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A TedEbears' Tale

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My photovideo....

February 10th 2010 7:55 pm
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Mommy found this wonderful way to make me talk to her. When browsing on CraigsList the other day, Mommy found this fellow named Jack that does PhotoVideos or "Photovids" as he calls them. So she emailed him with lots of questions...then went searching in all her photos for the perfect picture to send, so he could make me talk.

That is my new video here on my page, the video of me talking to Mommy reminicing about how we used to be, and singing Mommy a song, about think of me and smile. We think it is awesome. He collects through Paypal so it all seems to be safe. If anyone is interested in one, you can pawmail my Mommy. I hope you all will go watch my video now.....Rainbo OXOXOX TedEbear


We feel so blessed....

October 26th 2009 6:32 pm
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First of all I wish to thank all my furiends for helping to watch over Mommy, and all the pawrayers, love and concern, hugs, angel dust, and added purrayers, and butterfly kisses. Y'all are the BEST!!
Bear and Bambi
Cisco Kid
White Boots
I sure hope I didn't miss anyone!
Ohh my...our Dogster/Facebook friends
Lauren with Bindi
and many others;
sorry to say;
I can't put names and faces with puppys names and faces yet

Mommy is doing so much better, she gets to go back to work Nov 1st.

She was able to make me an awesome picture for Howloween. She used me in my beautiful rainbow wings, and you'll never guess what I did!?!??
She than used this awesome Harvest Moon picture to make my new picture.
Of course it's my #1 photo...I hope you like it as much as I do!
Rainbo Hugs,Happy Howl-o-ween effurryone!


Happy Birfday BabyBear

September 12th 2009 7:13 pm
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Hey there lil brother...we sure do still miss you a lot, BabyBear.
Things here haven't changed too much. G'ma gotta Grandson the year after you left. Born May 10 2007. We sure weren't expecting one to come along. He is pretty cute for a furless child. He likes my little bobble tail so I practice making it wiggle a lot for him. He also likes to feed me leaves and grass he picked. I am very good at taking it from his fingers, then pretend to chew it...he laughs, and laughs!!
He is over two now. I like him alot, but they get a little upset with me when I try to guard him for the other two dogs. We take it in stride though, cause they know I'm a protecter, just as you protected your Mommy so well. She still talks of it and wrote that cute story bout ya. Everyone likes it so much!

G'ma takes really good care of me, cause she knows how sad I was when you left. I still can't call her mommy though, cause she was YOUR Mommy, and my Grandma. So we just go with G'ma.
It's hard to think you have not been here to share our birfday for 4 years now. And its harder to think that somewhere up there is all our brother and sister, cept me, and maybe 'PoohBear' but nobody has really seen him, down here in a long time.
I better go lil BabyBear, G'ma has to get to bed.
Thank You G'ma for letting me write to TedEbear
I wuv you bunches and furever
Have a wonderful birfday party up there at the Bridge.
Happy 7th birfday, my baby brother, TedEbear!!
And Thank You for the beautiful birfday card on my page.
Woofs,Your sister TessaSue


Be An Angel Day 8/22/2009

August 21st 2009 5:49 pm
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BOL..tomorrow is Be an Angel Day, and Mommy surprised me with a picture using my rainbow splash picture. So I gave her a poem for on it.

OMD I have been soooo busy sending rainbows.
July 24th, 2009 after a really bad storm, but mommys camera malfunctioned, but the second rainbow I sent that night looked much better than the first.

Then August 9th 2009 I outdid myself on that one...BOL ..making it last over ten minutes, and I did two little splashes of color after it had faded.

Then...August 19th, 2009.. that one was WAY better..lasting 20 minutes, and beautiful!!

Then last night too, August 20th, I surprised her with one that was almost in the same place as the one Wednesday evening.

I know she is feeling pretty sad, so I tried to make her feel better.
If you cannot read the poem on my newest picture, here it is:

Be An Angel Day

With neverending unconditional Love
Your little Angel watches you from above
Seeing the pain still in your eyes
I see and hear you're heartbroken cries
Sending you gifts in shades of blue
And many other colors hue

My favorite to send is the Rainbow
See, here Iam, this you know
Watching as only I can do
Sending what comfort I can for you
One day we'll be knocking on Heavens door
We will be apart then, nevermore.

Rainbo Hugs, Love, TedEbear
© Juanita Pfeiler 8/21/2009


My gift for Mommy

August 13th 2009 5:18 pm
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I know Mommy is feeling a bit sad these days.
And they just happened to have some really bad storms in the Midwest in late July. I sent her two Rainbows that evening and she did capture them, but somethin was wrong with her camera, and they did not turn out very good. The colors were all weird.

Soooo...guess what?

I had another chance to send Mommy another Rainbow on Sunday (Aug 9th 2009.)
Usually she would still be at work, but the storms there again were so bad, she got to leave work early and she was home!
She was thinking about me so much, and missing me way too much again, so I did somethin extra special, and sent her the prettiest, and widest Rainbow she has EVER seen!

