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Happy Doggy Days!

Ha ha

November 29th 2004 7:42 pm
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Ha ha ha ha ha...told ya that sofa rule wouldn't last long! I just wait till Mom gets nice and comfy and then snuggle up behind her legs. Since it's gotten so cold, I have to help her keep warm! (Wink wink).

We kind of got in trouble today, but it wasn't my fault at all. My sister Frankie kept bugging Mom and then one of us (I can't say who) made a big mess in the kitchen with some rice Mom cooked for her dinner.

But I know Mom can't stay mad at any of us. Especially me. She says I'm her goofy lover butt! She has all kinds of funny names for me. I think that means she reeeellly reeeeely loves me. Don't you?

Anyway, diary, I also made a new little girl friend, her name is Bessie Lou and she's a real sweetheart. I think she's the same kind of dog as I am: The Adorable Black-and-White-Spotty-Dog. I really like her. She even sends me email!

I don't think Biscuit will get jealous though. Biscuit has LOTS of guy doggie friends and goes to the dog park all the time. She's still my hunny. I miss her.


What?!? No more SOFA?

October 3rd 2004 10:05 pm
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Well diary, I'm writing this because I am a little upset. Mom says I can't sleep on the couch anymore! What?!? After a year of letting me sleep wherever I want? She said something about being tired of spending an hour a week getting the hair out of the couch.

What I want to know is, how does she know it's MY hair? Anyway, at least she lets me have "my" chair. Which my sister Frankie thinks is HERS for some reason. I think we need a bigger house so we can all have our own sofas, that's what I think. But I have to admit, I'd still want to lay on whichever one Mom was on. I'm a little disappointed today but maybe, just maybe, I can keep working on her with my beggy eyes and sad moany sounds.


I Love Fridays!

September 17th 2004 8:42 pm
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Friday is my favorite day of the week because it means my mom is going to be home with us ALL DAY for the next four days!

Today was great! We slept in until 10:30, and then we had breakfast. Kibble and cottage cheese! I have to have the lowfat kind because Mom says I'm still too chubby. I think I'm just right, though. But it still tastes good! I like it when Mom lets us have her kind of food. Especially broccoli. Is it weird to like broccoli? I always make sure to let Mom know to hurry up when she gets that stuff out. I watch it and won't let it out of my sight when Mom steams it on the stove.

Then we went outside to play. I said hi to the little black puppy across the fence. She sure is a cutie. I wish she could come over. Speaking of cuties, I have a girlfriend in Utah! Her name is Biscuit and she gets to go hiking in the mountains all the time and wear sweatshirts. Um-hmmm. What a hottie.

Well, then we played tug in the house. Mom said this tug is just about "done for," whatever that means. I like it this way. Instead of being JUST a rope, now it's all pretty strings hanging from a knot, like party streamers.

Later we took a nap...come to think of it, I seem to remember dozing off a few times. But anyway! We had a GOOD supper. Kibble and that gooey smelly yummy stuff that comes out of a can!

Mom thinks it's funny that I get excited over a day like today. She tells me it's just like every other day. But not for me! I never get bored. My sister Frankie, brother Jimmy, and Mom make me very happy and I tell them so all the time!

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