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Adventures of the White Tornado

I'm now 5!

July 20th 2011 8:20 pm
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Where does the time fly!!! At age 5 I'm still a little spit-fire. I got groomed the other day and Luke our groomer thinks I'd make a good therapy dog for both humans and other dogs. Dory has me to thank for her super personality (If I do say so myself!). Now if I could only convince her and Rook that summer storms ain't no big deal.

I had a blast a month ago going to Cape May to meet-up with some of my Westies Unite friends. Dory, Benny & Riley and Ms. Susie came with us. We got to ride a big ferry boat across the water to get there. Going was fun, but coming back was a bit bumpy.

The party continued when my good friends Bella and Icky stopped in for a while and stayed here at the house with us while my mommy took their mom's around DC.

Hugs and kisses all around.


Today I'm 4!

July 8th 2010 9:32 pm
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Wow - I can't believe it has been a year since I last posted something in my diary! I've been busy since my last birthday with me supervising the construction on our house.

2010 so far has had some strange weather - though I did love those freaky snowstorms in February. Normally I only see that kind of snow when we go to Grammy and 'Bob's'*.

I'm glad I got a new pool for my birthday since we went from a winter wonderland to equator hot. Every night I love it when Mommy waters the flowers and lets me play with the hose!

Birthdays are still great! I get rosettes and well wishes. I also got a new stuffed toy and some treats that I'm sure I'll have to share with Dory and Rook, but they are my buds so I don't mind. One good thing - those two landlubbers don't like the hose or the pool, so anything to do with water is mine, mine, mine!!

Happy birthday to me again!

*(Sadly my gramp Bob passed away in May. I loved him - he'd always sneak me food under the table, though I did bark at him alot when he had his hat on.)


Today I'm 3!

July 8th 2009 8:17 pm
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I just love my birthday (even though Dory feels the need to try all my treats and steal all of my toys!) I get stars and rosettes from my many Dogster friends. I gets gifts and most importantly FROSTY PAWS! Tonight I got to share my boxes of Frosty Paws with Dory, Rook and my best friends/neighbors Misha and Spencer.

Mommy feels like it was just yesterday when I came to live with her, Daddy, Skyler & Rook right before Christmas in 2006. I was just a baby and now I'm almost all grown up. (She thinks/hopes I'll never grow-up because I'm perpetually in motion and greet each day like it is a new adventure!)

Though we lost my best bud Skyler a few months ago, and even though I'm a Westie, his Border Collie spirit lives on in me anytime a hose comes out. He taught me the super fun art of water play at a very young age. He also taught me the importance of herding! I sure miss my big brother.

Well off to play with my new stuffed beaver, beer mug and flamingo - that is if I can get them away from Dory! Just she wait until her birthday in a few weeks!

Happy 3rd birthday to me! Everyday should be my birthday!!!!


Last day at the pool means swim time for me!

September 14th 2008 5:47 pm
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I finally got to go into the pool today! All summer long I've been watching Mommy, Daddy and the next door neighbors float in the giant tub of H2O joy. Then it happened - Mommy announced it was the last day before the pool gets closed up and the Westies should get to swim!

Let me tell you - I thought I died and went to heaven (after a little shock of sinking when I stopped paddling! BOL). I got to sit on the floating chair, then I hopped from one chair to the next. Dory got to swim too, but she mostly just sat on Daddy's lap in his chair.

The best part was when the stupid squirrel ran across the guidewire. I was so much closer to him in the pool I wanted to jump up and finally get him. (Ok - instead of 20 ft in the air he was only 15 ft, but in my world he was close enough to catch!)

After we got out of the pool Dory & I ran round and round and round, then I wanted back in so they let me! Yeah!

I hope they let me swim all the time next summer, but something tells me it is only a once a year event!

Hugs and kisses
Finn - Future Olympic Champion Swimmer


Happy 2nd Birthday to ME!

July 8th 2008 9:34 pm
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I turned 2 today! Mommy wants me to stay a puppy forever and can't believe I"m already 2!

I had a very, very busy day. First I visited the spa. I LOVE our groomer and he must have a way with Westies cause there were 6 of us there today.

When I got home I was in for a BIG surprise! We were having a party! Mrs. Attie & Attie were there, along with Caffer's mommy from England, Mr & Mrs. Benny/Riley, Benny, Riley , the mommy of my BFFITHWWW POCKY!, the mommy of Megan and Emily & Maple with their mommies. Then my best buddy and neighbor, also named Riley, came over to play.

We swam in my pool, ate cake and played and played and played! Of course I have to be the perfect host and spend time in almost everyone's lap that came to visit! I'm pooped, so off to bed!
Turning 2 has just been pawsome!
Woof at ya later


Rain, Glorious Rain!

