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My first annual checkup

January 6th 2008 11:23 am
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Momma took me to the vet yesterday. Ugh! Since Daisy had to go too, Momma made me sit in the back and wear my seat belt. I hate that thing...I can't reach the window. Not that it matters anyway...Momma won't let me window-surf like Daddy does. In fact, she won't even roll the window down so I can sample all the wonderful smells. :( She's waaay too obsessed with us being safe. is no fun!

The good part is, the vet checked me over and said that I am totally healthy!!! WOO HOO!! She said that Momma and Daddy have done really well with me and she's amazed that I'm as healthy as I am. She said my coat is perfect, my eyes are totally clear, my tummy is great and my heart is very strong. I've even lost about half a pound but I needed to...I was getting fed a little too well there for a while and wasn't feeling well enough to run around very much but now I feel great!

As a matter of fact, the vet even lowered my estimated age from 10 to 8!! Two whole years!! It's not every day that a girl is told she's two years younger than she thought. Thinner and younger...every old gal's dream! BOL

Of course after the good news came the bad...I have to have another dental cleaning. Since my jaw is so messed up, I won't let Momma brush my teeth at all. In fact, it took Momma AND the vet to even get my mouth open for the vet to look at them. My back teeth look ok but my one last canine is kinda gunky since I can't really use it. If there's any hope of saving it, I have to have it cleaned. My top front teeth don't look so great either. I hope they can save it...I kinda like when people call me Fang.

Then it got worse...shots. I did ok. Only tried to bite the vet once when she gave me the second shot. I really hate that stuff they put in your nose, though. Don't they know I have enough trouble breathing as it is? Momma's just glad I didn't sneeze it all out.

I did ok with the shots, no reactions at all. With Logan being allergic to the rabies shot, Momma was kinda worried I might have a reaction, too. But I did fine - just a little sleepy and whiny the rest of the day. Our vet did say that the vets in our state have all signed a petition and sent it to the state to extend the rabies vaccine to every 3 years instead of one. It hasn't passed yet but they hope it will soon. I do, less shot sounds good to me.

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