes......

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y my George.
Love Always xxxxx


My Guarding Job ! ! !

December 3rd 2009 4:41 am
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George was as much as a guard dog, as Tripod has four legs! ! ! !

In all he had such a deep bark, that made him sound a lot "" bigger " than what he was. Then it was his was written in his diary people would not go near him as the way he " looked " MEAN.......Yeah sure.....

Dont' judge.....get to know first ! ! ! !

When George was with us I worked at a garden nursey, that was straight across the road.....I NEVER late for work HEHEHEHE.

When my children came home from school they would bring George & Zac over for a visit...Zac use to waddle around and look for worms, and George would just follow me and say " hello " to any customers. It seem everybody knew them ! ! ! ! !
Our two Cardis at the time Penny & Jezebell my husband would bring them over for a visit during the that time he was the "house husband"

There was a time when there was a break in ...stolen plants, it happen a few times.
Thought the present of George there would deter any thief......

Will we had to think about it first as he was NO guard dog......but as we only live over the road, we put his bed out side near where he could see our bedroom window and we could see him.....
A Mother know how it is......

Any way when the nursery closed we would take George over when it was dark and stay awhile. We would leave and he would watch and then have walk around jump on the stacks of potting mixes, a few times he put holes in the bags ! ! !

Just like any " mother " I worrried about him, so I would go over during the night in my P.J's to make sure he was fine.......and what would he be doing SOUND ASLEEP .....and he would not even wake up till I woke him......Talk about a guard dog........NOT one bit of guarding duty was in his bones.........

The husband said to me after George had his time at " guarding " what would I tell the police if they happen to be going by and seeing me in my P.J 'S.......never thought of that......probably would of taken me for a car ride to the cop shop....he he he he he he

I would go and get him very early....and what did he do when we came home.....straight back to sleep..........

I don't know if it was George being there or the thief just gave up, but there was never anything stolen again....

He was there for only three nights..........and I know he had a good sleep every night ! ! ! ! while he was there


Waiting and looking after...

September 16th 2009 4:59 pm
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Being here at The Bridge is the next best place to be. I would much much much be with my Familt but this is not to be, for awhile...

I watch and hear what is going on with my family all the time, but yesterday was one of those days when I saw my Mums blood " boil "

See Mum has a real " soft spot " for the R.S.P.C.A, as that is where Daisy, Snoopy and I came from. Even Mums very first doggie when she was little girl came from there, she was a Kelpie......named Lassie..

My human sister Sally works at ourR.S.P.C.A. charity shop, and Mum was there having a chat with the presidant and a few other ladies.

WILL one of the ladies who is elderly and goes away for hoildays, has ALWAYS left her cat.... ( yes I know this is a doggie site but it concerns both ....) at the boarding facility at the RSPCA.
Will when she went to book in her cat in she was told how sorry they were BUT there was NO room.

ALL... YES ALL........ the boarding places were taken up with adult cats & kittens........ that were homeless and looking for new homes.......

WILL did I see my mums face turn red........

They said they have had an inflax of cats & kittens, and they have never had to use the boarding facility before for the homeless.

Why mum was SOOOOO very angry & upset, is WHY don't people get their animals sprayed.

There are so many cats & dogs that are not done .... this is so stupid.

She knows in her heart that some of the cats/kittens will get homes but there will be others that will not, thought no fault of their own.....will have to make a journey that would be before they should be making one........

Around where we live we have a Cat Care organization that helps with desexing as will as other organization that sometimes you dont even need to pay..... just when you have some money or give a donation to their animal charity shop....... (This is for the both cats & dogs)....

Maybe one day people might get the idea it is not " lovely " to have JUST ONE LITTER.

She knows it wont happen ....but she thinks the greatest news would be that, even if ONE shelter had to closed it doors not becauce they had TOOOOO many animals .....that they had NO animals that needed a second chance. That would be so wonderful.........but I am sure that would never happen in her life time....BUT it would be wonderful ! ! ! ! !


I think this is my closure...

May 14th 2009 5:58 am
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One of the things I always need to know was
" WHY ",
Why he had a machete put though his face.

We asked it was always only enough information to just to made me look further to find an answer.

When I wrote in George's diary on the day he had enough of this life and need to go to a place that would make him so much better.....I wrote that I need closure the time I thought I would never have it but ....... now I have it........

When you dont want something any more you try to find a solution..

