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My Bridge Day fast approaches....

May 23rd 2013 3:41 pm
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This year I have a message for Lil Sammy, on my Bridge Day anniversary.
He is now the missing piece that fills the hole in Mommys heart. It took a long time, for me, to find that perfect piece.
Mommy I know you still love me, and I hope you can love Lil Sammy that way too.

As my Bridge Day fast approaches...

Lil Sammy, I sought, then paw picked you
a Siamese love is genuinely true
Snuggle Mommy every night
be her little shining light
Fill her days with fun and love
I'll guide you both, here from above

That time of year will soon arrive
love her, need her, help her thrive
My leaving that day hurt her the most
at times I know she's seen my ghost
So now it's up to you, my furiend
love her, help her heart to mend.

I know you are the only one who can fill my pawprints.

ღ, TedEbear
© Juanita Pfeiler 5-23-13


The 'birthday present kitten' has a name!!

April 10th 2013 9:04 pm
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Mommy says Thank You all ever so much! She had a nice day at work, and a better evening snugglin with her new baby kitty Samson. He is about 6 weeks we think the people said. And I had a really hard time trying to find one for them to see. Mommys son (and family) lives with her. Their first family kitty was CoCo, a Siamese Calico mix, that Mommy really loved and she had such beeeautiful eyes..so they agreed...if they could get one, Siamese it would be.So then off to check craigslist, and heehee by then I found one...sooo...they seen the ad, called, and when they all got home from vacation they went to check on the lil one. Deciding on the male, since Angel probably wants to be the only gurlkitty in the family. So they presented him to Mommy for her birthday gift. It took a few days but Mommy had memories of Tigger and Tiger. And her Flame Point Siamese Sam, all kitties here at the Bridge with me. And she thought...wellll....A Tigger/Tiger we should have a Sam/Samson!! So thats part of how the little guys name was decided. Being such a lil peanut, he sure acted tough to the other family kitties, so that made it all the more appropriate. Thank You Margo and KJ and Pam and Tootie. I try so hard to help Mommy with her poems, and we think they turn out pretty good, and truly come from the heart. When her eye is better we think she should put together another book to be published, with all the new poems we've written. Sometimes I send information to her so fast she can't write fast enough...Me being a bit naughty..teehee. Some times we go months with out a word, then When I feel someone needs to talk to their Mommy on earth, We connect and a poem is made. They're are a few new Angels I have helped lately, and Mommy then either sends a pawmail, picture, or sends it to them in a pressie. Golllllly! Where does the time go??? thanks again, for the bday wishes and all the precious comments for Mommy, it sure makes her feel good knowing all the furs and their Mommas we help.. huggssssssssss from TedEbear here,speaking for Mommy.

Charlie, Abbie, Teddy, Maggie, Sam, Prince, Toto

Margo, Randi, Sadie, Casey

KJ, Kiska, Rain, Bango Greta

Wesley, Dekker, Sunny, Smokey, Smudge, Sissel

Flicka, Lucas, Cleo


Mommys' Birthday..

April 6th 2013 1:45 pm
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Tomorrow (April 7) is Mommys birthday. Another year has passed without me, and she lost my furiend growing up, Tiger. It's not been a good past years with medical problems for her, but she is healing day by day.
We wrote this poem earlier for a doggyfuriend. But with a few additions and adjustments...and the birthday poem for Mommy is born....

Perfect Day

Today on your birthday we all think
you need a comfy place in shades of pink.
More cake than you can ever eat
a place to rest your tired feet.
Snuggles and love given for hours
warm weather, a bouquet of rainbow flowers.
Beautiful memories of us gone before
as you look at pictures from the drawer.
We hope you are totally smitten
with your birthday gift; a Siamese kitten.
Start memories, like with us in the past
they are made to forever last.
May your day be blessed with abundant Love
we're watching from the rainbow bridge above.
Happy Birthday, from your Guardian Angels
© Juanita Pfeiler 4-6-2013

We have a job now to watch over the wee little kitten and help Mommy give him a name.


Remembering our Fur-Angels on Rainbow Bridge Day 2013

April 1st 2013 9:41 pm
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Another year has gone by.....

This year, on Rainbow Bridge Day
we ponder, not knowing what to say
Time has not changed the facts
You're gone, leaving permanent tracks...

Pawprints you placed on my heart
that fateful day; you had to part
Forever I'll feel you from above
Time will never ever erase your love.

© Juanita Pfeiler 4/1/2013


My Sister TessaSue is Dog of the Day today!!!!

January 9th 2013 3:52 pm
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Hey gang...did ya see that??!!??
My sister TessaSue, is Dog of the Day today!
It's her first time and she is so excited. Mommy is gonna try to make her a beautiful picture...I can't wait to see it!
Yeaaaaa!! TessaSue!
Lubs ya, Angel TedEbear


"May Your Memories Come Alive Today..."

