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Bubba's Journal on Life

Good bye and Thank you dear friends

July 13th 2016 1:45 pm
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Dear friends and fellow members, We have had the most spectacular many years having fun and being with y'all thru our great community. Sadly, the time has come for it to end. It is with a very heavy heart we want to thank you for being there and making our days and lives much brighter and happier and helping us cope thru life's some times sad and difficult times. We will never forget our furiends and humans that made our lives fulfilled with love and friendship. Goodbye can be such a final word so we choose to say, Until we meet again.


Many Thankies to all and my bestest friends for celebrating- my 5th Birthday

October 26th 2008 10:41 am
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Oh, what a busy month. First was mum and hudad's annifursary on the 20th. Thank you to all who sent their wishes and prezzies for them. Then came my 5th burfday. I'd like to thank every one for my Birthday wishes, cakes, and prezzies. I'd like to thank: Kasey, Socks & Bootsie for the Diamond, Bear- for my Pumpkin and Birfday cake pic, Ciao-Li, Jean Lousie Weezer, Sheba, Katie, Bizkit, & Sluggo for the Football, Sausage & Meatball for the Heart and cake, Handsome Jack, Zoie, and Pumkin Man for the Black Cat, Spanky & Fancy Pants Cafe for the Heart and cake, Robin Hood for the Black Cat, K.J., Rain, Kiska, Angel Banjo & Angel Greta for the Cupcake and balloons, Max for the Party hat, Duncan for the Ghost, *Zoe* for the Heart and Card, Queen, Zoe, Ashley, Jake, Sheba, Missy, Nanook, Bandit, Molly, Aileron, A.J., Max, Tasha, Mischka and Nakita for the Pumpkin, Loki and Tinkerbell for the Collar and poem, Sophie and Harley Davidson for the Collar, Boingo, Lily, Oingo, Tigger, Poo, Odie, Oreo, George, Chandon and Perky for the Collar. ALL of you great and dear friends at Dogster/Catster have made my birthday soooo Terrific and such a Great Day! I love you all sooo much. Now we are bsuy working on creating a Happy Halloween for our groups so you all can have lots of fun.


Thank you all for the Febreeze Collars and Prezzies

September 7th 2008 11:09 am
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Mum wanted to post a Thank You to all our friends for the pretty Febreeze Collars we got. But then our puter went down and when we got it back, they were all gone. She did jot down some names but might have lost track so if we forget any one who sent us prezzies, please forgive us and except our heart-felt Thank You. Thank You to these Doggies: Smokey, Suika, Widdle Gracie Nee, Miss Jennah Pooh, Jazzi Paws, Robin Hood, Georgi Girl, Miss Dixie Monroe, Muffin, Molly, Dante, The Gang, Tico el Bandito, Ariel, Boogie-adopted, H.H.Parker Esq, Ringo, Jesse, Panda, hearts Panda hearts, Lily, Taco, Cocoa, The Ragsdogs, Queen Baby Wiggles, Madison, Goober, Handsome Jack, Nakita, Webster, Digger, Rosie, Molly Woggins, Isabella Blu Heart, Leika, Kasey, Saruman, Daisey, Disfun ctional Duo, Baby, Maya, Summer Fun Amigos, Buddy Doughnut, Corky (ILM), Matilda Rose, Timber aka Tim, Bubba Smalls, Miss Daisey Mae, Bentley, heart Rocky heart, Nikki, Patch, Monty, Admiral Snortn B Throckmorton, Cheyenne, Rowdy, In Memory Saffron, Piko, Sasha,Ralphie, Lexie Furever,Bailey, Sasha Belle, Chloe, Kodiak, Snapper MulletHead, Maya and Matilda, Fillipe, Faith, Jack and Cotto. Thank you to these Kitties: Callie Rose, Luka, Sir Sonny Bono, Kinsey, patch, and Mittens.

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