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Cowboy's Corral

My Winter Wonderland

December 11th 2007 8:25 pm
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A Dogs Christmas Carol
(sung to the tune of Winter Wonderland)

Dog tags ring, are you listening'?
In the lane, snow is glistenin'.
It's yellow, NOT white I've been there tonight,
Marking up my winter wonderland.

Smell that tree? That's my fragrance.
It's a sign for wandering vagrants;
Avoid where I pee, it's MY pro-per-ty!
Marked up as my winter wonderland.

In the meadow dad will build a snowman,
following the classical design.
Then I'll lift my leg and let it go Man,
So all the world will know that it's

Straight from me to the fence post,
flows my natural incense boast;
Stay off my TURF, this small piece of earth,
I marked it as my winter wonderland."


Dog Rules For Wrapping Christmas Presents

December 11th 2007 7:41 am
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1. Gather presents, boxes, paper, etc. in middle of living room floor.
2. Get tape back from puppy.
3. Remove scissors from older dog's mouth.
4. Open box.
5. Take puppy out of box.
6. Remove tape from older dog's mouth.
7. Take scissors away from puppy.
8. Put present in box.
9. Remove present from puppy's mouth.
10. Put back in box after removing puppy from box.
11. Take scissors from older dog and sit on them.
12. Remove puppy from box and put on lid.
13. Take tape away from older dog.
14. Unroll paper.
15. Take puppy OFF box.
16. Cut paper being careful not to cut puppy's foot or nose that is getting in the way as he "helps."
17. Let puppy tear remaining paper.
18. Take puppy off box.
19. Wrap paper around box.
20. Remove puppy from box and take wrapping paper from its mouth.
21. Tell older dog to fetch the tape so he will stop stealing it.
22. Take scissors away from puppy.
23. Take tape older dog is holding.
24. Quickly tape one spot before taking scissors from older dog and sitting on them again.
25. Fend off puppy trying to steal tape and tape another spot.
26. Take bow from older dog.
27. Go get roll of wrapping paper puppy ran off with.
28. Take scissors from older dog who took them when you got up.
29. Give pen to older dog to hold so he stops licking your face.
30. Remove puppy from present and hurriedly slap tape on to hold the paper on.
31. Take now soggy bow from puppy and tape on since the sticky stuff no longer sticks.
32. Take pen from older dog, address tag and affix while puppy tries to eat pen.
33. Grab present before puppy opens it and put it away.
34. Clean up mess puppy and older dog made playing tug-of-war with remnants of wrapping paper.
35. Put away rest of wrapping supplies and tell dogs what good helpers they are.


Same Name Game

August 29th 2007 8:42 am
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Well, well, I have been chosen by Cowboy, In Loving goes as this:

Hello there! If you are one of the 6 lucky pups I tagged for the Same Name Game (SNG) then this is for you!

The SNG is a game that my pack made up that is played with your diary and rosetttes. YOU MUST BE A DOGSTER PLUS DOG TO PLAY!!!!

You must tag 6 dogs BY THE SAME NAME OR BREED AS YOU!!!
You must use a rainbow rosette to tag them.
You must respond within 14 days of getting your tag.

How To:
When you are tagged, you must then go and search for 6 dogs that are dogster plus with the same name or breed as you. Give them a rainbow rosette and copy the mesage in the rosette I gave you and put it in the rosette. Them copy and paste the rules and such from my diary to yours! Have fun!

Paw mail me with any questions!!


Life is Good....

April 1st 2007 7:54 pm
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Well, I have been here for a while now and everyone seems to like me pretty well at last. I have lots of fun with all the toys and Kandi and Bambi play with me too. My real fur-sister is here too! In fact two of them are here sometimes. Sweetheart is staying here all the time until she moves to Colorado and Scrappy comes and plays with us when Ricky comes into town for a few days. LIFE IS GOOD!


What a Strange Place this is......

December 28th 2006 8:12 am
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I am at this new place with two other doggies and I don't think they like me very much...... they make grrrrrrr at me and won't let me play with the squeaky toys. I wait until they aren't looking and play with them anyway.

My new humans keep telling me that it is going to be fine and Kandi and Bambi will get used to me, but right now they are not very nice. hummmmmmm guess I will just sit on daddy's lap. He will make them be nice.


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