Will I can say this was the most horrible soultion.

George had the machete put thought his face because........

for no other reason than........

" He was not wanted any more "

The good thing that came out of it, he escaped from this " person " and was found and given a second live a full life.

The love he returned to his family was so great it was unbelieveable as for what he had gone though.....That love was returned to him with all the passion & love we could give him.

He was never treated " different " to the other " furs " of the family, they were , and are all equal......if there was a time that one had "special needs" then that would be address, but all of them are equal in our eyes......

I think that is what makes a " happy " household when you have many legs running around...

I was given a name once just after we got George, I just love it .....

Mother of Many Paws...

It just fits so will........

My sweet Angel, there is not a day that goes by that a tear does not fall , but now I feel they will not be so often.

Rest in Peace my Georgie


Somebody is so sweet...

May 14th 2009 5:16 am
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A few days ago my mum saw a new gift on my page.
A lovely green emerald
This one was from a doggie that put their name as
" Anonymous "
Will mum was trying to think who would do it

arrr yes it was.........
no.. it was from ........
no... not that doggie ........
it was from ........

In the end mum really could not work who this wonderful person might be....

All we can say....Mum & me is a big
Thank you, you are so kind

This gift and all the gifts that I have receive are just thoughtful and I just love them all.......


Sad day......or Not

January 14th 2009 7:18 pm
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It is the 15th January, here in Aussie land.

12 months ago today, we gave George a special gift....maybe not what you might think it is, but at the time is was.... plus it was one of the hardness things to do....

He made his way to the Bridge.

The year has gone so fast, I just cant believe how fast it has.

We had talked about how George was going to be placed at his resting place. He was going to be placed with all our other... two leg, fin, four leg & feathered family that had past.

There was no way that was going to happen....the Husband and Son refuse to " place " him......they said they just could not do it, even though they had done it for all the others.

Will my daughter the vet nurse said that he could be cremated.......

He came back to us after 4 days . When she brought him back home and I saw her walk in the front door with him, I had a tear in my eye.....He was home where he should be, watching over his family.

We had plan to place him with the others with a some roses and extra plants but that never happen.

He now sits on our mantel in the lounge room with the Australia flag and a photo of him.

He gets a " Pat & How yeah going George ? " from everbody....

We were NEVER going to get another doggie member,
......yeah sure ! ! ! ! !

As we thought we had OUR family......will as you know Tripod came into our family.......sent to us by George, we don't know........maybe.....Yes........

Tripod was a doggie that was not wanted because he was " broken "

Like George was.....kindred hearts, could be, maybe, don't know.......

Always remembered.

Never Ever forgotten.

" Angels are the Gate keeper to the Soul "


Never to late for a Birthday !!

December 15th 2008 7:46 pm
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15th December, and our George would of been 20 years old.....just cant believe it....

Will that is the birthday that we gave him......

George came into our family at the start of April.

At the time we did not want his " birthday " to be the day that he came to live with us, as that day was to be an end to a old horrible life. We thought for ages what would be a GREAT birthday date.

We thought maybe sometime in good, we would want to give him chocolate.....not a good idea....then maybe my birthday month good I did not want to share...hehehehe.....then the sons birthday month, August, no he did not want to share..... then we thought sometime in December..........that was looking good.... first we had to check with our Daughters.....their birthday was in December......

They thought it was a great idea.......

My husband, Stephen and I thought the same...15th December, so it was.........

Why was it the best date......

Our twin daughters were born on that date, they were early and sick......but have grown up to be......very good adults, so giving George that date as HIS birthday was like a special gift we could give him...

A special date that was a start of a new life.......


What a sunny day....

November 26th 2008 7:49 pm
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It is such a wonderful sunny day here, in the land " Down Under " that I got to thinking about George how he would love to lay in the sun, and really just stay there until he would pant so much that you would have to get him and move him. ! ! !

I started to get a bit teary and thought what my tears are for....

Sadness..... because I miss him so much or
Happiness ......that he is now at peace.
I think it is a little bit of each.

Maybe this might of been something I should think about.....

Don't remember me with sadness,
Don't remember me with tears,
Remember all the fun we had
thoughout the years.

Then when the summer sunshine
awakes the flowers in bloom,
I'll walk that light from heaven
around the corner of every room.

I'll watch and care and love you
From heaven's open door.

Thanks for all your love and care you gave me.


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