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Loki's Adventures

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Sunbeam, Here!

April 20th 2009 2:01 pm
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The Spring Showers returned today. Poppa stayed home to keep me company for a while before leaving for work, so we had time to do puppy-poppa stuff. He told me that my story telling need work so, here I am, doin' homework on this oh so bark-tastic day-

How about a little less sarcasm Loki.

- on a day when I'd rather be out laying in the sun. Better?

Much. Go ahead with your story, people will be confused.

Anyhow, I've grown to join the ranks of sun worshipping puppies. The way it falls on my white fur, when the ground is dry, and the grass is short. Its almost as good as when I snuggle with momma on the couch. But not nearly as good as playing catch. Nor as good as chasing squirrels. Nothings as good as squirrel chasing mind you but I wanted to give you some perspective. Sun, momma, fetch, squirrels. Lots of other stuff in the middle and below Sun but you get the idea. Clothes. Clothes is on the very very bottom of the list.

But, one thing that makes sun worshipping very not good is when I'm inside and sunbeams come in through the front door. Then, the sun is only streaming on the hard floor and no where near my beds or any of my rugs. I don't like laying on the hard floor. Its too cold and my boney parts don't have any cushioning. Momma has been really good at bringing my bed too the sunbeam for me to lay on, but she doesn't always do it.

So what's a pup to do? That's right whine, whistle, and dig. Sunbeam has gotta learn that when I want it where I want it, its time to move your butt. Poppa was laughing at me the other weekend when he caught me - in my defense I was pretty tired at the time and not thinking right - trying to drag the sunbeam toward my bed by scratching at it with my front paws. I was doing my very best to say, "Sunbeam, Here!" Well, I don't know if they're slow, or stupid, or as obstinant as I am - but it kinda worked. Poppa bought my bed to sunbeam instead. Just as long as someone does what I want.



2009 Sucks

January 17th 2009 6:34 am
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Well, I'm back in the kennel. No private suite. No glass door for me to watch the people and spy on the other guests. Nope, I'm in a kennel, in a wall of kennels, across from another wall of kennels, at the V-E-T with an e-collar, and my leg in a cast and ...

Yeah, I know momma and poppa miss me while they're off visiting family, but I really thought that I'd be able to use my puppy dog eyes on them this time around and stay with them instead of being stuck here.

The good news is that my LP surgery went fairly well. I'm a lot more mobile (actually that's bad news since I'm in a kennel the whole weekend) than I was when I had my right knee operated on. I was sleeping a LOT this time around too, which made things easier on the momma and popster.

They're hoping that I'll have a quick recovery as CAMPING SEASON is right around the corner! I think this year I'm going to bite those BIG brown dogs at the beach. Momma says I slept through meeting them last year, and of course you've all seen the picture of me nose to nose with them my first year camping.

Am I rambling? HA! Its a JRT thing. Deal! hahahaha

Barks at ya pups. I hope those of you who have snow are enjoying (I hate you for it). J/K

No really.


Meeting Elvis

January 5th 2009 10:57 am
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Some of you may know that I'm not the friendliest pup of litter. I've had a couple of tussles, and a few "caution stickers," and a vet bill attached to my profile over the years. My current training is concentrating on refocusing my attention away from dogs and onto momma & pops. But that doesn't stop them from hoping that I'll have a positive relationship with other dogs someday.

Well, yesterday they introduced me to my new cousin puppy Elvis, a mini-dachshound. We met on his front lawn. Poppa had me and Elvis was held by his owner. We met nose to nose and ... snarl-lunge-snap

Well, lets just say that I was loose-leashed only enough for poppa to have immediate control of pulling me back. No more Elvis, no more play date, no worries there as far as I'm concerned. Who needs other dogs anyhow.

I overheard poppa and momma on the car ride home. They were mostly disappointed in themselves for not staging the meeting better. Poppa didn't do a good job at refocusing me and they should have asked Elvis's first greeting to be shorter - probably only instantanious.

At least I didn't try to take his fool head off as soon as I saw him. What do they expect of me anyhow.


Too Sick For Bark-mas

December 24th 2008 6:46 am
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Barking this entry from my comfy bed today pups. I spent the last two days ralphing my stomach up all over the house.

N-O-T pleasant.

Plus two more trips to the vet. Muzzeled. Poked. Prodded. Felt-up. Stuck in - well, lets just say in places I'm not confortable other people/pups going. Blood-work - twice. X-rays. Canned food in my bowl (all my busy-buddies and treat toys are empty). Shot. Medicine.

So what was wrong with me? Well, maybe the raisin. Maybe the peroxide used to make me through up the raisin. Maybe I just got a case of the bark-mas blues.

I'm a bit lighter, and a bit less active, but still full of kisses. Hope you all have a merry bark-mas! I'm going to dream of biskets and cheese and NO Raisins.


Not All That Tastes Good Are Cookies

December 21st 2008 6:24 pm
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Well pups, I'm back on the Halti for a while. But that's for another blog. Today, while packing plates of cookies for the neighbors, momma dropped a raisin by accident. Well, I didn't know it was by accident! How should I have known that I wasn't supposed to snatch it up?

