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The Doggie Dentist

August 14th 2006 7:19 pm
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I hate going to the vet. Mom and dad left me there for the weekend while they went to a wedding in NY. While I was there I was scheduled for a teeth cleaning- my mom is a dental hygienist and is always concerned about my teeth. Unfortunately my baby teeth on the bottom were loose and they PULLED my teeth! Mom was very upset- I told them they should call her first and tell her, but they didn't listen. I think I look like a goofy old man now. I don' think Dixie, the younger mini doxie down the street, will like me anymore. I hope they don't go on any more trips soon. I would much rather snuggle with daddy at home.


Visit to Boulder

July 19th 2006 3:24 pm
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Well, I made it safely home from Boulder on the airplane. Kristi got to take me through security at the airport and then I got to sit with her on the plane. I got really nervous and started to hyperventilate, but luckily she noticed and stuck her foot in my bag to pet me. I guess I'm not allowed out at all so that other people won't sneeze on the airplane. I was so happy to see mom and dad when I got home and they were happy to see me too. I've gotten back into my routine, but one thing has changed- Daddy doesn't wake up with me in the middle of the night anymore like I trained him to. Kristi must have squealed on me because she won't get up with me and I stop trying. I kind of miss her and the prairie dogs in Colorado because we don't have any in Utah. I hope she and Kevin come back and visit soon.

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