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Sunbeam, Here!

April 20th 2009 2:01 pm
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The Spring Showers returned today. Poppa stayed home to keep me company for a while before leaving for work, so we had time to do puppy-poppa stuff. He told me that my story telling need work so, here I am, doin' homework on this oh so bark-tastic day-

How about a little less sarcasm Loki.

- on a day when I'd rather be out laying in the sun. Better?

Much. Go ahead with your story, people will be confused.

Anyhow, I've grown to join the ranks of sun worshipping puppies. The way it falls on my white fur, when the ground is dry, and the grass is short. Its almost as good as when I snuggle with momma on the couch. But not nearly as good as playing catch. Nor as good as chasing squirrels. Nothings as good as squirrel chasing mind you but I wanted to give you some perspective. Sun, momma, fetch, squirrels. Lots of other stuff in the middle and below Sun but you get the idea. Clothes. Clothes is on the very very bottom of the list.

But, one thing that makes sun worshipping very not good is when I'm inside and sunbeams come in through the front door. Then, the sun is only streaming on the hard floor and no where near my beds or any of my rugs. I don't like laying on the hard floor. Its too cold and my boney parts don't have any cushioning. Momma has been really good at bringing my bed too the sunbeam for me to lay on, but she doesn't always do it.

So what's a pup to do? That's right whine, whistle, and dig. Sunbeam has gotta learn that when I want it where I want it, its time to move your butt. Poppa was laughing at me the other weekend when he caught me - in my defense I was pretty tired at the time and not thinking right - trying to drag the sunbeam toward my bed by scratching at it with my front paws. I was doing my very best to say, "Sunbeam, Here!" Well, I don't know if they're slow, or stupid, or as obstinant as I am - but it kinda worked. Poppa bought my bed to sunbeam instead. Just as long as someone does what I want.



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