December 22nd 2012 12:30 pm
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I helped Mommy with her Christmas picture again this year. She was getting worried, as I was late getting to her. She still is having lots of trouble with her eye not blinking or tearing, so it gets really hard sometimes when she tries to make others days brighter, by making Rainbow Bridge pictures. But she keeps at it, and I try so hard to help her. The pretty picture this year is one Mommy took a few years back...then...they were hit with 14" of snow!! She did get a few nice pictures, maybe we can use them for next years picture ...BOL...
So this years poem I was able to get to Mommy in just a few minutes, it was amazing!!
For those who can't read it in the picture.....

May Your Memories Come Alive Today

"Memories of Angels; with her Christmas Day
She wondered why they couldn't stay
Then she realized; if she could believe
They would be with her...underneath the tree."
© Juanita Pfeiler 12-12-2012

Our wish for you this Christmas Season,
Is for your Memories to come Alive Today
and for you to be Blessed by Miracles each and everyday.

Merry Christmas, Love TedEbear and Mommy Juanita


Another Angel Gets his Wings....

November 8th 2012 7:24 pm
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A lil background information....In 2002... I, TedEbear was born, and Kitty Tigger was getting old. He had some good times with me. As time grew close, Tiger arrived. Mommy was off work in those days having to have 3 surgeries. After Tigger received his wings, Mommy was heartbroken, but Tiger and me...well...we kept her all loved up as good as a kitten and puppy could! Mommy would rock us for hours...baby Tiger on one side, me on the other....That being said...I received my wings in 2006 Mommy was totally devastated!!...since then, Tiger kept Mommy as happy as he could. Now it was time for Tiger to join us and he received his wings yesterday 11-7-12. It was a sad sad day for Mommy. The connection between us is now broken cause we three are here, and Mommy is still below. We all know one day we will be together. We watch over her now and lovingly guide her in poetry and the making of Angels pictures,to help relieve any grieving Mothers heart.
We ♥ you Mommy...
Your three lil Angels Tigger TedEbear & Tiger
P.S. We are here with Mommys other special Angels, Bear, Sam, CoCo, and baby CreamPuff.


Happy Birthday, TedEbear

September 12th 2012 9:06 pm
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Well, little one, I am so thankful I started your picture early. See I was diagnosed with Bells palsey two weeks ago, and having problems with my eyes, I would not have had a chance to do you a new picture in memory of your birthday. But I was a little ahead of the game, and had it almost done. I hope you like the new poem...it still hurts so much to know you're gone....but I am so blessed to have had you in my life! Happy Happy Birthday, TedEbear!

Ten years ago today this precious Angel was born
on a sunny September, Friday morn
He had to go when he heard the horn
life cut short his Mommy would mourn
Hearts forever ripped and torn
still she goes on sad and forlorn
but so blessed to have loved him when he was born.
© "Mommy" Juanita Pfeiler 9-13-2012

Snuggles,my lil bear,I'll see you tonight in my dreams. ♥ Mommy



May 25th 2012 6:56 am
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My sweet Baby TedEbear,
My life will never be the same. You arrived, and taught me so much about love and patience and just how special a furbaby puppy can be. You were my very first puppy. Until then, I had many kitties who were my babies.
Today I made you pretty rainbow wings, and you'll never guess what I took a picture of to use!
....A dandelion, that was waiting to blow away in the breeze!
I hope you like them.

"Six long lonely years it's been
Since I lost you; my best friend
There was no clue you'd leave so fast
I thought our time together, would forever last
When I awoke and realized you were really gone
I knew I'd grieve for you, my whole life long."

I know, for me, you patiently wait,
I just don't know how long it will take.
Furever L♥ve, Mommy.
©Juanita Pfeiler 5-25-2012


Rainbow Bridge Day 4-1-2012

March 31st 2012 6:59 pm
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Well TedEbear, I have survived another year with out you.
I don't think of you less, but, cherish each memory all the more.
I made a special Rainbow Bridge Day picture for you, and a poem too.
Here is the poem, I know it's a bit hard to read in your picture....

In Loving Memory of you
This rose bouquet; of rainbows hue
Blue for every tear I cried since you left
Pink for time we had stolen; an untimely theft
Red reminds me each time my heart would break
Yellow for the memories we loved to make
Green for the days I felt so alone
Purple for sadness when I see your stone
This rose bouquet; of rainbows hue
Each representing how much I miss you.
© Juanita Pfeiler 4-1-2012
Loving you, thinking of you and still missing you.... Love,from Mommy

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