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December 10th 2007 7:50 am
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I have been staying inside ALOT more lately. The ice storm has been cold, and well.. icy!
When mommy takes me outside I pull her down the driveway (since its so slippery) She just slides, she can't stop me without falling. She doesn't like the ice for that.
I like to slide on the fun, you just take a run and then stop on it, but you actually don't stop you keep sliding, I get to stay inside about 24/7 - mommy feels to bad leaving me out in the cold.

I hope any other dog out there in the ice storm is safe, and getting as spoiled as me :)

God Bless,
Lady Noel.


Nov. 07'

November 10th 2007 2:15 pm
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HELLO all of my dogster pals!
Its been awhile, Life has been very busy lately.

It's fall, and Im one!!
Colors outside are changing, weather is getting colder, and Im getting bigger!

I got some special treats for my 1st birthday. I also got a new collar! It was a special day.

I've calmed down a lot, my mom actually says "Good Girl!" and means it!
Im still jumping out of the fence, so mom put up a dog run in our backyard. Its a big place for me, and 6 foot tall. Nothing can keep me locked in though


Houdini is my name!

April 17th 2007 5:13 pm
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Well My new nickname is Houdini!
I found out how to open the gate and get out to the front yard so my mom started have to tie me up.
Well, somehow I would still end up in the front yard, still not knowing how I was doing it mom put something to where I couldn’t open the gate. Because when I went out to the front yard I would get into the trash, one day (during the day) when mom wasn’t home I went around the neighborhood on trash day…I can still smell that yummy trash. Mom has to go and pick it up everywhere. I got in trouble.
Then the other day mom went outside and I was on the other side of our fence still hooked to the chain thing. They cant figure it out. And my lips are sealed!
Yesterday mom walked out the front yard and I was standing on top of the fence, balanced perfectly looking around. I stayed up there watching mom for about a minute. Incredible huh?
Just a minute ago mom saw me in the front yard again. Well its been raining almost all day, and we still have rain leftover from the last time it rained! So its really muddy out. And mom didn’t want to take me through the house but she didn’t have time to put her shoes on so she walked in the mud barefoot, she was so grossed out. She went to go put me back on the chain, knowing that it would only be 10 minutes before I would be out again and then she realized that my collar was in half! She has one half but cant find the other half…it was my pretty pink one too.
Sometimes she says I am to smart, is that possible?
So I got in trouble, then I started jumping on her and got her all muddy! It was so much fun. She got so angry. I laughed on the inside 

Well I need to figure out how to get out of this new tie up thing, it has a built in collar…hmm…I will figure it out.

Hugs and Kisses!
Lady Noel


What going on Dogster?

March 7th 2007 2:52 pm
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Lets see here….
Nothing to much going on here. I absolutely LOVE the weather! Its so nice and warm, I stay out all day. Except for at night, I go in and sleep with my mommy  I know, Im spoiled.
My I.D. tag should be coming soon. My mommy said that its really pretty, with rhinestones. Now that is what Im talking about! I got into all of the trash AGAIN the other day. It was pretty yummy. That was probably my 6th time to get into it. My mom was pretty mad, especially since she had to pick it up again. She also came out into the backyard before she left one morning. She was all ready. I couldn’t resist…..I stepped in a little mud, and jumped up on her, and got mud all over her white jacket. She was pretty mad about that.
If you haven’t heard. I have been showing my mom how I herd. Since English shepherds are herding dogs, and that is basically what I am…I like to bite her ankles. She runs from me, and They are just RIGHT THERE! I can’t help it. Its so much fun to hear her yelp. I hope theres a place where I don’t get in trouble for doing it. Because it is so much fun!
Another thing that I have been working on is my jumping. My mom says that I have really good confirmation when I jump, and for jumping.
She said that was a really good thing. Mom had to work with Scout on that. I hadn’t jumped in awhile, so my mom set up one really low. I went over that without breaking a sweat…But do dogs sweat?? Not me. I never get tired. Anywho, I jumped my highest the other day of about 2 feet. WOOO now that is an accomplishment for a pup like me. Mom can’t wait to jump me higher. I plan on breaking Scout’s record, but I don’t know if I can. He had those big hind leg muscles. I’m still working on mine. I think the highest he jumped 4-5 feet. He could do it at a stop to. Pretty amazing.
Nothing else going on. My mom has been out to play with me everyday, we go on walks, play fetch, work on jumping, and a bunch of other stuff.
I hope everything is okay in your neck of the woods!
Lots of hugs and kisses,
Lady Noel


Everything in this big Blue World!