Okay, okay, yelling for me to, "Drop IT!" might have been a clue. And I suppose that some of you might point out that when she jammed her fingers down my throught, it wasn't proper ettiquete for me to swallow whole the raisen I'd snatched.

Short aside pups - Raisins are NOT good for me. Tasty, yes. Healthy, no.

A quick call to my aunt Cassie, and Poppa fetched the hydrogen peroxide and momma checked poison control and the internet for the proper dosage. (Oh, by the way of another aside, Animal Poison Control folks are good people but they charge like 3 big-bags of dog food.) I wasn't sure what they were up to but that peroxide stuff tasted HORRIBLE and hoop hoop out came my lunch and ... TADAaa. A whole slightly-used raisin.

At least I didn't need a visit to the e-vet!


AGH! What's that thing!

November 19th 2008 9:56 am
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I just had to share pups. I don't know if you're with me on this but I do not do new things. If I leave the room and you set a lamp down on the floor to change the light bulb ... I'm gonna bark at it. If you bring one of those giant "horse" things into my campsite ... I'm gonna bark at it. If you carry laundry upstairs in your arms rather than in the basket like you ususally do ... like poppa did last night ... I'm gonna bark at cha!

I know, I know, silly Loki. That in't the Alien chest-bursting outta poppa. It don't have a heartbeat. It in't staring at me with beedy eyes. It don't smell any different than any other laundry that I've crashed through or slept on a hundred times before. But for all those same reasons, it just might have been doing those things cause it was about to POUNCE on me. Or was busily bursting out of poppas chest!

Well, I made sure that neither poppa or his chest-bursting alien clothes came upstairs til momma came and showed me that both he and the clothes were okay.

Look, point is, don't change nothin' if you don't want it barked at.


Guess what I caught!!

June 6th 2008 11:10 am
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The other day I was out on a run with my poppa - we'd been out for quite a while and were close to the end of our run, so I was lagging behind a bit. But all of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye I saw some movement - and then realized it was an faster then a blink of an eye, I was in front of poppa - and had just sunk my teeth into a small ball of fur...which moved - so I tossed it out of my mouth where it sailed through the air and hit poppa's knee and flopped on its back. At this time poppa had realized what I caught and wouldn't let me near the squirming clump of fur. It wasn't till poppa got a closer look that he saw I had caught a very small and now scared groundhog!



April 28th 2008 8:27 am
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Okay, so its been a long, long time pup pals! I just had a nice long relaxing weekend and since I finally have the house to myself for the day I thought I would send a quick post to let you know how much my pawrents love me.

First, the momma news. I've a brand new, super comfy, super big over-sized, extra-special dog-bed ALL of my own that momma sewed together all for me. It looks just like a couch only it has a cute puppy print with doggy instructions like: bark, bite, & dig - you know, in case I get bored and need to be reminded of what I should be doing. As soon as momma finished it last night, I went right to work digging at the fluff inside to make it nice and comfy. Its so big that I can stretch waaay out. Barks to momma!

Second, the poppa news. How much does poppa love me? So much that when we were camping a few weekends ago, and we were playing fetch in a stream by our site, and my most favorite, extra special, Glow Ball got thrown a little too far into the stream where I couldn't get it, and it almost got swept away forEVER... Poppa tore off his shoes and rang into the cold water and plunged downstream to rescue my ball. I barked and barked and knocked over my poor hu-cousin Emily by accident and pulled at my leash till momma's arm hurt cause I was so worried. I don't know what I would do if I'd lost it. I was sooo happy to have Glow and my poppa back.

I hope every puppy has pawrents like mine. Barks till next time pups!


Dear Santa Paws,

December 18th 2007 10:46 am
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I have been a very good puppy this year, even though I have eaten socks, peed on the carpet, bitten people and run away from mommy and daddy. I would like to ask for a few things at Christmas.

First, I would like to have more patience...momma keeps telling me we're working on my patience, but I really just want the toys she won't let me have.

Next, I like those little playmates that have two legs that sometimes come around. They haven't learned to clean their faces and always taste so yummy - so maybe I could have one all to myself.

Last, I'd like to have something that will help me to get all the treats off the counter and all the food from under the stove, refridge and closets. I don't know what it is that will accomplish this, but I want it.

I'll be looking out for those reindeer - I haven't tasted reindeer before...and I hear when they are with you they are on a leash and easier for me to catch...well maybe, I think I can jump up onto the roof!


Entertaining guests is hard work!

December 3rd 2007 1:20 pm
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Woof, am I ever beat. Yesterday I had my two cousins Frankie and Shira over to play AND they brought their cousin-pup Murphy with them! He is an 85 lb golden lab. Big and so much fun! They told momma that he was slow and mellow, but as soon as I told him that it was okay to play with me! He and I almost never stopped. I like big dogs so much cause they can really play rough and I like rough horse play. Momma and poppa were careful to keep things settled down though in case my knee started hurting but I was okay!

After three hours we had four T-I-R-E-D pups and four tired pawrents. We all napped on the couchs and chairs. Puppy play dates are SO much fun!

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