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A TedEbears' Tale

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Surprise....I'm here!

December 23rd 2006 7:53 pm
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I came into your life quite by surprise
Early one morning just after sunrise
With my first breath of life in 2002
Who could have known the strife I'd go through
September 13th, a Friday no less
But my life you sure did bless


Now...a name???

December 23rd 2006 7:58 pm
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Floppy ears till I was one year old
Big brown eyes, and a little black button nose
You named me, TedEbear,
Saying, "It fits you perfectly, I do declare!"


Today I got my wings!

July 10th 2007 5:09 pm
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Ohhh, Sadie, Thank You!
Inky Dinky Doodle, Thank You too, they are so beautiful, and my Mommy says they fit perfectly!
As of today 7/10/2007 I really am her little angel!



February 11th 2008 1:58 pm
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Randi tagged me, I hope this is how this works...
Five Wishes I have:

1. Love to everyone on Valentines Day, I know mommy is still so sad

2. Good luck to mommy on publishing her poetrybook,
(I get to be in it too) :)

3. I could see my sister Tessa Sue again

4. I haddn't bit my mommy, I felt so bad

5. my vet Kim, had not moved away

I have tagged...Giselle, Jake, Roxy, CoCo, Sadie-Love you forever

List your five Valentines Day wishes, then tag 5 of your pup-pals
let them know to read your diary,or you can send them a rosette to let them know they are tagged
Have fun pup-pals!


RAINBOW BRIDGE DAY April 1st,2008...To my tiny Angel who- patiently waits.....

March 31st 2008 7:32 pm
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TedEbear, You had to leave us way to soon
May 25th ,2006 in the late afternoon
I hope you know how much you were Loved
As you wait and watch from up above
Kim keeps your picture on her new office wall
You sure made a big impression for someone so small
You amazed everyone with your big dog bark
“That came from him?” “He’s such a small dog” they remark
You never did see yourself as little
But I was scared your bones might be brittle
Your legs were crooked, bent to the inside
That sure didn’t slow you down or make you hide
You didn’t too often have to have a dreaded bath
Only after chasing Tessa on the dusty dirt path
Other than seizures you were a happy little guy
With pain and many infections I still don’t know why
The many times Kim had to try to draw blood
She said, “You were always her best little bud”
I felt bad I couldn’t give you doggy treats
However cake and donuts were your favorite sweets
My miraculous first Grandson born last May
Will know of my beloved puppy, who couldn’t stay
I was Blessed to Love you for over 3 years
I Love you still, but now, through tears.

with my heart still aching,
till we are together again
all my Love, Mommy


Mommys Birthday is April 7th~~~SHHHHHH..IT"S A SURPRISE!!!!

April 3rd 2008 9:19 pm
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I hope you like the birthday cards I made for you.

I know you miss your lil one...
I miss you too, I miss Us!!
I'll just be patient and wait for you.
I'm so glad you got a Grandbaby to help you get over my leaving.
It's strange he was born just 15 days before the first anniversary of my crossing date.
And I think it's really cool that he will know all about your Love for lil ole me, your one and only TedEbear!!

XOXOXOXOOXOXOX for your Birthday,
all my Puppy-Love


TedEbear Memories

May 17th 2008 4:27 pm
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written by my Mommy, 5/25/2007
the first annifursary of my leaving her

a year has come and gone
your memory still strong
ohh.. how I remember
that day in December
learning you were so sick
you were still the one I wanted to pick
I remember you playing with toys
balls with squeeker noise
buying lots of puppy pads
sometimes you made me mad
shopping for colorful sweaters
cuddling no matter what the weather
reading medicine label warnings
getting awaken at 3 in the morning
picking you up to put you in my bed
buying a collar, in pretty red
looking at all the neat puppy stuff
making you a blankie all made of fluff
I remember you when I look at my scars
how you scared me when you chased a car
shoveling snow underneath the tree
for when you went outside to pee
getting up the step, you'd try and try
then I'd pick you up and carry you inside
feeling a tickle when you'd take a lick
of my berry flavored chapstick
I remember hearing your toenails on the floor
bumping your butt on the bedroom door
memories still bring tears to my eyes
a year ago today is when you died

You are so Missed, by Beloved TedEbear!


Remembering Goodbye

May 22nd 2008 11:26 am
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I feel your head upon my chest
Snuggled tight as you lay down to rest
Your breathing becoming ohh so slow
It won't be too long now, this I know
To my heart, I'll tightly hold
Your little body, as you go
Your bright shiny eyes no longer can see
You know I am here; you can feel me
Two years have passed
Since I held you last

I miss you still ,my little TedEbear
xoxo Mommy


Mommy finished my Shutterfly photobook

June 11th 2008 7:01 pm
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Mommy would love any feedback you might have on her project of Love...Thank You!

Click on the lil shutterfly book shown above, or click the link under the book, to go to shutterfly for a bigger view.
hope you enjoy it!


Picture Perfect

July 15th 2008 3:52 pm
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My new picture is a caricature drawing
that one of Mommies co-workers made for her,
and presented it to her at work yesterday.
There were lots of teary eyes, including Mommies .
My picture is.... Perfect!!

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