OMD! She was so surprised, cause I just kinda sneaked it in the clouds when she had her back turned..BOL.. and I made it last a really long time more than 10 minutes!!
AND THEN... Just for good measures,
I sneaked in just a little splash of color after it had disappeared.

Mommy is gonna use that little splash picture to make me a new picture for my upcoming 7th birthday, just one month away!
I'm so excited to see how it turns out!

In honor of my beautiful gift to her, Mommy changed my page background, from an older Rainbow I sent her, to the new Rainbow. She used a picture program to enhance it a bit, cause you know sometimes camera don't quite get it right..BOL...BOL

Try not to be so sad Mommy,
Furever Love and Rainbo Hugs, TedEbear


Life After 5-25-2006.....

May 23rd 2009 11:14 am
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Memorial Day Two-Thousand and Nine
three long years since you left me behind
you have a new life; there at the Bridge
as I add more pictures to the fridge
making lots of furiends on the dogster site
makes it easier in time, to sleep at night
keeping a scrapbook of all your gifts
compiling them between my work shifts
passing time playing games in the threads
untill it's time to go to bed
putting pressies on the pages of your new furiends
writing comments to others without any pens
hoping to help another; who has "gone on before"
writing about grief to open the door
sending presents to Mommy still on earth below
yes you are watching , now she will know
joining in to welcome new members up there
and writing notes to other Mommys to show that you care
trying to make Birfdays a happy time
with cake and ice cream that don't cost a dime
crossover days are always sad
it's the last day together, that we had

Still so very missed, as you share, care and play
on this the twenty-fifth of May

© Juanita Pfeiler 5-2009


Getting close once again to "THAT" day

May 19th 2009 7:07 pm
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I am so happy with all the pretty gifts you send to let me know you ARE watching, and you DO hear me. You know perfectly how to comfort me now, just as you did then.

A new poem;

from colorful rainbows in April, May and June
usually late in the afternoon
to January and a special sapphire hue
you surprised me with a morning clue

your tiny precious face; peering down
from the sky on the north side of town
with the beautiful special gifts you bestow
it's your cute little way to let me know

You are there; while I'm still here
but in my heart; you are that near
Unconditional Love knows no bounds
your presents is everywhere; when I look around.

Love, Mommy copywrite 5/2009 Juanita Pfeiler


Mothers Day Love 2009

May 2nd 2009 3:49 pm
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To my Dearest Mommy, Wishing you lots of Love for Mothers Day!!!
Rainbow XOXOX your TedEbear

Click HERE for Picture


Rainbow Bridge Day 4/1/2009

April 1st 2009 8:37 pm
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Mommys life has been so affected by seeing the picture of me in the clouds...that for today...Rainbow Bridge Day 2009, she wrote a poem about her special one-of-a-kind picture.


Early in the morning; before sunrise
Looking to the north, up in the sky
A beautiful deep shade of blue
To name, I could not even come close to

Puffy white tuffs of popcorn clouds
Millions of them in bunches of crowds
A picture would shurely be good to take
Then when talking there could be no mistake

Picture one, then two and three and four
I didn't really think I'd need any more
Looking at the pictures on Valentines Day
After a long, four week long delay

Picture one; the clouds in a deep blue sky
Picture two; a face appears, "My Ohhhh My!"
It's there again in three and four
As I see the picture and then explore

It was too early in the year to give me a rainbow
You knew, once again I needed to know
So you got my attention, with that beautiful blue
But seriously; I had no clue!

You had to be watching over me that day
From the Rainbow Bridge as you play
Knowing I needed a comforting sign..
Now that I know; I feel I'm on cloud nine

Still missing your beautiful face!
Love Mommy


The Proof in The Picture!

February 15th 2009 6:26 pm
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This is the beginning of the tale of "How Mommy caught me watching over her, early one morning as I was playing in the clouds".

It was early on a Monday morning, January 21st, 2009 as a matter of fact.
Mommy was letting the other dogs out to go potty before she went to work. The time was 6:50 am. She looked north to the sky,( as she does most mornings) it was a very dark shade of blue, and said to herself , "Those clouds look kinda neat, all bubbly, I 'll go get my camera a take a few pictures."
So that she did, then put the camera on the 'puter stand and went to work.
Time has past, the pictures are still on the camera, and she has taken more; pictures of the Grandbaby, pictures of the snow we got Friday night Feb 13th. Tessa playing in the snow on Saturday, pictures of Josephs first "snowball" he made in the yard.
Well Saturday Feb 14th, 2009 after Mommy got home from work, she thought it was time to download those pictures. She got it all hooked up, and put them in a file. Then, as always, she looks at them in the folder.
To her shock and amazement, and quite a "special" Valentines surprise.....
There I was, in all my glory, in the clouds, watching over her!!!
She was so shocked....
picture #1. bubbly cute clouds
picture #2. AND #3.
Goosebumps broke out all over her arms and
she just gasped, and said, "Oh My God!"
"TedEbear, I always knew I could feel you watching over me!"

Now....."The in The Picture!!!!


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