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Dizzy Dame!

August 6th 2008 7:25 am
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My vestibular dysfunction symptoms are back again, just not as bad as the first time. I didn't get out of bed, so dad picked me up. When he put me on the floor I fell over and couldn't get up. Mom carried me out to the backyard and set me on the lawn. I could get a good grip and was able to weave across the lawn to do my business. I couldn't eat out of a bowl or mom's hand but was able to eat shredded chicken on a plate. My head tilts a lot so that worked best. Mom then found a shallow bowl for rice and chicken - yummy - and I did pretty well. I'm also able to drink out of a shallow bowl. So back on my medicine and mom says I have to stay locked up in her room away from the other dogs. Paula our walker will be by in a few hours so she can let mom know how I'm doing. If I'm worse, I'm going to have to go see the vet right away. I don't have nystagmus so it's not nearly as bad as before. Mom trimmed all hair off my feet and I can walk, just with a lean off to the side and not in a straight line. I will probably have to go to the vet anyway just to make sure something else isn't going on! Always something'!!! Finn, Winston & Molly were only concerned with getting at the extra chicken I got - BOL!!! Nothing wrong with them.



Not in the plan

July 20th 2008 11:06 pm
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To all who share in the grief and joy of the life of Andrew

Most days are filled with activity and the hope of accomplishing a list of responsibilities compiled by both necessity and desire.

Our lives usually include some relationship with others... our family...friends, neighbors, community of faith or just ordinary contact with the usual flow of people around us.

Special events may occur marking specific and additional purposes to be involved with projects or intentions beyond our usual routines.

But sometimes... when one may least expect it... something happens that is... "not in the plan".

Terrible consequences come... seemingly out of the blue... that were...

"not in the plan".

No one is prepared to lose someone they love... someone they know who gives so much of self in loving and caring ways.

This great loss is "not in the plan".

And so we wonder... we stand helpless and questioning... alone and together.

We continue to do the things that are expected of us... even in the tragedy of our grief... asking God for strength... for direction... for compassion... and for justice.

Yesterday was NOT IN THE PLAN.

Today is forever changed.

God is the same yesterday, today and forever. We cling to this promise... to God's wet tears flow... as we keep on keeping on... as we continue to ask and wait... as we hold one another's hands and hear the heartbeat of sadness ring in our ears.

"Peace I leave with peace I give unto you. Not as the world gives... give I unto you. Let not your hearts be troubled... neither let them be afraid." John 14:27


Thank you to our friends

July 20th 2008 9:35 pm
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Thank you to everyone for your support and love, pmails, candles and gifts. You are all so generous. This group is an amazing family and we are so thankful for your friendship. It is comforting when you are going through what our family is right now. But it doesn't take a tragedy to appreciate all of you every day. Again, thank you.

We'll likely be offline for several days but hope to get back in the future. Everyone hug your babies for us and take care of each other.

Georgie, Finnegan, Winston, Molly, Angels Annie & Socks and mom Nancy


My human brother

July 19th 2008 11:43 pm
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My 19 year old human brother, Andrew, crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. He was broadsided by an SUV while riding his motorcycle. We love you & miss you sweet brother.

Georgie & family


Our baby is coming to visit!

July 16th 2008 6:51 pm
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My human sis, her husband and baby are coming to visit for a week. We've never met the baby. I bet there will be a lot of strange noises and smells with him here. Molly was human sis's puppy so this should be interesting how she reacts. And Finnegan was raised with twins and we know he always responds to kids. He always wants to go over and visit them. We don't know about Winston but he tends to not trust anything or anyone new. I personally just sniff and leave! Too bad he's so little and won't have treats in his little fists yet!!!



Every day is a beach day!

July 6th 2008 8:08 pm
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I've been going to the beach every day. I run off leash the entire time. I've been really minding my mom and when I'm out of hearing range, I follow hand commands. This morning I got really excited though so mom had to put me on a leash. A dozen horses were walking by! My aunt & her friend were on them so mom videotaped them. It was really cool, they were saying hi to me. They also came by again when we were walking back. I walked non stop today! Not bad for an old gal.

I just got back from my evening walk to the beach. I met up with a king charles cavalier spaniel and a cocker spaniel. They were a lot of fun, so were the kids with them. Now I'm resting up for tomorrow's walk...I have mom pretty well trained at this- BOL.