February 27th 2007 6:01 pm
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The storms::
I slept Right through them! My mommy said that it hailed, thundered, lightning, and Rained, A WHOLE LOT! I could tell that by all the smushy dirt in the backyard. I whined to my mom that my paws were Muddy, she had to wash them off....

My mom came out and played with me, and then we went on a walk. Somewhere I hadn't been before.....THE PARK! I sniffed all over, and then my mommy and I went down the slide. It was very scary at first, I think I got used to it though. I sniffed around and then my mommy gave me a drink of water, The water thing scared me though! It splurted water out EVERYWHERE! I went out onto a football field, and ran around a little bit, then my mommy and I sat on some bleachers for a little bit. I had a lot of fun! Then it looked like it was going to rain again so we RAAAN back home. I was good at that!!

I was outside, I chewed up one of my mommy's lawnchair cushions. It was very soft. I got in a little bit of trouble, but not to much. We played around for a really LOOOOOONG time, I had so much fun! We ran around, and i would attack my mommy and lick her face! She thought I was funny...I guess I am pretty funny!

I love y'all!
Lady Noel



February 23rd 2007 7:31 pm
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About to experience my very first storm! ((other then the ice storm, but that didn't have thunder or lighting))

I don't know what it is. I don't think Beau likes them though. I hope it doesn't get to bad. I will write tomorrow to tell you how it went. I might be under the covers with my mom tonight!

Lots of Love! Lady Noel



February 18th 2007 4:32 pm
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What a fun and tiring day it was today. If you have been reading my diary, you would know that today was my first day to go into my backyard. My mom woke me up this morning, it was actually around 7:30 so Im surprised I wasnt up by then. She got ready and said "You are going to love it!" I wasn't sure what she was talking about but usually when she says 'love' a treat comes after it so i got excited!
Well there was no treat. *sigh* I got all excited for nothing. She let me outside, and I did my business in the front yard like usually in the morning, but then she opened the gate, and led me in it. I didn't know what to think at first. There were a ton of trees, and a big open area. Then there were two dogs barking and growling at me. I was scared.
So I tucked my tail in between my legs and ran behind my mommy, she would protect me. But guess what she did. SHE MOVED!
psh so much for protecting me.....I ran around for a little bit, and mom played fetch with me for about an hour. I guess I got used to it in that time. Then she left. I stayed by the gate that led to the front yard. Well I figured out a way to escape. I showed up at the front door i dont know how many times. and my mom kept putting me back in, and blocking my escape route. I kept knocking down the things she put in my path, and got out again :)
She finally went back there with me again and we played. Then she introduced me to the dog next door. He was pretty nice, and soon we were chasing eachother through the fence.
I had fun playing with him, im still getting used to having all that space to run. But I dont think it will be that long till im completely used to it!

Hugs and Kisses,
Lady Noel



February 16th 2007 2:55 pm
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Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, I LOVE SNOW!
Thats right, it snowed! I got sooooooo excited! It snowed ALL DAY yesterday! Its pretty much gone now *tear* but that day was so much fun. I ran around in it with my mom and played fetch in it. My mom says I look funny with white stuff all over me, she says it looks like i had white spots on me. *sigh* i guess white spots just arnt for me. The one on my neck REALLY stands out.
Valentines day was fun, I got to talk to my valentine, Gabriel, and I played with my mommy alot. She gave me a couple of special treats too! Including Chicken, YUMMY!
Today was just another usually week day. My mommy had to leave me. I always refuse to go into her room, because I know she will leave after I go in the room, but I do anyways.....
When she came home today we went outside and played fetch for about 30 minutes then went on an hour long walk. *whew* what a day! Im pooped right now, speaking of which I did that on my walk *hehe*
The weekend is coming up, so I will get to spend more time with my mommy, now that is fun!
I hope yall have a fun weekend too, my mommy mentioned something about a park! I've never been.
OH OH OH! guess what?!?! I get to go into the backyard this Sunday! My mommy says I will love it! It has trees, and grass, and i can run around wherever I want! Its so exciting, I cant wait.
Hugs and Kisses your way!


My trip to the vet, and more!