March 4th 2008 7:35 pm
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My motto is life is what you make it and I have a great one! We got a ton of rain tonight. My brothers and sister aren't too fond of it - especially when it rains so hard the backyard turns into a running stream with lots of puddles all over the place. Mommy decided there was a break in the rain action and decided to let us out, without really looking at the yard. Dory would have no part of going outside. Rook, Skyler and I ran out the door. Mommy knew there was something up when my brothers gave her this strange look from the deck. She walks out and sees our yard with tons of water and me having the time of my life!

I was running from puddle to puddle and in the middle of the downhill steam of water, splashing all over the place! Mommy was reminded of one of those rain tire commercials where the car speeds through the water and leaves a tail of water behind it! It took a lot of coaxing to get me to come in from instant water park tonight! Now after I've rubbed on every carpet I'm pooped!

(Posing as a Chesapeake Bay Water Hound!)


Valentine's Day Tag

February 7th 2008 3:49 pm
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I have been tagged by my most bestest friend in the whole wide world BFITWWW, Pocky (286103 ).

So, I will make 5 wishes (a dog can never have too many wishes), and I'll tag 5 other special friends!

1. I wish to undo the whole couch chewing episode and be released from jail, err the kitchen, when Mommy & Daddy aren't home.

2. I wish to meet my BFITHWWW, sweet Pocky, this summer!!

3. I wish to be the bestest agility dog ever.

4. I wish Mommy would stay home all day and play with me.

5. I wish for lots and lots more toys to destuff!

And now I'll Tag 5 of My Most Wonderful Furbuddies***

~my very best partner in crime - Abby Ann (388295)
~one of the coolest dudes around - Stator (117023)
~my zooming around and travel buddy - Riley (514446)
~my good buddy Brody (695192)
~my fellow NoVA buddy Cooper (387076)


Shopping is fun!

June 22nd 2007 8:06 pm
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What a fun day today was! My friend Wrigley, his mommy and my mommy all went shopping in Old Town Alexandria.

We got to go to the waterfront and see ducks and a fishy in the water bigger than us!

Then we went shopping! The shops were so nice to let us walk around and look at their goods, plus most of them had cookies for us!
We ate lunch at Pat Troy's in the 'pet friendly' area. The waiter brought Wrigs and me our own bowls of ice water!
The best part was when Wrigley & I got to ride around in the buggy at Ross! Now that's shopping! : )

Whew . . . I need a nap!


Tag - I'm It!

May 23rd 2007 6:43 pm
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I've been tagged by Zoe Belle, MacDuff, Cooper, Riley and Pocky (my BESTEST friend in the Whole Wide World!)

The Rules: Dogs who are tagged need to write down in there own diary 7 random facts about themselves and these rules! Then you need to choose 7 dogs to tag and list there names in your diary, too. Don't forget to leave these tagged dogs a note that they have been tagged and need to read your dairy to check the rules!

7 Pawsome facts about me!

1) I was very, very sick when I was rescued from the puppy mill.
2) My favorite toy is my Santa head that came from my Foster home. I got to bring it with me to my furever home.
3) I LOVE my Daddy.
4) When I first meet you I insist you pick me up so I can give you a kiss
5) I LOVE the hose and water
6) I make a pawsome watch dog, as I have a very loud bark
7) I made my first kill - a mouse - last week!

The pups I've tagged are:
1. Dixie
2. Cyric
3. Madison Reagan Westinghouse
4. Fiona Winterwolf
5. Niko
6. Bella
7. Isabella Martini


Another thing NOT to do when Mommy isn't home!

March 18th 2007 7:42 pm
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Okay . . . I passed the three hour out of crate test, so Mommy thought she certainly could trust me while she was gone for only an hour. Boy did I have her fooled! I did learn though tonight another thing NOT to do when Mommy is only across the street for an hour and Daddy is out of town would be NOT climb up on the chair and knock down her purse down. Then go through the contents of the purse and chew up the checkbook, chew apart her pack of gum, chew on a bottle of lotion and lip gloss . . . oh yeah and chew open and spill a half of a bottle of Motrin on the floor!

That leads to Mommy coming home, freaking out, counting the orange pills only to find 49 on the floor out of a bottle of 100 . . . but Mommy had the bottle for awhile (and hits it regularly), so she's not sure who, if any of us, ate any at all because she didn't know how many pills were left. That leads to a call to emergency vet and packing the three of us up to go to said emergency vet.

One we got there vetlady gave us a shot, which caused us to throw up. Skyler & I were good, but Rook had a tinge of orange - which leads the vet to believe Rook was the guilty one (since the tables were orange). But to be on the safe side, the vet said we all needed charcoal. I thought cool - charcoal means BBQ, but noooo, not that kind of charcoal. My charcoal treatment produced some plastic and string. Rook and I got a 2nd dose of charcoal since he obviously had an Ibuprofen and I had who knows what! Now we all get to go to the vet tomorrow to get urine tests.

$650.00 later Mommy told me it would have been much cheaper to chew up her Coach purse instead of chew up the contents in the Coach purse.

Well I've had enough excitement for tonight (Or I should say Mommy has). Until my next adventure . . .
Finn aka The White Tornado

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