Today mom went to a dog show and brought back a carved schnauzer made from myrtlewood, some kind of wood they have here in Oregon. It's really pretty. We'll have to put it on a high shelf so those brothers of mine don't chew on it. She bought a lot of toys for them. Also she found a cooling collar for Molly who gets so hot when she walks. Mom is starting to miss the rest of our pack. She knows everyone is doing ok though. I'll be happy to see everyone and tell them all of my stories!



4th of July

July 5th 2008 11:13 pm
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We sure had fun on the 4th of July. Mom had a red, white & blue collar with stars on it for me to wear. I had to try on the doggles but I didn't like them! They were only on long enough to take a photo! We went to the parade in dad's motorcycle. Mom & I rode in the sidecar. Uncle rode his too! And Aunt & her best friend came too. There was a group of dogs in the parade from the local Kennel Club. There is a dog show this weekend so they were walking for the show. That was so cool to see all the different breeds. They noticed me in the motorcycle too.

After the parade we went to a picnic. There were lots of other dogs there, some of them show dogs and lots of pets. We all had so much fun. I even got a bite of mom's hamburger. People I didn't know were taking photos of me. Some asked mom if I was a show dog!!! I also saw some of the people I met at the beach ~ they recognized me and remembered my name. Dad was surprised how many people knew me.

In the late afternoon we moved over to our house on the beach!!! Right away I got to go to the beach with mom. I loved it. Then aunt & uncle & friends came over for dinner. I had lots of laps to snooze on.

Mom & dad stayed home with me so I wouldn't be scared of the fireworks or a new place. I was glad because I had such a good day, I wanted to be with them.

What a great day of celebration!



Beach Day

July 3rd 2008 9:18 pm
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Today was another beach day. What can I say ~ heavenly! Lots of rest this afternoon. Tonight I had a walk through town with mom, my aunt & her best friend. It's nice to be one of the girls.



Art is in the eye of the beholder...

July 2nd 2008 5:10 pm
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Today I went to my first art gallery. My aunt Susan was finishing up hanging a show. It was a "mail art" show where artists mail things in from all over the world. There was stuff from Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, Belarus, and lots of other places. In my house there are usually "male farts" from those stinky brothers! This is certainly a step up in the right direction ~ befitting the princess I am! Mom has certainly treated me like a princess on this trip. There is a chihuahua at the gallery named Bunny. Mom wouldn't let me near him because he always wants to get to know you, in the biblical sense, if you know what I mean. My goodness!

Then we took a long walk and ended up at my aunt and uncle's house. I hung out with my furcousins Sparky & Annie. It's kind of confusing to me when mom calls Annie. That's my angel sister's name and I always look at mom when she says her name. The rest of the day I rested while mom read. She said I need to rest these old bones since we've been very active on this trip.

Time for dinner & my nighttime walk! See ya. We may go to the beach again tomorrow!



Beach time

July 1st 2008 3:25 pm
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Today started great like every day with a long walk along the water front. It's crisp and clear today although it's in the 60s. I love this cooler weather, especially with the clean air. After mom & dad came back from breakfast, mom & I took the car up to uncle's house and dad took his motorcycle with sidecar. He's going riding today with my uncle. My aunt is hanging an art show. She's an artist and teaches classes too. So mom & dad will be spending some time in the art galleries. I prefer the smell of the sea and the interesting scents left by who knows! Leaving my mark behind is my art.

Mom & I went to the beach today. I ran and ran and ran...something I seem to do only at the beach. I ran up to greet other dogs and people. Everyone was so nice to me. I chased more seagulls and sniffed the stinky seaweed. It was heaven. Mom had her digital and video cameras today ~ you would've thought I was a movie start the way she kept filming and shooting! But she says it is a very important memory that she will keep furever. She only has 1 video of my sister Annie who is an angel now, and she wishes she had more. She thinks everyone needs to take lots of photos and videos of their pups!

Anyway, I had a ball at the beach. When we got back to the car, hawks were circling overhead so mom picked me up the last few feet...just in case. And then mom gave me a treat and a big blackbird tried to take it away. So I had to get in the back of our car to finish it!!!

Then mom did a surprising thing...we went to uncle's and I had a BATH!!! I don't like baths but I get a lot of hugs & kisses afterwards so I guess it balances out. Then after saying goodbye to my furcousins, mom took me to a doggie boutique!!! I got some special treats, and something special that I'll wear in the 4th of July parade!!! And of course mom bought some toys for Finn, Winston and Molly ~ just don't tell them.

Now I'm resting. I am 13 and need to rest up for my evening meal and walk. This is the life!!!


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