February 5th 2007 5:08 pm
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Well, I went to the scarrry vet yesterday! As soon as we walked in there was another dog in there, boy was he scared of me! I growled and barked, the hair on my tiny lil back stood up! I know. Im so tough!
Well we went up on the scale, I gained another 6 pounds...IN ONE MONTH! That is what happened last time too! I gain 6 pounds every month. Crazy right? Yeah My mom says Im going to be fat.
Well after they weighed me we went into this room with some other people and I got to run around. The vet said 'Wow, she sure does have a lot of energy doesnt she?' BUT GUESS WHAT!?! Everyone that say me said "Awww shes so pretty" or "What a beautiful dog!" I was enjoying it. Then -- it happened. They put me up on the table, and I was okay, I was a pretty happy dog at the time. My mom stayed by my face, and I gave her a bunch of kisses! Not knowing what they were going to do. They stuck something up my butt! Or atleast tried...hehe....I squealed so loud then I growled at that mean old vet and ran to my mommy! She saved me. She then put me back up on the table....and they did it AGAIN! this time I let them, and they gave me not 1 but 2 treats! I was in heaven. *sigh* the things I do for treats. Well the vet started to talk about spaying me. Whatever that means, so my mommy and the vet were both deep in conversation...TIME TO FIND THOSE TREATS! I ran all over the table sniffing around to find the treats until they stopped me...
They talked a little bit more, then made me sit still. They looked in my ears and squeezed my side. I didnt like that very much. But then they gave me SHOTS! 4 of them! I yelped and yelped but then the mean ol vet gave me 2 more treats! Well they gave me a lot of attention then they let me on the floor to run around again.
I was finished, and I got a new tag too! It says something about getting a rabies shot or something. I dont know. My mom was explaining it to me, but i was thinking about one thing: TREATS!
Once we got home, my mommy played fetch with me for a little bit. Then GUESS WHAT ELSE??!?! After I ate my dinner i was settling down to go to sleep. Well usually I sleep in my kennel. But last night mom let me sleep on her bed with her! I was one happy pup! I slept up there for a long time. Right by my mom. I layed between her shoulder and head, with me head on her face. Then I got situated, RIGHT ON TOP OF HER! I dont know if she liked that as much...but who cares! She said that tonight she will let me sleep on her bed with her longer tonight, Im so excited!
So I better go give her some kisses and eat my dinner.
Hugs and Kisses! Love, Lady Noel


Where do I start????

February 2nd 2007 6:22 pm
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oh my pawness! I dont know where to start! So much has been done and barked (said) today.
Well, my mommys last dog ((Scout)) he had parvo, and died when he was three. Then she got me. Well if you don't know what parvo is -- it is; a contagious virus that affects dogs. The virus is highly infectious and spread from dog to dog.
Well since its that contagious my mom sprayed the whole backyard with bleach twice to kill all the bacteria. I still havent been out there! My vet said that i would need to wait till 2 weeks after my last round of shots. Well my mommy made appointments today and *gulp* I have to go to the mean vet who sticks something up my butt that beeps, and that always sticks me with this pointy thing, and it stings! I dont like the vet, but two weeks after Sunday my mommy says that I will get to run free! Now that sounds like fun! She promised me too that I would get treats if I am good for the vet! YAY! I love treats.
Well The snow was fun. but it already all melted! Im so ashamed. And then that stinkin groundhog didnt see his shadow :,( That means no more snow! Darn...I love snow. My mom took me on a walk today, and she stuck some treats in her pocket :) I watched her do it too. I was very good on my walk and my mommy decided to try something. She took my tennis ball outside too. I didnt know what she was doing! She was going to get my ball all dirty! and then she took my leash off! I went crazy what was she doing to me? I was free outside! But I knew if I were to run off I would get in trouble, then guess what!?!
My mommy would throw the ball really REALLY far and I would run really REALLY fast to go and get it. Then I would trade her the ball for a treat! It was a great swap. My mom said that I needed to be burning off all of my treats...I dont know what she means by that.
Well it got really cold outside so we both went back inside, and MAN was I THIRSTY! I drank a whole bowl and 1/2 of water. Then I tackled Beau for a little bit and then I went to sleep. I think my mom was happy I finally settled down.
When she was talking to that mean old vet to schedule my appointment I was doing everything I could to make her hang up! I would tug on her sleeve, lick her face, climb in her lap. But nothing worked. I promise to tell you how it goes. But other then that everything is perfect and perky!
I hope you saw the new addition to my site. Bye bye background, HELLO TIM MCGRAW!! ROOOOWOOO! I am a secret admirer to one dog ;) no one will ever figure out who!
All of my hugs and kisses go to all of you that read this! Please help me with the vet situation, Im so scared of the vet. Help would be appreciated for my mommy. Lady Noel

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